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The Bridal Bag Diary

By Executive Editor

Here’s what a perfect ornamental clutch Board should look like with motifs, shapes and shades suiting your ceremonies. We also bring to you a report on what your handbag trousseau should look like.

If your bag’s a world, then your bag’s a power performer. Chances are you just buy the first one or two that catch your fancy from the neat array displayed on the shelves and racks. Chances are that till now your day and evening bags have perfectly fitted the bill, busy that you have been in making sundry choices while sitting in your workstation or on a shopping spree or dinner date. Big and functional for the day, elegant and compact for the evening––this is the simple mantra that you have been following for buying bags. So far, so good.But if you are looking at trousseau picks, then you need to give it some more thought and time. For starters, you need an assortment of wedding clutches that will help you stream through the multiple functions, each functionally adapting to the individual quotient of the event. We have got it all sorted out for you in our “Bridal Clutch Diary”. For handbags, we bring to you a guide on what all to pick in terms of their functionality. And lest you fret, there’s a guide on honeymoon slings as well.

Clutching the Candies
The palm accessory called a “clutch” has garnered much ado and appreciation. Featured regularly in parties and red carpet appearances, these are as much a celebrity’s statement on a social do or a formal event as much as the bride’s ticket to a showstopper-worthy appearance. They come in a variety of shapes––from the boxy format to the compact square, from the flattering rectangular to the stylish oblong. Round edges, oval shapes, flap covers, envelope formats are some of the other types that can make your moment. Suitable for both day and evening, the clutch can be paired with both Indian and Western wear.

Clutch Concepts
Many kinds of clutches are available like box clutches, wooden ones or flap over styles. “The Minaudiere box clutches can come in various shapes like rectangular, square, oval and oblong with rounded or straight edges. The shapes and silhouettes in envelope and flap over clutches are also very futuristic, sharp, romantic yet bold. But, primarily the handcrafted intricate embroideries and embellishments by Indian craftsmen on them is what make them stand apart from the others and steal the show” informs Rupali Grover, creative head, Klick by RG. A clutch can complete your bridal look with ease and elan making it the perfect bridal wear accessory; and the best part is you have a clutch for every ceremony. Rupali Grover says “Hold your arm candies in your left hand! It makes it easier to shake hands and greet anyone out there. The bliss of being hands-free is reason why you must buy clutches which have chains with them. Neutral and versatile clutches rest in everyone’s closet.This season, opt for stand out pieces!”

Bridal Clutch Diary
Be clutch happy this wedding season. Here’s a guide on what-to-clutch for all the pre-wedding ceremonies—engagement, sagan, mehendi-sangeet, cocktail party—the wedding ceremony and finally, the reception party. You can now clutch this trend and channel a variety of clutches for all these ceremonies while making sure that they suit the mood of the occasion and of course, yours!

The Elegant Engagement
This event commands the channelling of grace along with confidence and radiance; the unveiling of the happy ‘you’. The style of your clutch can have notes of royalty or ooze luxe sophistication to blend harmoniously with your celebratory yet controlled mood.
The Mughal Shine: Go for handmade creations. Choose something with a chain so that you can swing it over your shoulder as you make your way through the official function of the engagement.
The Suede Statement: Go for those patterned leather weaves, a silver string and box the sophisticated vibe!
The Colourful Sagan
Go vintage or reflect you craft leanings on this traditional ceremony. Vibrantly ethnic and unapologetically traditional should be your mantra to glow in the ceremonial splendour of tikka and chunni chadai ceremonies. Choose muted glow or textured imprints.
The Silken Lining:Embroidered motifs like resham and zardozi can pull of the look of vibrant ethnic charm with a royal or heritage leaning. Saffron hues can work wonders for this ceremony that represents more of a warmer and muted glow rather than a sharp or loud notes.
Printed Textures: From floral prints to snake prints, textures exude sophistication and when combined with deep shades can look classy.

Romantic and Melodious Mehendi-Sangeet
The mood is romantic and fuses into the medley of tunes that make you feel sentimental or nostalgic. The dance performances make this ceremony feel nothing short of an electrifying drama. Choose youthful tones, soft statements and artistic designs that will complement the beautiful henna art.
Golden Bling: A clutch with a chain for you to go hands-free on this special ceremony where your hands will be painted with henna motifs. Beautiful pompoms with ghungroos add more to it.
Power Shades: The well-lit ambience with soothing essence of mehndi and flower fragrance sets the mood. Choose from electrifying shades.

The Zesty Cocktail Party
Cocktail, synonymous with all the cocktails and the wine, the party mood, music and dances, snapshots and socialising is the official pre-wedding party. Choose to go bold, flaunt an Indie chic or Indo-western statement with elan or slip into the shoes of the party princess with confidence.
Sun-kissed Shades: Go oval with your cocktail clutch. Choose the sun-kissed tones of pink, blue and gold in various combinations.
Dark Delight: Bold and dark finish. Choose standalone patterns or motifs of embroidery and channel effortless style.

