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Ringing in the Diamond

By Visweswar Reddy

A diamond engagement ring is a thing of everyone’s desire. But, you might not know all the particulars of this precious jewel. Aditya gupta, owner of Kathana Jewellers, gives you all the necessary information that you might require before you move on to purchase your solitaire.

The Clean, Classy & Simple Affair
For starters, the primary consideration for buying a diamond ring is the budget. The starting range comprises of a plain or simple band with a single solitaire, essentially typified by the one-diamond gold band.
The pricing for this range varies from Rs.5, 000 – 8, 000. The pricing also depends upon the size of the solitaire. A 2-3-5 carat solitaire mounted upon a simple band, where the focus is on the four-prong/six-prong diamond; is not only liked by people opting for the simple or base segment but also liked by many-a-sophisticated buyer for its classy charm.
The Elaborate Angle
The middle segment comprises of more elaborate bands with a single diamond accentuated by side accent diamonds – those which provide accents to the center diamond and are smaller in size than the centerpiece.
These bands can also be flanked by two-three range of diamonds. The pricing for this stylish segment starts for ` 12, 000 onwards.
Luxury Ahoy!
This is the top segment and is luxurious not only in terms of the diamonds used but in terms of styling. Luxurious carvings on the shoulders, that is, rings with elaborate carvings are the showstoppers. The pricing starts from Rs.16, 000 onwards.
The Groom’s Choice
Plain bands which have a uniform width throughout with single solitaire are preferred by would-be-grooms and their families. A thick band with a single solitaire set in a square mounting with carvings on the sides are also widely liked.
Cut, Colour & Clarity
The 3 C’s or size, colour and clarity are the final denominators or determinants of the pricing of a diamond ring. Talking about colours, traditionally, yellow gold or white gold have been preferred for the band, however, pink gold has brought in a fresh wave of fashion, something a bride-to-be can look forward to. Finally, if one has the budget of around Rs. 50, 000, around
Rs. 7, 000-10, 000 will be required for mounting, the rest can be assigned to getting a I-J colour diamond of SI 1/2 clarity.


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