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The Don’ts Of Makeup

By Richa

While your dress is definitely crucial, your makeup is equally important dear bride-to-be — not only will everyone will be looking at your radiant glow, but photos are forever. To look perfect in snapshots, vow to not make any of these makeup mistakes.

 It’s perfectly understandable that you want to look perfect as a bride – and your hair and makeup play a huge role in this. Of course your wedding day is the one day when you don’t want to risk looking like a ghost (not saying that normally you look like a ghost but you catch my drift). Did you know there are some wedding makeup mistakes you could be making without even knowing it? There are many days in your life when testing out the latest lipstick colour or the newest false eyelashes is perfectly acceptable, but your wedding day is not one of them. With all of the planning and preparation that goes into your big day, you want to look back on your time as a bride with smiles, not with regret for the makeup you wore on the biggest day of your life.

So how can a blushing bride get her makeup just right? Start by avoiding a few key mistakes. We tapped beauty pros with beaucoup experience making brides gorgeous for their expertise on what not to do. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or you’re merely dreaming of your perfect wedding, insure that you look your best on your wedding day by avoiding these below mentioned makeup mistakes.

Here are some rules to abide by Kanika Gogia Sharma, Makeup Director, Toni&Guy, North India Changing your skincare regimen:

A few days before your wedding is not the right time to experiment with skin treatments peels or products you are unfamiliar with. The best thing is to stick to your normal skincare regimen and hydrate morning and night. I always advise my brides to begin with facials at least three or four months prior to their wedding.

Hiring your friend as a makeup artist: Your friend ‘who is great with the makeup’ may actually be good but not wedding makeup material type. So, if you’re hiring a makeup artist for your wedding make sure you go in for a professional one. It costs more, yes, but the results are twofold: you’ll have a relaxing experience and your makeup will look incredible in different lighting, which will make you feel confident. A confident bride = happy bride. And also, you’ll look your best in your photos.

Skipping the makeup trial: Do not fail to schedule a makeup trial with your artist. It’s very important to figure out what look you want. Make sure you and your artist are on the same page. Schedule your trial at least three months prior to your wedding.

Putting on makeup without moisturising: Always hydrate your skin with a good gel based moisturiser before applying any makeup. Using the best quality makeup on a dry flaky skin can ruin the look.

Wearing the wrong colour foundation: Start testing out foundations about three months before your wedding and continue testing based on if you’re spending more time in the sun or experimenting with new facial products that could affect the texture of your skin. Even if it’s mixing of three four shades together, when it comes to big day beauty perfection, it’s all about that base. Also, many brides believe that they have to have a heavier foundation in order to look good n flawless in their photographs but in fact it’s the opposite. Just be sure to use a good primer, followed with a medium coverage. Primer minimises appearance of pores giving a porcelain finish.

Forgetting your brows: Your brows frame your eyes and can truly change the entire look of your face. Aside from having them professionally waxed a week before the wedding, you’re going to want to define them with a brow powder. Follow the natural shape of your brows with a powder that matches your hair colour.

Getting caught up in beauty trends: Thanks to Kim Kardashian, contouring is a huge trend now. But this kind of heavy application of makeup can look too harsh during the day. Natural lightning accentuates your natural beauty so keep it light and fresh. Don’t follow trends blindly.

Not giving your makeup time to set:
Between each step of your makeup, give your makeup some time to dry – which will help it stay longer. Use a hair dryer set on the cool setting if time becomes an issue. Also, never apply your foundation with your fingers. Using your fingers brings bacteria, germs, and even sometimes fingerprints. So, using a sponge or brush will give your foundation a more natural look and will blend it more evenly into the skin.

Applying blush incorrectly: Concentrate on the apples of your cheeks, where you blush naturally. Don’t go too rosy and make sure to blend, blend and blend.

Wearing eye shadow that’s not in a natural colour scheme: We all love a good emerald green eye shadow, but save it for the girl’s night out. The smokey eyes effect can look beautiful on your wedding day as long as it’s blended and the colours are within a natural colour scheme like browns, tans, creams and taupes.

Bijon Burepaga, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Makeup Trainer at MyGlamm, also shared his wisdom with us on how not to look a dummy but a diva on your wedding day. Read on!

Symmetry and proportion: Since bridal makeup is very vivid, colour saturated and defined, it’s of great importance to keep all shapes and textures in symmetry. Also if any feature is overdrawn or overdefined, keep it proportionate with the rest of the face.

