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Rules For Accessorising At Your Wedding

By Richa

All The Small Things: Now that you’ve found your gorgeous wedding dress, the next step is selecting the finishing touches. Read on to know about how to pick the perfect accessories.

Yes, the bride’s most anticipated investment would be her wedding dress, but her look would be incomplete without the right accessories, as they can elevate the entire ensemble and add personality to it. And accessories don’t just mean picking the wedding jewellery but between also shoes, clutches and other pieces, which can be a dizzying amount of choices to make.  When it comes to style, we’re all for breaking the so-called ‘rules.’ But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still tried-and-true tips to help you look your best.

 ‘Less is More’ Should Be The Mantra

The first commandment for picking out your wedding accessories is - don’t go overboard. No matter how tempting it is to load up on baubles and bling, you don’t want to risk letting your accessories outshine you. Accessories add a unique touch to your look, but too many can be over the top with an already-embellished dress.



Which Bridal Accessories Should You Wear?

Shoes -
No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes—and your wedding day look is no exception. Our real bride Zoya said, “of course like everybody I wanted a killer pair to go with my gorgeous green dress. And in the excitement, I forgot I’ll be standing for long periods of time and I bought Stiletto heels. Hence, I was cringing in pain before I had even hit the dance floor.”


So, don’t be Zoya and remember, while shopping, consider the height of the heel (obviously the taller you go, the higher the pain potential), the type of straps and the material. Your feet need to be well supported (think: ankle and toe straps over slip-ons) to avoid instability. One handy tip: If you want them to feel even more comfortable, wear the shoes around the house for an hour whenever you can prior the wedding. This will help you to avoid painful and ugly shoe bites.

Clutch - Of course, it has to match your outfit, but does it have to be so tiny? Choose a potli or a clutch that is small, elegant, and can hold something bigger than a handkerchief. You should be able to slip in your essential kit with your compact, lipstick, kajal, mints, and tissues. Don’t forget to check if your phone fits. The Indian market is full of options for our brides with best of the times bags and the bride shouldn’t shy away from going bold. A clutch bag has various aspects to it - material, shape, size, print, adornment, colour and slings/handles. How you select the right combination for yourself depends entirely on you.

Watch – ‘Can I wear a watch on my wedding day?’ This unanswered question will definitely strike in the minds of (maybe not many but at least a few) Indian brides-to-be. With the hefty jewellery and blingy dress, the idea of donning a sophisticated watch on the wedding day still sounds somewhat frivolous. Nidhi Wadhwa, 27, a Delhi based journalist, opines, “I would not wear a watch on my wedding day because it will be hidden under my chooda, so there is no point wearing it. Nevertheless, I would definitely love to buy a luxury watch instead of another diamond set to add to my wedding jewellery collection, because I cannot wear the set everywhere but a watch will be my daily friend.”


If at all, you plan to don the watch then these are the trends you should look for - Bracelet Style, Silver wristwatches, Rose gold, Bronze, Gold or Couple watches. If you think about it this way that wearing a luxurious jewelled bridal watch on your wedding day can act as two accessories in one, then the concept of wearing a fine timepiece on one of the most memorable days doesn’t sound very bad; does it?

Bindi - A quintessential accessory for almost every Indian woman, bindi can instantly enhance the beauty of your face. Be it saree, suit, or any other traditional dress, Indian women consider their look complete only after wearing bindi. People are experimenting with the colours, textures, shapes, sizes and raw materials to make lovely bindi designs. From stone sequined designs, or multi layer designs to mirror work design and pearl designs, choose the design sensibly, because if not selected wisely, it can even spoil your whole look.


Central Coast Wedding Standard

Cover Up - A stylish cover-up is a must if you're getting married during the cooler months. From boleros, ethnic jackets, ponchos to capelets and fur stoles, the options are endless. The key is to choose one that strikes the wonderful balance with your attire. For already ornate dress, try a minimal accent to avoid looking too over the top. A delicate lace jacket, sheer tulle cape or a chiffon wrap will keep you warm without competing with your gown. Another option? A classic cardigan, the perfect complement to a rustic or more laid-back affair.


Jewellery - Gone are the days when the only options in bridal jewellery were expensive metals. Now you can pick from jewellery that can be specially designed to suit the dress you plan to wear. The different options you can consider are - gold, kundan, platinum, minakari, diamonds, emeralds, silver etc. And think beyond the necklace, chooda and earrings because it’s time to bring back the Solah Shringar – the beauty therapy again but with the contemporary twist.  Well, let’s go through a list from head to toe – you can adorn them all or maybe cherry-pick from them:

  • Sindoor
  • Head accessories – Gajra, maang tikka, matha patti, juda pins, paasa, jeweled braid accessories, tiaras, hair bands.
  • Nose rings or Nath
  • Baajuband
  • Hand accessories – Rings, aarsi, hathphool 
  • Kamarband, belts or sash
  • Payal or Anklets
  • Toe Rings


Itar – Yeah, you might not have given much thought to wedding perfumes till now, but trust us, it’s a must have in your clutch. First, because they are a major memory trigger; second, because hot fire +heavy embellished lehenga + no perfume = eww. So, we think it’s just as important to pick up a gorgeous wedding day scent that describes YOU as a bride, so that people never forget the fragrance trail you leave behind while walking towards the mandap.


Stick to What You Know

To round out the picture, yes, although it's a special day, but don't stray too far from your normal style. If you rarely wear jewels, there's no need to drown yourself in diamonds on your wedding day. The goal is to look like the best, most beautiful version of your regular self.

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