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Shining Like a Star

By Sanhati Banerjee

We are not talking about the twinkling ones ‘up-above-the-sky’ but the ones that abound in tinsel town, on television shows, in fashion shows and previews and in luxury events. Be it fashion or jewellery, celebs have a unique way to lend ‘celebrity glamour’ to the items they wear; so we talked to jewellery designers about why and how they think this happens. So, read on to discover your own jewel-star quotient!

Be it a standalone piece of jewel sported by a celebrity or a few pieces stacked together; or a collection showcased by models/actors on ramps or in a preview or even the personal jewellery style quotients of stars; jewellery gains an extra lining of celebrity shine, glamour and power when showcased thus. Love it or not, you can’t ignore the fact that we all have a little weakness for that celebrity dose of glamour and gossip in our lives and if it’s fashion/jewellery, then we walk that extra mile of limelight to induce a bit of those trendsetting trends-fads-innovations in our wardrobes.

Is it because of the aura a star has or the trust the star commands from her audience in her being a style icon? Is it because jewels displayed on a lifeless rack gain an agency of liveliness and visual dynamism when on the model’s body? Is it because of the interaction between the wearer and what-has-been-worn that makes it so appealing? Has it got to do anything with the added nuances of styling and ambience that makes the audience go dreamy upon seeing the fabulously crafted and yet more fabulously ‘represented’ jewellery? Could be so; because what is missing in a dormant set might get activated in an interactive one.

Colourful Personalities

As Sulish Verma of Vikas Chain & Jewellery says “A Celebrity showcasing a jewellery collection on the runway does lend a celebrity value to it, as celebrities influence every aspect of our society. It is a way to showcase to the mass the quality and finesse of our jewellery pieces and how distinct our designing is. It is a way to make people aware of our brand.” The brand has recently launched its bridal jewellery collection ‘The Divine Saga’ at the recently concluded wedding exhibition, Athenia in which Karisma Kaapoor walked the ramp to showcase the costumes and the jewellery. The collection offers modern coloured-stone infused jewellery inspired from nature in a fusion of traditional designs with motifs that give the jewellery pieces a contemporary, fresh and trendy look. One might wonder at this stage, that whether celebrity choices influence designer collections or is it the other way round? To this, the designer has an easy answer “I feel it is the designer’s collection that attracts the attention of the celebrity. Designers craft the jewellery according to the ongoing trend, keeping in mind that it should not only have a functional purpose but it should be aesthetically pleasing and appealing to the wearer. An eccentric design element has the power to transform a simple piece and make a statement.” As per throwing light on current ‘celebrity jewellery trends and choices’, SulishVerma says “Celebrities always look for such jewellery pieces that complement their dress and enhance their beauty. Coloured stones are a huge favourite because of their boldness and glamour.”

Of Runway Glitter and Glory

Diagold recently unveiled its bridal polki collection in an exhibition followed by a magnificent runway show starring Evelyn Sharma, who sashayed down the ramp wearing jewels from the new collection. Choker neckpieces and layered jewellery enhance and complete the look and attire of a bride. The best thing about polki is that it is neutral and can be worn with any outfit and colour. Decoding the star quotient associated with Evelyn Sharma and its relationship with the showcasing of the collection on the ramp, Varda Goenka, owner and designer at Diagold says “When a collection is launched with a celebrity, it surely adds the brand value of that celebrity to the designs. Having said that it should also be remembered that the essence of a jewel is not measured by the designer outfits complementing it or a celebrity wearing it. We felt Evelyn’s grace and charm signified and reflected the beauty of our collection. As you can see, she looked extremely elegant and so did our collection.” She also stressed upon the fact that it is always the designer collections that influence celebrity choices and also that a designer always chooses the face of the collection keeping the soul of the collection in mind. Both delicate and statement jewellery pieces are worn by celebrities depending on the kind of look they are carrying and “apart from diamonds and pearls that are evergreen, coloured stone jewellery, textured gold jewellery and floral patterns are very much in trend this season among celebrities” says Varda Goenka.

So, the thing about celebrities being the face of a jewellery collection and the collection enhancing the look and fanfare of a celebrity are inter-connected. But one thing that remains intact, everyday jewellery wearers and style-savvy women will continue to take their style cues and inspiration from celebrities, be it through runway looks or looks sported by them across events. 

 Plan Your Wedding caught up with Yami Gautam, the beautiful Bollywood star and the brand ambassador of Rio Tinto, Nazrana Diamond Jewellery and what ensued was a hearty conversation on diamonds, style and jewellery choices. Here’s an excerpt:

PYW: What do you think are the current jewellery trends that are trending?

Yami Gautam: I think coloured diamonds in jewellery are in vogue and the best part of fashion these days is that there is nothing which is limited, nothing which is defined; there is nothing which I can say is in or out. I think if you can carry it, even if it is junk jewellery (and not only diamonds, just because I am the brand ambassador) or silver or those hand cuts and so many types of different jewellery, it will make a statement.

PYW: What do you think is the perfect style statement?

Yami Gautam: Anything that you can relate to. It will be always the best. I think that is the only thing that can give you the comfort level to carry it. Of course, it is the time to experiment, it is an age when being a little edgy always help and all that’s all nice but you need to balance it out so that it is not too edgy that it makes you look somebody else and you are not comfortable wearing it.

PYW: How do you pair your jewellery with your outfits?

Yami Gautam: It totally depends, like today where I have worn a dress which has a little sequence work on it so I have not worn too much of jewellery with it. I have kept it very minimalistic, very simple indeed.  Diamonds do not need to shout owing to their very appearance or the way you carry it. Diamonds are something which can be very easily paired with any attire; be it a suit or a blazer look. I think that is the best part of it. Even if you are wearing a plain top and a blazer, you can just wear diamond studs, or a chain with a little diamond or a locket or a pendent.

PYW: How do you define your love for diamonds?

Yami Gautam: I think it is not something which I need to introduce myself to or I need to think before talking a bout it. For me, the journey started when I used to see my mom shopping for them or when I gave her a present for the first time when I could afford and that was a diamond ring. So, I think my love for diamonds will never go. It is sober and yet it is a diamond! It is priceless and that is what it will always remain, that is the beauty of it.

PYW: Well, not that we have talked about diamonds, let’s talk about your vision of yourself as a bride a bit…what would be your wedding attire like?

Yami Gautam: I would want it to be a saree, I think it is going to be a very simple silk saree. I would really prefer if I could wear my mother’s saree; the one she wore, I really love it. I don’t like too much of heavy stuff even if we have the best of designers today. For my wedding, it has to be a beautiful red colour and a beautiful silk saree.

PYW: What jewellery would you like for your wedding?

Yami Gautam: I love to be surprised, I would not like to buy it…I love to be gifted…(laughs loudly)…I think. I am the last person in the family to talk about these things. Recently, there was a wedding in my family and I was the last one to talk about it. I can comment about it, I can help you chose it, but when it comes to me, I am an extremely lazy person so I just leave it to my mom. I actually love to be surprised and gifted!

PYW: Gold or diamond?

Yami Gautam: Gold in my locker and diamond on my neck… I will have both of them!

PYW: Solitaire or an array of smaller diamonds?

Yami Gautam: Definitely a solitaire.

PYW: Where do you prefer wearing your diamonds?

Yami Gautam: On my finger, I like a ring; I think it makes a statement without being too loud. If you are wearing solids, then definitely a ring, like you have these cocktail rings in different colours, designs and different sizes. I think you can go a little easy on other accessories like earrings bracelets. So yes, I like rings. I think they are very interesting. 

As told to Jagjot Saini


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