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Quirky Poses Every Bride Should Capture

By Richa

A chuckle some bride is a dream comes true for the photographers. The candid shots mania has taken over the weddings completely. Let’s see some cool picture poses of our funky brides!

The wedding glitterati are much more than the band, baaja and baraat nowadays. The whole wedding concept has taken a huge leap forward with modernization and with this, our brides have managed to come out of there shell pretty strongly. Gone are the days when brides used to sit coyly with her ghoonghta reaching her knees or a blush blooming on her cheeks with a compliment from the guests! All the nanis, dadis, chachis and maamis are Although, bride and groom get all the attention at the wedding but the witty brides are steps ahead of the old age coy brides with their pouts, styles and poses. Here are some funny wedding poses that takes the coolness quotient of our brides to a new level! 


The Talli Bride!

 A conventional bride might used to be the one who had her face hidden in the ghoongat but the modern bride is a lot more mastikhor. The haan ji haan maine sharaab pi hai pose makes the bride look bold and witty at the same time. A large bottle of liquor to top it all is a fantabulous idea.


The Eyebrow Raiser!

The notorious bride plays with her eyes. The pose might be standing, sitting or pouting, the bride instantly appears witty the moment she raises her eyebrow. The ankhiyo se goli mare bride is the new sensation of the wedding circles. The innocence on her face but mischief on her mind makes her a total charmer.


The Tongue Twister!

The secret weapon of cuteness, that a bride stores to kill the crowd of unending grin, is her jeebh chirhana. Not only does she look adorable but her nautanki steals everyone’s heart. After all, it’s her day so it’s she who that gets to make the teasing move!


The Muscles ki Dukaan…Pehelwaan Bride!

All that a bride does apart from shopping is the weight reduction to get into the perfect shape. Somehow, it is the chhota bheem in her that emerges out of nowhere when she sits in front of the camera. It might be the yahan ke hum sikander message she wants to send across to the poor groom. So Mr. Dulhe Raja, be ready to make your bedroom an akharha anytime soon!


The Snoop Dog Bride!

Last but not the least, a bride without a tint of swag is not that much fun. The rapper in her, when poses for the cameras, oozes the coolness quotient in her and that is when her confidence surfaces. Her wakhra swag looks utterly sexy and valiant and she doesn’t appear to be a bit upset thinking of the vidai time!

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