The Mega Wedding
Choose from the royal blush to the exquisitely hand woven motifs. Gold or red are going to be your staples, choose from gold thread work, the power of red and a feminine feel.
Craft and Stone Statement: Dabka handwork with sequins and stones on flap; pearl drop chains adding grace and gold thread work should be your cues for choosing the D-day clutch. Think velvet, think lush!
Red Effect: Well, the official ceremonial shade with an aura impart both strength and softness, pretty much like the panache and vulnerability of the bride. Bright red with a metal chain can be your perfect bet.

The Showstopper Reception
The red carpet moment for the bride; it demands formal elegance mixed with a vibrant statement. A fusion of glamour and neatness.
Gold Leaf Pattern: Choose something in shades of gold for your reception. Most of the brides opt for golden outfits for their receptions, so a gold leaf hand-embroidered dabka clutch in silken base can work well blending silver, copper and bronze hues.
Strong Texture: Choose strong textures and smooth finishes. Go for glam combinations of subtlety and strength.

Handbag Hotline
When you are planning for your bridal trousseau, you should plan and invest in accessories that will last you for a good one year and through all occasions—from your daily wear needs, for casual outings and brunches, office wear as well as evening wear.
The Time-tested Tote: Weddings mean a lot of preparations, lots of clothes and lots of things to carry. In a tote, you can basically put all that belongings of your worlds. Totes are large and lavish.
The Basic and Beautiful Box Bag: It’s good to invest in a smart box bag that can be used during the honeymoon as well. It’s minimalistic with a spacious edge.
The oh-so-useful wallet: A basic wallet is a must-have for every bride. It borrows from the maxim of staying ‘clutter-free’, which means your stuff will always be sorted and you will waste no time in looking for them. A sectional wallet can keep your cash and cards safe.
Women are multi-taskers and a versatile bag is a must-have for their wardrobes. In sync with this multi-use trend, they have a reversible 4D bag at Lavie that can be out-turned and changed into four different designs; the backpack-cum-sling bag, which can be converted into a sling from a backpack by adjusting the handle and they also have a handbag with detachable clutches that can be used separately during the festive season or can go with the bag as a tote.

Honeymoon Slings
Sling bags are known for their hands-free nature and hence become a regular item in a college goer’s wardrobe but their functionality is smartly adjusted to urban times such that they find a place of pride in a bride-to-be’s trousseau as well. They are spot-on for the honeymoon trousseau. They provide easy access to the contents inside. From notebooks to mobile phones, ipods, makeup, water bottles, pepper spray to books, keys, sunglasses and wallets, you can carry anything safely while on the move. These are ideal for a trip like honeymoon, their sizes and vibrant colours make them the best pick for a bride ready to travel. NYK’s new collection of slings feature soothing beige and bright red; the colours add an elegance and vibrancy to the attire one chooses to wear. These bags will add a classy and trendy look to the bride by diminishing all the gleaming effect of shimmering handbags, which has been used in wedding before. Basically, you can tone down the bag bling caused by you wedding clutches with messenger slings.

Must-Haves — Bag the Plush Statements
A versatile, statement hold-all that can go from day to night. You need a bag that’s spacious enough to fit all the bits and bobs you need to carry with you while planning a wedding. You might not always have time to switch bags before events /appointments so a style that can take you from day to night is best. For the same reason, instead of trying to match your bag to each outfit, pick one that makes a statement either with its colour or design. If you can’t match, make a statement.
A large, statement clutch in gold or bronze with a detachable shoulder strap. Large to fit any valuables, gifts, keys etc. that may be handed to you. Gold or bronze to match your jewellery. And a detachable shoulder strap to go hands-free if needed.
A fun, vibrant, hold-all for your honeymoon. Spacious enough to fit all your travel accessories and little things you pick up while on a holiday. Something with a secure pocket for money, tickets, passport. and fun, vibrant colours to capture the mood of your honeymoon and also because you don’t want to use up your baggage allowance by carrying too many bags to match your outfits—so take one in a statement colour that works from day to night.
For the evenings on your honeymoon, one statement colour-block clutch spacious enough to fit keys, phone, camera and anything else you might need.
Bag organisers. These are a much over-looked essential. One for your makeup and sunscreen. One for your power bank, phone charger, kindle charger, pen diary and any other practical things as you need to be productive on the go. The third can be used in multiple ways—to carry your jewellery (in your bag or suitcase) or to keep receipts, brochures, visiting cards etc. that you don’t want to lose.
Versatile ‘Emerald and Yellow’ bags that can be fashioned as either a tote or a hobo; these are urban workhorses.They are not in in-your-face shades of yellow or green. They are a pefect size— spacious enough to fit everything you need including a laptop yet not too huge. They can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. The leather is not only beautiful and luxurious but also tough and water-resitant. Two pockets plus a key ring to keep your secure and organised. And the change of shape gives the bag a different look when you want a change.
As told by Ayesha Malhotra, founder of Java Plum
as they launch their new range of luxurious
leather bags and bag organisers.
“With NYK slingbags, we ensure you are never without the essentials needed to keep the biggest and most blissful vacation of your life on track if the unthinkable happens and their hands- free nature provides enough flexibility to create your own style statement” says Nikyta Modi, founder partner, NYK.
As you read through the handbag repertoire, you must be already planning in terms of the types and styles you would love to pack into your trousseau…

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