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Shades of Bling

By Sanhati Banerjee

Take a look at the jewellery colour story as we gear up for the big dressy season. From a sorbet-candy melange to mellow rainbow shades and offbeat desert tones – there’s lots to choose from the experimental range of jewel tones and colour up the bling quotient. Here’s how.

How boring it would be after all to wear the so-called yellow of gold and the white of silver and platinum? Many-a-concurring tone can be heard at this point (or perhaps it is the writer’s imagination) saying “too boring”. Thank god for the jewel tones! You know them; they are the shades of your gemstones––the spectrum ranging from the rare gems to the semi-precious ones. They are known for their visual richness, the lush factor and the intense vibe that cast a spell on most onlookers. From drab to dazzling, from lean to lush––these tones can best bring out the dramatic quotient of jewels, textiles, drapes and well, divas. They are not high-pitched or sharp, rather warm and glowing thus packing in a radiant punch rather than a too-loud-too-look-at kind of a statement. Some of the most widely recognisable jewel tones are the ruby red, emerald green, amethyst purple, topaz yellow, sapphire blue, tourmaline green and turquoise blue. Some of the jewel tones stand out for their distinctiveness from among the range. The use of complementary jewel tones in fashion and jewellery has always been popular.  



Candy Calling
With many jewellery designers thinking out of the box and many customers desiring to do things differently, the focus is currently on a new saga of jewel tones mirroring trends in popular culture––be it from gastronomic or gaming profiles, or a combination of two. For instance, the one of the latest offerings from is their ‘Candy Crush’ range, which is inspired from the popular gaming app Candy Crush. In this collection, the designers have made use of large oval cabachon stones to resemble and give the look of “jelly-based candies to the range of 30 products under which it displays an array of pendants, earrings and rings in all the candy colours that will make you look like a fashionista” says Calvin John, vice president, offline marketing, Vibrant coloured stones used in this collection have been named after the various levels of Candy Crush like: Amethyst – Sticky Savanna, Pink Amethyst – Cupcake Circus, Green Quartz – Jelly Jungle, Citrine – Chocolate Mountains, Lemon Quarts – Lemonade Lake, Carnelian – Lollipop Lanterns, Garnet - Sour Salon, London Topaz – Juicy Jacuzzi, Blue Topaz – Sweet Surprise, Peach Moonstone – Caramel Cove. And if you are wondering about how to wear these, then start thinking ballroom gowns and cocktail dresses.














































Sorbet Shades and Desert Hues
What does the picture of a sorbet do to you? Well, maybe put up the image of vibrantly delicious (pun intended) shades mixed with smooth, creamy textures? Soft and refreshing, sensual in bits? And, when those are the shades that are pinned onto to your favourite jewellery pieces, then that’s where luxury meets refreshing style quotient. In sync with this sensibility, Gehna Jewellers had launched the ‘Sorbet Jewellery Collection’. The collection is available in soft tender shades of sky blue, dream green, bright yellow and rose gold and comes in a mix of earrings, necklace sets and rings. The Gehna Sorbet line stands out for its chandbalis in pearls and emerald, chandelier earrings in topaz, floral rings in pearls and diamonds, multi-stoned rings, a necklace set with bright blue accents, rose gold earrings and semi-precious yellow stones encrusted cuff. Moving from pretty to powerful and working on another kind of colour trajectory altogether is the travel-inspired limited edition desert collection by H. Ajoomal that includes cocktail earrings, bangles and bracelets. Wind- swept sand dunes, nomads and tribal living in the deserts lend their earthy sunny hues such as cinnamon and honey, burnt amber and washed out khaki to this collection. Focused on wearability and femininity, these pieces of desert bling can leave you with a sense of warmth and adventure of the desert.They have used organic and unusual gemstones such as fiery amber, fossilised carved wood and multi-coloured unakite from Namibia and Africa which have been combined with rich diamonds in black and white shades. All the gem materials have been handcrafted in yellow 18k gold with textures inspired by the tribes residing in these areas.




