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Step Up Your Honeymoon Game With Vietnam

By Richa

This isn’t your typical touristy honeymoon location everyone goes to. Okay, you have definitely heard about this destination but we’re willing to bet you don’t know many couples that have honeymooned there. Be the first! Vietnam is a serious hidden honeymoon gem.

There are many choices when it comes to a honeymoon destination. Some couples are looking for relaxation on a tropical island or zip-lining through the jungle. But what if an ‘Out of the Ordinary’ honeymoon is what you dream of? There isn’t a lot of information on the internet about those places. One such place is Vietnam; emerging from its turbulent past at an incredible pace, Vietnam is now home to unique settings with upscale accommodations which draw from its colonial past, magnificent train journeys and Private Island escapes which offer the ultimate in romance.

“Vietnam may not an obvious destination for a honeymoon, but it’s a wonderfully welcoming place, especially if you love to experience new cultures and possess an adventurous spirit. A country that offers unique and unforgettable lessons in culture, Vietnam offers some of the most spectacular natural scenery in Southeast Asia, from magnificent limestone cliffs, to lush tropical forests and long, empty beaches. It’s the perfect setting for a perfect love story!” says Nidhi Batra, Little Nirvana Explorers’ co-founder.

Vietnam will seduce you with its colourful culture, mouth-watering cuisine, beaches, colonial charm, and stunning landscapes. Ms. Batra provided a lowdown on things to do in and around the country – which is both mystical and magnificent, an incredible feat of nature that almost never fails to impress:

Saigon City is a bustling, chaotic, and vibrant metropolitan city, where you can enjoy a walk along the riverside, visit the walking street for some amazing performances, or visit the Night Market for a unique shopping experience.

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is also quite a lively place, with small lanes full of cafes, restaurants, shops, street vendors and the gracious French colonial architecture, which makes it one of Asia’s most beautiful cities.

If you’re looking for a quieter time though, you can take some time out and sail through the breathtakingly beautiful Ha long Bay on a traditional Chinese junk, or head for one of Vietnam’s beach resorts, where you can just lounge on the beach and spend a relaxing time.

Once you’re done with the livelier sights, you can include some unique sightseeing in your trip and visit the various fruit orchards in the Mekong Delta and try locally-grown fruits. You can also walk around and even try the cocoa fruit from which chocolate is made. Alternatively, you can visit a honey farm and hold a Honey Bee hive or visit a coconut farm and see how they make use of all parts of this super nut.

There are also some spectacular mountain and jungle treks to suit adventurous couples, from the tranquil hill station of Dalat in the south, to the enchanting valley of Sa Pa in the northern highlands.

With its fresh, regional food, Vietnam is also fast becoming a culinary destination for many foodies and its cities are filled with amazing restaurants to suit all taste buds – from veiled street food stalls to finest restaurants. With its incredibly diverse countryside, its captivating history both antique and contemporary and its helping and gracious people, Vietnam has something to charm every visitor and will leave a lasting impression on all those who travel there.

“Voted as a top spot for honeymooners, it’s the most versatile destination as it has everything from beautiful beaches to adventurous water sports and innumerable unique sightseeing options, that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.”

Whether you want to celebrate wedding anniversary or sweeten your honeymoon, Vietnam is always one of your best choices. What’s more, Vietnam is a year-round destination in terms of the weather, with the best months falling in May and June.

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