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Tai Chi for the Hyperactive woman

By Visweswar Reddy

Here’s a report on Tai-chi – an incredible Chinese martial art form that blends movements of yoga and dance that can Manage your flexibility issues and increasing stress levels.

Tai-chi is a form of Chinese martial art – it’s a slow martial art combining graceful movements and hence suitable for a wide spectrum of age-profiles. It can be practised by a seven-year-old kid as well as by a seventy-year-old. Dancing and yoga come together in this beautiful form of martial art blending rhythm, grace and flexibility bringing in precision and calmness. Like a slow, beautiful dance form it channelizes the energy of the practitioner and makes her feel at one with her body. And like yoga, Tai-chi harmonizes the vital energy flows to combine these in a harmonious whole thereby relieving the mind of its burdens and the body of its lethargy. It reenergizes the body and the mind and apart from the host of health benefits, it is a de-stress mechanism and a great tool for keeping oneself youthful, fit and lively at all stages of life.


Live Light, Feel Good
When it comes to managing hyper-activity it applies to today’s women and also men who are multi-taskers -- managing work, home and self and juggling many roles. Though we have the tags “super women” and “super moms” circulating abundantly in popular ads and magazines, they are real women, who are super at their respective jobs and roles but may be not super in looking after themselves, managing their weight, stress levels and sleep leading to multiple lifestyle complications and stress-related disorders. Women hitting 30 or sometimes as soon as in their late 20s are getting to see the first signs of ageing to show on their faces and loss of bone density to give them frequent bad backs and joint aches – blame it on the sedentary lifestyles and increasing barometres of performance anxiety, relationship problems and self-image complexes. To combat the ruthless after-effects of today’s grind; one needs to look into wellness from a more natural-centric view and Tai-chi is one such form of wellbing which simply fits the bill.

What better way to relax, rejuvenate and stay fit and calm where fast and slow movements are combined to balance the disparate sources of energy and manage the chakras thereby releasing the trapped energy and oothing the senses? Just as it can be practiced by anybody, it is also applicable to hyper-active brides-to-be – managing their workload, pre-wedding organisational tasks, prewedding shopping and trying to remain fit and flawlessly pretty all
You can manage to lose some weight the healthy way, increase your fitness and stamina levels by practising Tai-chi which requires no previous physical training. From four-days-a-week schedule to an everyday-lifestyle companion, you can choose your regimen. There’s no bar with the numbers as well – you can go solo or join a group. You can practise it outdoors in the open greens or in a fitness centre or gym offering Tai-chi as a Specialised service.

Defending the Body, Protecting the Mind
With a little practice over a regularised period of time, in other words, when you will be able to master the tricks of the trade a little, you will be developing a self-defence mechanism through Tai-chi and thus protect yourself in any untoward situation which has become quite a commonplace occurrence in today’s cities. This self-defence mechanism will be a lifestyle skill and will enhance your confidence and agility making you a stronger ‘you’.

The calmness that Tai-chi brings on the other hand can be an active mind-controller. Tai-chi also has healing properties – relieving joint pain and body aches and immunity-building properties.

To sum up, Tai-chi is a mode of optimum relaxation bringing in a positive energy flow and toning up your body in a fun, engaging manner. Women have always wanted to opt for things related to their nature and behaviour so that their comfort zone is not broken. Tai-Chi gives them the feeling of sensitivity and softness because the very nature of a woman is about being calm and composed in life. Also, women after the age of 30 years prefer to undertake Tai Chi since one has to juggle up between many phases of life including that of a mother, daughter, wife, working woman etc.

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