Colours, Contrasts and Coordination
The interplay of colours from the same family beads have been weaved with contrasting strings––this is not only eye-catchy but also are very wearable. This is the design philosophy that Musskan Agarwaal, founder, Kiwi by Musskan has subscribed to while crafting her latest collection. “You can find complete yellow beads on one side and black on another. Such a way of pairing colours is fun and a bold way to inject some serious colour into your wardrobe. One radiant accessory and you’re ready to go” the designer quips. There are a few basic tips which one should follow like while flaunting a neon palette in jewellery. Keep your outfit simple. Wear solids instead of wearing patterns. Your jewellery shouldn’t compete with your clothes. Colour blocking is something you can try: “like pairing two bright could be stunning. So maybe a bright yellow neckpiece can be paired with bold blue earrings. Black is an evergreen rule to play with the coloured jewellery. Neon instantly pops on black and sometimes even makes your black outfit a little more summery” says Musskan Agarwaal. As for coordinating the whole look, do remember to match your nails and lips to your neon jewellery pieces to look refined. A statement piece in bold, eye-catching colours is a great way to dress up a less-than-exciting outfit or add a new dramatic element to an old favourite. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the colours of your pieces while playing around with colours and statement jewellery. But one has to remember that while playing with colours can make you go from drab to fab, putting too many colours will ruin the show. So pick one or two statement pieces that complement each other and let them shine. If you add too much, your jewellery pieces will be clamouring for attention and will distract from the overall look you’re going for. Throwing in a lot of jewellery to go with a bland outfit won’t make it sizzle. It will only make it look busy and sloppy. A bold necklace can make a beautiful statement but only if you allow it to. “A bold necklace should always be worn with a less dramatic pair of earrings. You can, however, pair a bold necklace with a bold bracelet or ring. Your statement jewellery needs to work with whatever outfit you’re planning to wear or it isn’t going to work at all. Your jewellery will look like an afterthought instead of part of the ensemble” advises the designer. The vivacious designer gives a lowdown how to pair differently shaded jewellery pieces from day to night. For work wear, one can pair a neon lighter neckpiece with a white shirt and an office bag to complete the look. For an evening out––the look will change to a floral dress, maxi dress or a jumpsuit paired with funkier shades in jewellery. At night, one can play with black, grey, off-whites, silver and gold to match up with the outfits. “Yellow is the new black this season. Brides-to-be can also wear purple, red with golden outfits, or green and pink with red outfits” says Musskan Agarwaal. The fact remains that a lot is looking bright in terms of “shades of bling”. From adventurous and neon shades to the sorbet and candy shades––jewel shades are being coloured with shades of passion, desire and sensuality every now and then. And looking at the prolific rate at which design houses are coming up with such shades-collections, it will only be safe to say that this trend is here to stay. And, why not? Classy is not simply the monotones any more, or for that matter we can say subdued has a new definition and character, as now we have the fun subdued, the sensual subdued, the glamorous subdued and so on!



How to Colour-Coordinate Jewellery – Do’s and Don’ts :
•Bright coloured apparels have made it from the runway into most clothing stores this year. They can be paired with neutral tones of coloured stones like pearls, mother or pearl, onyx or rock crystals.
•Black brings out the contrast, in any kind of coloured jewellery; coloured stones like rose quartz, coral, blue topaz, chalcedonies will work well. Monochromes could be contrasted with bold bib necklaces in coloured stones like black, oranges, whites or yellows.
•Also, there been a rising trend in sporting bold coloured stone medallions with carved or cabochon coloured stones.
•A good way to use complementary colours to a good effect is to pair one complementary colour with a paler tint of its opposite colour, like a bright royal colour with a contrast pale colour.
•It’s a rule of thumb to avoid wearing a piece of jewel that has a tint blending into the apparel, like wearing a baby pink top with a rose quartz neck piece.
•One could also experiment with analogous colours, i.e. wearing colours that are easy to the eyes, green and yellow, reds and oranges, blues and greens together. For instance, wearing a plain green dress with a blue colour stone pendant will create a stunning effect.
•For the casual sporting look, a white T-shirt, blue denims and a bold coloured stone medallion will do the job. Also light colours could be well coordinated with light /minimal jewellery, and you are ready to rock!
•To bring out the elegance in you, the same piece could be contrasted with a LBD or a gown. Indian women lean towards jewellery that has changeable coloured stones or various forms in which the jewellery could be worn. This is suggested and workable for women who tend to travel often and would want to avoid carrying too much of jewellery.


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