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The Code of Bachelor Party

By Richa

We are not asking you to make the hangover part iv here; sure the movie seems like a dream world, but what really happens at bachelor parties? Let's find out!

The infamous bachelor party could be the most anticipated night of a man’s life, with the exception of his wedding day, of course *smirk*. But it’s not only one more night of pure debauchery before marriage for the groom-to-be, but rather a free pass for all men to be well, men. Despite the ‘anything goes when it comes to bros’ nature of a film such as The Hangover, there are some general, unspoken rules to a bachelor party.

“With the passage of time, Indian society has started accepting a lot of things but the western concept of Bachelor’s party still struggles for its complete acceptance. The main reason behind that is the involvement of strippers, clubbing, and booze. The metropolitan cities still have managed to incorporate it as one of their own parts. Nowadays, quite a number of marriage functions include this for both the groom and bride. If we go in other cities, the reaction will still be a doubtful one. It will take time for people to realize though it is a western concept but the way it is practiced here in India does not just involve this. Such parties are just for fun with their best buddies before their big day. It is to make the bride and groom relax from the hustle bustle of the functions and do whatever they want to do as a bachelor,” says Ritika Nangia, Founder

So your best buddy in the whole wide world is getting married. Strippers *check*, booze *check* and then more strippers (Yawn) – they are the major components always associated with bachelor parties. You are in charge of the bachelor party. But your respective partners have problem with strip clubs and strippers. Nevertheless sometimes you’re going to find that crossing the line can sometimes lead you on a completely different *catastrophic* journey. Moreover you can do better. You can get more creative. In addition to the ho-hum routine of cruising around in limo and getting smashed, consider taking it up a notch. Ms. Nangia lays down some amusing activities for the boys when they go out to play:

Theme based— The theme party always has an attractive appeal to it. The party can be given a normal or an adult theme based on your liking or preference. From the decoration, dresses to everything have to go as per the theme.

Decoration— The decoration sets the mood of the party. If it is done lively and as per the occasion, it makes the complete party experience better.

Photo Booth— Pictures help in keeping the memories alive. A little twist in the captures with quirky and witty boards will make it more enjoyable and memorable.

Camping— Camping with your close buddies at some beautiful location will definitely be a good option if not looking for a conventional kind of party.

Club Hopping— Get your gang and keep hopping the different clubs the full night. Try to cover as many as you can on distant locations with different themes.

Personalized Gifts— Bring some personalised gifts that could be either useful for them or for fun.

Karaoke Night— Whether the party is at a bar, home, or in a private Karaoke booth, it has become a popular Bachelorette Party activity. Having a Karaoke night can be a real fun whether you know singing or not. Let the songs be chartbusters or the naughty ones.

Party Props— Props can be used to raise the fun quotient and also for some memorable captures, bride-to-be sunglasses or handcuffs etc.

Drinking Game— The drinking game will become the highlight of your party. There are so many games that you can play such as drinking game poker, bulls eye magnetic darts shot, among others. Even the favorite truth or dare becomes much more interesting when played drunk.

Bachelor Party Dare Cards— This will include the entire naughtiest dare that will be performed by whosoever gets that card.


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