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Sport Those Sunnies With Swag

By Richa

Sunglasses with Indian wedding attire? Are you out of your mind you say? Well! It may be unconventional to wear shades on your D-day, but with the growing number of sexy and stylish designs made available; Plan Your Wedding explores this new ‘somehow’ upcoming fashion fad of the season.

Image Courtesy: Gaze Amaze by Gautam Ahluwalia

‘Sunglasses are like eye shadow: They make everything look younger and pretty’- Karl Lagerfeld. Following the above quote, I guess, brides and grooms have branched out beyond wearing their ‘prince and princess’ look on their D-Day, and they have yielded to their contempo style. Hence; shades are in vogue this wedding season, believe it or not!

There are so many accessories that tag along with you if you’re the bride and groom. Bridal jewellery, shoes, and also, just in case you need it – sunglasses or Indian street vendor style ‘gougles’. Don’t guffaw – goggles (Do not confuse them with ‘invisible marriage goggles’ please, I mean physical glasses that are tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare) are necessary for those sweltering outdoor events and in fact, these days, they make for a big part of your personal style as a couple. Hipster couples are all the rage and even if you are not all tattooed-up and sneaker-ed well, shades will make you the poster couple for awesomeness.


Sandesh pictures

The question is- most Indian weddings take place in the evening and I know, you wanna ask what then? Do you wanna make us look blind on our wedding day (well! love is blind, don’t forget); jokes apart, but there is a way to wear shades for bride and groom without being disrespectful or looking like an overstated version of Bappi Lahiri. We tell you how to rock goggles on your wedding day, take a look!

P.S- Morning weddings and mehendis make for great functions to sport your personal style, so make sure you choose the right one!


First of all, selecting the right pair of shades is vital- the classic aviators, wayfarers, round john Lennon glasses, D-frame sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses or vintage-inspired. Whatever the choice is; just make sure that your sunglasses are appropriate for your attire and should make you look the star of the show- not the wannabe decked up duo. How about Sonam Kapoor’s John Lennon-esque shades?  Mix the classic and retro. Don’t be afraid to play a little with your style and come out of your limited fashion bubble (But make sure to plan well ahead, don’t start experimenting on the D-Day of course).

 ‘Brides these days are seen flaunting eye-catchy sunglasses that compliment their attire. Special range of frames studded with precious stones with quirky designs is a hit with the brides. Geometrical shapes with broad frames are a must for the wedding season. Golden aviators and reflectors are also a huge hit as they compliment the Indian attire the best!’ said Nitin Grover- Director, Scavin.

‘These days men are experimenting with colours for their big day. While gold and blue aviators are a big hit, a nice pair of mirrored sunglass in round frame should be the first choice for them. If it’s a day wedding, your shiny glasses will boost your look and will make you stand out among the crowd. It's also a great concealer of those hung-over eyes from the cocktail party last night. For the new age groom sunglasses add that fiery appeal and glamour’ he further added.


On a side note, if you’re going to sport shades on your D-day and it’s an indoor or night event, don’t wear them throughout the entire affair. That will make you look needy and attention seeker, even though all the attention will be on you the whole time. Wear it just for the right time period and special ceremonies.


Picture in your mind, a private yacht! Won’t that be fun and very very uber glam? You can wear your nautical best dress, rock your best sunglasses and imagine the awesome pictures you can get- day or night! Or match it up with your would-be groom and sing ‘Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi mein aana’ in some exotic locales. You can get as creative as you want for this one.


Sandesh pictures


If you are posing in front of a camera, in no doubt, go ahead and wear your sunglasses. Wedding pictures with people in sunglasses have been taken with every combination under the sun or inside a photo booth: bride and groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, family and friends… make weird faces, pose naughty with your friends, count heart shaped glasses or costume glasses also in the fashion. No matter what the combination, if you have to snap a photo in shades, then just do it and get it over with (don’t over think it, you can always delete the photos). Whatever you want– go crazy. And I promise it will be the memory well cherished.


Giggle and Riot


Close your eyes and imagine- a typical Punjabi wedding, you are donned in a typical red bridal lehenga, decked up from head to toe with typical hefty jewellery, but when it’s time for your famous entrance- you arrive on a bullet (ride it yourself if you want or ask your brother to do it for you), with aviators on and John Cena theme song playing in the background. Trust me, personal experience- you’ll set the bar high for other brides with this one *wink*. Nobody will care if it was day or night. Make it grand, make it stylish. Just like actress Gul Panag, who with her bridegroom arrived to the reception party on a Royal Enfield motorcycle with her sitting in the sidecar and both sporting swanky sunglasses a couple of years ago.


‘Candid Photography is also about being Quirky. And somehow Aviators are the only ones which seem to match the lehenga, so they should be made compulsory with Indian bridal lehenga, suggested Sandesh Kumar of Sandesh Pictures in jest. Aviators have long been your BFFs at weddings but do note, that they add a bit of unisex appeal to your bridal outfit. Nevertheless yes, they are bohemian and all things fun. But add mirrored ones to give it a fun vibe.


And if you’re the bride or one of the wedding party who wants to stand out on the mehendi or any other function, you could try something like what Katy Perry did for her Indian wedding… sunglasses paired with a ‘nath’! BTW… they sold like hotcakes abroad after she rocked them!


  • Keep your sunglasses simple and relatively low on the bling factor. Considering you have earrings, a set, and a gazillion other shiny things on you, the last thing you need are excessively blinged out sunnies.
  • Black sunglasses can look harsh with Indian wear; go for browns beiges or even whites!
  • While aviators may look ultra chic, they also have a harsh, androgynous look. So if you are wearing a soft girly color, pick softer frames like wayfarers etc.
  • Matchy Matchy never works, but in Sunglasses, having an unusual color on your sunnies like the blush pink ones matching with your wedding outfit could be totally stylish and statement making.


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