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Road to a Perfect Relationship

By Utkarsh Chaturvedi

Getting married to your special someone and all you can be is nervous because of the fact that what the afterlife (after marriage) has for you? Do not worry because you are not the only one. Take a deep breath and read on because I have something for you that will only give you reasons to carry on the long-term charm of marriage with more surety.

“Love is a four letter word but marriage is an 8-letter word. Which means double the commitment, double the fun and double Chin,” very well quoted by Abhish Mathew.

This may sound as a joke in context of a show (Son of Abhish) but no one can deny that Marriage sure is an important responsibility. Yes, marriage is double the commitment. You’re choosing someone to be with you in all the hooks and crooks, good and the bad, yes and the no’s and every other thing that you face together even if it’s the worst of problems. The only things that should be maintained through this longer relationship are the bond of trust, understanding and the unconditional love.

You must have seen your parents or have seen some elder couple carrying on for long term and the concept of love is still blooming as fresh. It would have struck your mind that how you would fare if kept in their place. Will you be able to achieve what they did? Well, why not!
Let us look at some suggestions that can help you evolve, maintain and carry your relationship for a longer time!

Rewriting your vows

Vows, it is something that sounds perfect when you get married. As the rituals say, while tying knots of life, you make some promises to each other, but is it possible to keep every promise? You promise to keep each other happy all the time but can you?

The idea here is to make changes to your vows as the time and situation demands. Promise something that you can keep. For example, you promise to keep your better half happy and problem free but problems do arrive. Instead, you can vow that you won’t let them face any problem alone. After all, it’s about maintaining a healthy and a happy relationship. So, follow a rule to keep updating your vows or make new ones along the line to understand each other better.

Make New Goals

When you got married, you both must have decided some goals and would have thought to achieve it in a particular time; like getting a new house in next five years or a well paid job and you may carry on that same routine and strategy but by the passing time make some new goals too. Learn to live for them because they won’t leave your hand if you get a little angry on them. The goals can be weekly, monthly and even for long terms.

For instance, make a goal to take out a day every week only for your partner. Join a gym together and be the fittest couple (Hot too!) on the street. So, try to keep up, live up to your word, make new goals with your partner, and try to fulfill each other’s wants and make them happy.

Make it Happening and Humoristic

Your partner doesn’t want your money (Well they do need a little part though because they own it). Take out time for your special someone from busiest of your schedules no matter what situation life gives you. In that time don’t let silence (Or cell phones) take over. Make each other talk and always try to put a smile on each other’s face. Be on the funny side and let your humor talk. Even the senseless conversation can do if they connect you two on some level.

Believe yourself (Nope, believe me) and lot good beautiful can be achieved in your marriage (Especially happiness). It will also make you feel special and would also mark the importance for each other.

Take a break from Technology

We live in an era where technology has taken over us. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones and every other person but it’s not healthy to keep using it all the time. What’s the point of going out with your partner when your mind is still at work?
I will advise you going old school. Go on dates and outings while keeping your gadgets on “not to use” or switch off mode. And if you’re going on your honeymoon, then disconnect yourself from the outer world. Believe me when you will only focus on your partner, then all you will feel is the intimacy, closeness and coziness (Also, lots of relaxation and freedom from daily dose of drama and people you hate). Enjoy the togetherness without any disturbance.

If your relationship depends on spending lots of time with your partner and showering them with gifts, then it also depends on how you make them feel with your presence in that moment. No matter what it takes to maintain your love because they (Spouse) will remain by your side to love you and carry on that majestic charm of Marriage. Happy Wedding and Relationship Rekindling!

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