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By Sonam Poddar Hissaria


Stoles can take almost any outfit up a notch. They are one of my favorite accessories of all time, whether I’m wearing a thick and cozy one on a winter day, or a light and flowery one on a warmer spring day. But in order for a stole to make your outfit stand out, you have to know how to wear one. Yes, you can just drape it around your neck and call it a day… or you could tie it in a cool knot, or you don’t even have to wear it on your neck at all! Let me throw light at different ways of wearing your stole to steal the show.

Stole it as halter: Need a chic and breezy top for a day soiree? Pair your favorite spaghetti with a flower stole halter top for an effortless, warm-weather look!

Step 1: Take a large stole or wrap and hold it length-wise across your back near your shoulder blades, similar to how you’d hold a towel you’re about to wrap up in.

Step 2: Bring the two ends to your front and cross them at your chest.

Step 3: Cross the ends again at your chest.

Step 4: Bring the ends of the stole around to the back of your neck and tie a simple knot—make sure it’s secure!

Stole it as Boa: I would like to think of this knot as the feather boa’s sophisticated sister! Pair this knot with a blouse, a mini, and sky-high stilettos for city-chic style.

Step 1: Center the stole at the back of your neck and let the ends hang at your front. Tie the ends in a single knot near the center of your chest.

Step 2: Starting on one side, wrap one end around the stole loop. Go around and around until you reach the end, and tuck it in. Repeat for the other side. You should have a boa-like result!

Stole it like the Girly Windsor: Don’t let your man have all the fun! Sometimes, even girliest of gals needs some necktie inspiration in her wardrobe. Let your stole double as the feminine equivalent of a necktie.

Step 1: Center your stole at the back of your neck and let the ends hand down. Make a knot on each side, but leave one knot loose

Step 2: Slip the side with the tight knot through the loose knot. Line up the knots to create one large-looking knot

Stole it with a Bow

Step 1: Start with a scarf centered around the back of your neck. Make a loose knot on one side of the scarf near your collarbone. Leave a keyhole in the knot.

Step 2: Grab the other side in the middle and slide the middle through the keyhole, creating a loop. Tighten your original knot and fluff the one-sided bow!

Stole it as a Belt

Step 1: Fold the stole until it’s your desired width.

Step 2: Wrap the stole around your waist and tie in a knot or bow.

Stole it as a belted scarf

Step 1: Place a stole at the back of your neck with the sides hanging at your front.

Step 2: Cinch a belt at your waist around the stole, securing the stole against your body.

Stole with a Twist

Step 1: Place an infinity-stole around your waist.

Step 2: Twist the stole once at your front creating a figure 8. Loop the top around your neck.

Stole it as a Neckpiece

Step 1:Using a skinny stole, loop the stole around your neck once.

Step 2:Tie the ends into a knot and place the knot in your desired spot.

Stole it in Style

Step 1: Take a chunky stole and find the middle. Put it on the front of your neck and let the ends of the stole rest against your back.

Step 2: Bring the ends of your stole around to the front again.

Step 3: Take the ends of your stole and tuck them into the loop around your neck. Pull them down until they are comfortably tight around your neck.

Stole it with a double wrap

Step 1: Start by looping your stole around your neck twice. Usually a chunky stoleor a fluffier stole works best for this type of stole tie.

Step 2: Once you have the stole looped twice, take the ends and make a little knot to hold the stole together. Fluff the knot and you’re done!

Stole it as a knotted wrap

Step 1: Find the middle of your stole and put it on the back of your neck. Then take the ends of the stole and make a knot at the ends. Adjust the knots so that they are even.

Step 2: Loop the stole around your neck and you’ve got it! :)

Stole it with a French knot

Step 1: Take a square silk stole and fold it into a long, thin piece. Next, find the middle of the stole and put it on the front of your neck.

Step 2: Bring the ends of your stole around to the front again.

Step 3: Tie a knot on the side of your neck and adjust it until you think it looks best. That’s it! :)

Stole with a Twisty loop

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is start twisting your stole until most of it looks as twisted. We used a pashmina and it worked remarkably well.

Step 2:Wrap the twisted stole around your neck twice, holding tight so that the twists don’t unravel. Once you have twisted your stole around your neck twice, tie a knot with the two ends. This should keep everything in place. And that’s it! :)

Wrap & Tie

Step 1: Place the stole at the front of your neck with the ends over your shoulders, cross the ends, and bring them to the front.

Step 2: Tie the sides in a knot at the front of your neck.

Stole it like the fashionable stewardess

Step 1: Fold a square silk stole diagonally and bring the ends around to the front of your neck.

Step 2: Tie a simple knot with the two stole corners. Adjust the knot and fluff.

Stole it like a Captain

Step 1: With a triangle or square stole folded in half, place the stole at the back of your neck with the pointed side hanging down your back. Tie a loose knot at one side near your collarbone.

Step 2: Slip the other end of your stole through the knot loop and tighten. Center it, and that’s it!

Happy Styling!

Images Courtesy: Pinterest & Scarves dot net
Sonam Poddar Hissaria is the owner of and author of an upcoming book on wedding planning.

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