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Real Moments on Reel

By Sarabpreet Kaur

It is not news that, more or less, movies are inspired by day-to-day incidents. We list down our favourite oh-so-true scenes from some hit bollywood wedding films that unfailingly grace actual Indian nuptials!

We, Indians, collectively share crazy love for many things—bollywood and big-fat weddings included. And when bollywood wraps stories around weddings, packed with foot-tapping songs and relatable situations, the result is pure bliss for us.
Let’s pick some relatable and funny scenes from the bollywood wedding movies we loved… scenes that might tickle us with a sense of déjà vu, as we’d have most probably experienced something similar in our ghar ki shaadis.
Aunties and Camera love: Remember how Prem and his buddies enter only-ladies function on the pretext of recording the event? The best reaction comes from the middle-aged maamiji, decked up in a figure-hugging bright pink suit, who loves the camera’s attention and starts posing for it.
I have lost the count of the times I’ve seen bored aunties suddenly buzzing to life, showing their dance skills the moment a video camera comes to shoot the baraat. They even call others, “almost” pointing to the camera as a reason to join the dance club.
Obsession with fairness: In a scene, Chutki’s mother makes it a point to tell her to apply a face-pack, in the hope that the desi-nuskha will turn her dusky daughter into some fairer fairy… and thus, more beautiful!
In real life—daadi, naani, chachi, bhua, maasi, maami and well, off course, mummy—all are eager to make themselves and the bride-to-be a little fairer before the d-day. So much so, even after we tell them that our beautician has warned against using excessive haldi on the skin, they anyway go ahead and ensure us a yellowish glow.
Phone-y Talks: Can you recall Shruti chatting with her fiancé all the time in the second half of the movie, sharing small routinely details, indulging in cutesy couple conversations? Well, she aptly reflects most of the brides and grooms to-be in real life.
A little courtship chit-chat doesn’t hurt anyone. So, keep going, I say! *wink-wink*
Strict Father letting loose: No, I am not talking about the epic “ja Simran ja” scene. I am rather referring to the mehendi ki raat scene, wherein sometime around the end bauji enters the premises, which is full of cheerful souls, merrily dancing with each other. As soon as everyone starts mistaking his terrorizing gaze for his disapproval of all the hungama, he surprises everyone by singing a flirty song for his wife, giving a chill-pill to all others.
Most of us have seen the coolest sides of our fathers and even the strictest of uncles in weddings. While our jaws drop in disbelief, it appears they have no idea what the laal pari is prompting them to do. Nevertheless, they keep the fun quotient in family events so high!
Thank-you bollywood for heightening our interest in picture-perfect weddings even more. Apart from traditions and rituals, light moments like these make Indian weddings extra special.
Can you think of some movie scene seemingly straight out of a real-life wedding? Do let us know.

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