Forgetting to exfoliate before applying lipstick: Whether you choose lipstick or lip gloss, exfoliation before application is so, so necessary. Use a sugar scrub and your toothbrush to buff away dead skin and put a moisturizing mask on your lips overnight to make lips soft and smooth for application on the morning of your wedding.

Makeup and jewellery: Balance out the glitter in the make up with the jewellery, too much glitter invites lots of reflection on the face, which can hinder the finish of the make up.

Focus features: Avoid highlighting all the features together, instead choose to highlight any one feature, probably the best feature. This would accentuate the natural shape of that feature. Mute the other, with a more neutral, natural colour e.g. If the eyes are highly focused, go a little easy on the colour of the lips. Instead of looking theatrical, ask your makeup artist to highlight the best feature of your face in the best possible way.

Monochromatic mess: If the primary colour of your outfit is pink for e.g. avoid going pink all over with the make up, instead use pink in one element of your make up, i.e. either a soft pink eye shadow or a pink lip, never both!

Most bridal makeup artist introduce highlighting to the whole face - Limit the highlighting to just your high planes. Cheekbones, browbones, cupids bow and chin are a perfect balance. Also use a highlight which is fewer colours and more shine. The face then looks strategically lifted and not a light bulb!

Waxing way too close to your wedding day: You would want to have smooth hands and legs, but it would be a bad idea to actually go for waxing one day prior to your big day. Often you may have some or the other kind allergy and your skin might break out in hives. It is better to have hair on your body rather than those unsightly bump right? Go for waxing at least a week before!

Transfer resistant and waterproof: Ensure use of only transfer resistant and waterproof makeup, especially kohl, mascara and most importantly lipstick to avoid any abstract art on the face on your D-day.
Body makeup: Your body is as important as the face. All visible parts of the body should be evened out. A good coverage compact works well. Also add a little shine to your bones, e.g. chest bones.

Post makeup musts: Always keep blotting paper or powder handy, sweat is a bride’s worst enemy. Sweaty face can look like a mirror flash in images.

Every girl is crazed in her quest for beauty almost on a daily basis. Whether it is a regular day at office or an evening out with friends, whether it is planning for her wedding or hosting a party at home, looking absolutely impeccable is a necessity! Women leave no stone unturned to make sure they look fabulous with a glowing or flawless skin. While they do not mind spending their fortune in buying expensive products for skin care, but, in the pursuit of perfection, there are some common beauty blunders that might take place that prevents from attaining the perfect look. Below are some of the common mistakes and their solutions to keep issues at bay By Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, Skin Alive Clinic:

With regards to tanning: Tanning is common, especially during summers. It is quite bothering too. Thus, in order to get rid of it, women usually go to the parlour, where they use bleach to remove tanning. However, bleaching does more harm than good. Bleach contains strong chemicals that damage the skin. Hence, bleaching is strictly not advisable to address the issue of tanning.

With regard to sun block: A lot of negligence is shown by women when it comes to sun block. While many do not make it an unfailed routine to apply sun block while stepping out in sun, many do not choose the right product for them. While selecting a sun block, more than the brand, SPF should be taken care of depending upon the time one spends in sun. Secondly, sun block should necessarily be applied after every 2 hours, post cleaning the face properly.

With respect to products: Most of the women do not bother to change their products with the change in the season. They tend to buy expensive products in a season and then reluctant keep change it with the season. However, this is a major skin care, as our skin requirements change with the change in season and weather. The products of one season could be kept in the refrigerator for next time use.

With regards to dermatologist:
Women often do not care to visit to dermatologist when it comes to common skin issues. Instead, they prefer to go to the salon to find a solution. However, it is essential to visit a dermatologist even in case of minor skin issues as they would be able to give a core and medical solution to the problem.

With regards to new technology: Although women are regular with their salon routines, they are often unaware of the new technology. There are many new technologies and medical facials that are very gentle to the skin. They have also proved to give good results in addressing the issue of sun spots and pigmentations.

Are you one of these makeup offenders? While we’re clearly obsessed with learning everything about beauty, we’ll be the first to admit that the sheer volume of information can be daunting. And some important tips can get lost along the way. Once you see which mistakes you’ve been making, you’ll swear to never make them again — after all, your beauty reputation is on the line. And don’t think that only beauty newbies are prone to errors! Makeup is all about accentuating your own natural beauty. When applied correctly it can really change your whole look. All are easy mistakes to make—but just as easy to correct.

Don't feel left out dear groom, click the link to know the secrets of The Manly Makeup:

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