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Showstopper Bling

By Sanhati Banerjee

Are you ready to sparkle in statement jewellery especially on occasions where you would like to make it big? Get set to scorch the show by donning both statement and bold pieces that will stand out from the rest and let you go big, bold and beautiful.

Statement jewellery is sort of an umbrella term, which can’t be pinned down to basics just too easily. Moreover, what looks stunning on the display rack might not be perfectly cut for your neck or to go with your dress! As Shriparna Ganguly, 29, working as client relationship manager with a corporate firm in Gurgaon says, “As a child, I had always been drawn to striking images – be it in on the cushion covers, table mats, drawing room paintings or showpieces placed on our racks. Some were delicate while others were dreamy; yet others were just so pretty that it didn’t take me time to develop a life-long love for these. So, when I buy jewellery, I get floored if I spot such touches of art or striking motifs in them. At the same time, I would like to throw a word of caution that you should only buy something that will go with the occasion and with your personality.” As Shriparna roots for jewellery that is vivid on the visual front, there are many women out there who share her passion and would actually love to wear something that is “so me” on several occasions, but just can’t figure out the way to start.
First of all, wearing or wanting to wear statement jewellery does not make you ‘loud’. On the contrary, it needs immense confidence and grace to pull these off as well as a sense of balance to not create the rainbow effect. In short, restraint is what can make you a pro at this. Basically, any amateur statement/bold jewellery enthusiast/wearer would tell you how to exercise minimalism while opting for this urban decadent style. You go one foot further and the effect far from being desirably dramatic comes crashing down as overwhelmingly tacky. So, you need to wear it down when it comes to showing off bold pieces of jewellery.
Ashutosh Sharma, MD, Shreem Jeweler says while ‘statement’ is more of a “matter of construction and it is about big sizes, ‘bold’ pertains to “the artwork, the playing around with motifs.”

Decoding the Statement Style

Are you drawn towards those life-like patterns in jewellery? Maybe big floral creations or animal-shaped baubles that can arrest the observer’s gaze at once? Do you like it big and detailed? And remember, we are not only talking about size here but 3D-style work on jewels that makes them look so ‘alive’. Then, you are definitely one for this kind of design. And here, size and the craft both come together to render that which is large in a visually stunning piece. So, what is statement is also bold but what is bold is not necessarily statement.
While statement jewels are all about luxury – we are talking about the financial extravaganza here; bold jewels can well be within your budget as what makes them bold lies in the artistic inspiration. You surely have a flair for bold pieces, if you have a knack for using unconventional materials for crafting your treasures. If you have styled them as a child from your craft project materials, paper clips and safety pins, et al and if you have recently spotted designers using ribbons, beads, metals, pins and chains to create utterly modern masterpieces on the runway, then you know what we are talking about. They are solid in shape and design and yet can break the formal look with a fresh sense of individuality. At this point, let us be very clear about one thing – “for a bride, it will not be suitable or advisable to incorporate these unconventional materials in her jewellery for any of her wedding functions” as rightly pointed out by Ashutosh Sharma. So, keep these whimsical jewels aside for casual outings. For weddings, think of statement in terms of size if your budget permits or think of bold in terms of styling as well as the craftsmanship on the jewellery. Think in terms of bold motifs and varied shapes.

Light Functions, Bold Baubles
Needless to say, bold jewellery is more suitable (remember, not ‘only’ but more) suitable for light-weight ceremonies or glamorous Western-style parties. The pre-wedding ceremonies like mehendi-sangeet and the cocktail seem to be cut out for donning such fantastic pieces. In short, in such dos that are not formal or ritualistic in nature, you can walk the full length with this unconventional look. In fact, gone are the times of going with monotones in jewellery. Think about contrast, not only in shades but also in motifs. That is again a statement that you will be making. Gursimran Chadha, designer and gemologist, Jagat Jewels says “Jewellery pieces with big gemstones are a perfect match for an engagement party. For mehendi-sangeet function, one can team up fusion jewellery with their attires. Cocktail parties are more of a Western affair – gemstone studded jewellery is ideal to wear on cocktail functions. People usually wear solitaire diamonds and gemstone studded earrings paired with contrast bracelets and rings on such events; this sort of styling goes really well with Western outfits or gowns. Animal-inspired and floral patterns are very much in style in contemporary times as they easily grab one’s attention.”

Not to forget the Wedding…
If you are a bride who can carry sass and substance together, then bold jewellery might not be a bad choice for you. Think about it – if you have exercised minimalism in your bridal outfit, then, why not choose dramatic jewels? Not from head-to-toe, but by choosing the area you want to highlight and likewise selecting the larger-than-life pieces. If you like neckpieces; then choose layers of necklaces; or if you love your wrist candies, then opt for a statement bracelet. Danglers can also do the talking. It’s about choosing one focus area and going for statement pieces to highlight that area, which will make sure that your entire look gains showstopper glam. As ace jewellery designer Alpana Gujral says “A statement bridal necklace can completely change the look and feel of your gown and define your wedding day style. Multiple strands, chunky dangling baubles, large collar necklaces or an intricate arrangement of crystal shapes and floral designs are the headliners in current bridal necklace trends. Definitely, such style is not appropriate for each attire; however, if your dress is clean and simple or does not have a lot of detail at the bodice or sleeves, a statement piece can create an amazing look with an open neckline. If your dress does require a statement piece, you may want to also consider layering several smaller necklaces or even having a long strand (or several) drape past the neckline.”

Colours, Bling and Weddings
“Bridal jewellery can also complement the wedding’s colour theme” says Alpana Gujral. “For example,” she continues “simple and understated bridal jewellery such as pearls can offset bright, vibrant flowers, candles, and linens. On the other hand, an emerald necklace or ruby drop earrings can provide an attractive contrast to single hues and neutral colours.” Food for thought, right? Basically, your signature jewels can play contrast with the lighting and colours of your wedding décor.
If it’s a day function, ace adornologist Varuna D Jani advices “just a drop of semi-precious coloured stones would do the magic.” She further opines “Some brides, who wear a red lehenga, automatically assume that they should wear red stones that are rubies. But I think that red should go with everything other than red. Similarly, if you have a baby pink shade of ghaghra with white embroidery, and the bride wears only diamond jewellery, the flash lights of the camera will wash it out. But, if she adds a blue tone to the jewellery with a contemporary baby pink ghaghra, then it will stand out. Gold and nude outfits, with diamond jewellery in gold polish would again not work. So the gold tones need to be broken with a white tone. It has to be white polish.” Stones should complement the attire and also the skin tone. If you have dusky or dark skin then you should go for gold jewellery as it will enhance your appearance.
So, walking the bold lane in jewellery will require a lot of smartness. Mixing the strong notes with the delicate ones; mixing the large with the small and the like. Whether you love large pieces or vividly crafted artistic pieces that tell a story, you can surely take your pick from a host of imaginative jewels out there to be the bride you want to be. Ashutosh Sharma says “A firoza – blue stone paired with champagne diamonds” can be a nice inspiration for such looks.


Statement Jewels for Casual Outings
Give your delicate filigree chains and pendants a rest and bring out all the bling. Although many of the statement pieces around at the moment use gems’ be it real or paste, there are many interesting designs that use quite different materials. Resin, acetate, feathers, filigree, beading and textured metals all feature and are sometimes combined, in complex and super-sized forms. The themes and shapes used in jewellery at the moment are varied. There are many ‘natural’ motifs about, such as birds, flowers and butterflies, but also an interesting re-emergence of a geometric, almost art deco style
Inputs are taken from jewellery designer and expert, Alpana Gujral


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