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Ring in your Love

By Asra Shaheen

A ring for your beloved rings in the nuptial bond – whether you ask “Will you Marry Me?” or get engaged, an engagement finger candy is a must-have wedding jewel for both the bride and the groom. Here’s how you can ring it in style.

 Now that the “someone special” has been officially announced, here’s the first thing you are proud to flaunt to your friends, colleagues and virtually all those who care about you – the engagement or wedding ring! The ring that sanctifies the holy bond of a matrimonial relationship has a distinct sentimental value attached to it. In many ancient cultures, the circle, which has no beginning or end, was symbolic of immortal love. The hole in the centre signified a gateway leading to realms, known and unknown… Times have changed and so have the looks, designs and styles of rings. Rings are no longer simple plain bands once exchanged as a mark of tokenism. Brides and grooms now have an array of choices to adorn their fingers – stunning cocktail rings, bold statement-y bands and classy vintage-style pieces. Couples take a personal interest in getting bespoke rings designed as an expression of their fine tastes. So, all you brides and grooms-to-be on the shopping spree, here’s a mini guide for you to browse through when hunting for the ring for your beloved.

Classy Circles of Eternity
“It’s best to keep the engagement rings simple since it is one thing that one wears daily. We always recommend highlighting the main stone of the ring with may be two fancy cut diamonds on either side or a raised solitaire with a simple baguette setting,” say Suhail and Deepa Mehra, owners of and designer‘s at Inaaya. As Suvanker Sen, senior executive, Senco Gold, sees it,“Classical elegance is always in vogue – irrespective of the season. The styles of ring settings may have changed and evolved over the years but you will find styles today similar to what was manufactured over a century ago.”

Bold Statements for Cocktail
Pradeep Jethani, proprietor of Jet Gems suggests, “For the cocktail ring something with a big stone in the centre or maybe a dome like design with lot of illusion setting in it and for the solitaire ring, a simple solitaire which is highlighted with very few small diamonds around it would be perfect.”
“We do a lot of nature and animal influenced designs. Panthers, snakes, lions are always in vogue. A big colour stone just simply rimmed with diamonds always looks classy. Lots of different rhodium polishes on the diamonds, raised coloured stones mounted on bold bands are always timeless,” chime in Suhail and Deepa. For the bride, bold and flamboyant rings can go with experimental outfits and classic rings with a precious centre stone with diamond surround will go with Western outfits. Both the bride and the groom can customise their ring as per the theme
of the ceremony and the style quotient of their respective outfits.

Bespoke Bands
Customised rings offer couples the perfect opportunity to showcase their nuptials in a way that suits their personal taste and style. You can mix metals, use metals other than gold, inscribe on the ring, design a spinner ring, integrate gemstones, flowers and other designs. From the stone shape to the setting, the look and design of the ring is for you to choose. “For customising the engagement rings, inscription is a good option,” informs Arunima Bhaumik - head of design, Ganjam. “Messages to each other, wedding dates or initials of the spouse or names can be inscribed on the rings,” she adds. “Gemstone rings are creating waves among fashionable men. One of the designs making waves is sapphire studded on white metal encompassed with diamonds. It is very classy and looks really great on men,” opines Gaurav S Issar, CEO,

The point that you should keep in mind while getting your own bespoke band made is that the bride and groom can go for the same design or the same design with a little more detail for the bride and a plainer version for the groom. Inscribing the name of the bride and the groom or engraving love messages are other exciting options.

Wardrobe Coordination
Gowns are in trend in a big way. Suvanker Sen suggests, “Gold, silver, rose gold and pearl diamond will go well with white gown. Ivory gown has a candlelight shade which is soft, light white and some versions even have yellow undertones. Adorn yourself with gold jewellery to highlight the creamy tint of the fabric. Emeralds reflect green colour, which represents luxury, harmony and sophistication in life. Green has grown in popularity and acceptance amongst brides. A provocative attention getter, emerald green is especially appealing in fashion and accessories.” “Something very simple, subtle in white gold finish will look good on the groom,” recommends Pradeep. Remember to coordinate the colour of the ring with the colour of the bride and groom’s outfit. If you prefer a gemstone, see if it matches with the style of your pre-wedding outfit. The ring chosen should be such that it can be worn on different occasions and would go well with most of your collection in the wardrobe.

Pre-Shopping Checklist
“Buying an engagement ring can be emotionally gratifying but makes grooms to sweat bullets and empty their bank accounts of about two months’ salary! Grooms should consider the bride’s personal style when selecting a ring. Women are pretty perceptive when it comes to engagement rings, and they’ve probably discussed ring preferences before. A little lighthearted window-shopping in advance can also prove valuable. Discerning women will certainly appreciate the opportunity to let their heart’s desire be known,” says Suvanker. Some of the aspects to be kept in mind for engagement rings are the overall style of the ring, quality of the gemstones, diamonds and the quality of craftsmanship.“The ring selected should be such that it can be worn forever with all types of outfits,” says Arunima.
So now that you have the ready reckoners for shopping your eternity bands, ring the wedding bells with the right kinda ring!

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