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Pre-Wedding Workout Guide for Grooms

By Richa

Getting married? These workout strategies will help you get in shape by your wedding day — all while keeping your inner groomzilla at bay.

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In order to have a long marriage with less ‘in sickness’ and more ‘in health,’ a groom to be can start changing towards a healthy lifestyle. Although the big day is mostly about the bride looking beautiful, a groom should do his best to compliment his bride. So to look best on your special day, here are easy tips that will help you look good for your better half.

Quick fixes don’t work: In this fast pace world, during our everyday lives we are forced to do everything in a hustle. Hence in the least amount of time people expect to lose weight and build muscles. Long term damage may take place if you choose a short cut to become fit. For example doing too much too soon may lead to damage, which might affect in not being able to work out for a couple of weeks until the injury heals. In order to get fit the right way you have to make progressions each week which is a slow timely process.

Get an action plan: It is important to start with setting yourself realistic goals. This will keep you motivated throughout the process. You would have to create a way of executing your action plan and set weekly reachable targets.The key is to start early, as soon as the wedding date is set, start planning how to get fit.

Vary your training program: Try not to stick to one type of exercise routine. Research suggests that your body structure will change more drastically if you change your exercise routine frequently. By adding more weight or increasing the reps per week, sometimes just modifying the exercise by using a stability ball rather than a bench will help keep the exercises interesting and keep you motivated. For reducing weight, cardiovascular exercise will be effective in combination with weight training. Doing full body exercises also help you tone up faster.

Your body needs fuel: It is a common belief that restricting your carbohydrates will make you lose weight faster. Although the scale says there is a big difference, you most probably have lost more muscle mass and water than fat mass as this is a very unhealthy way of losing weight. Carbohydrates are one of the body’s most important fuel sources, especially during high intensity exercise. While doing cardiovascular exercise, a fasting state is better to train in, whereas for weight training an adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein need to be consumed. To effectively manage the workouts and that you can reach your ideal physique, do consume enough nutrient rich food so that you have energy.

The following exercises can get you started:

Squat and bicep curls - In order to get an overall body workout, exercises such as these are very effective. It saves time and you target more main muscle groups which help you build better. For this exercise it is important to push your hips back, let your knee stay straight tracking the 2nd and 3rd toe. Knees can push a bit forward but not over the toes. The position of the dumbbell can be in a hammer curl position. Ensure that elbows stay next to your sides throughout the movement. In order to make this exercise more difficult, you can increase the weight every week and you can add instability to it, such as a bosu or airex pad.

Step Up and Shoulder Press - This exercise is very effective and exhausting. Keeping the dumbbells in the starting position for the shoulder press throughout the exercise is very important since it fatigues the shoulders. While stepping up make sure that your knee stays straight in line with your toes and does not fall in or out. With the shoulder press ensure that the two dumbbells go up straight and that you control the downward movement. The shoulder press is the last part of the movement so make sure that you balance before doing the shoulder press. To start off with you can just the step up and then progress to the step up and shoulder press. After that you can progress to a one leg step up and press. If this becomes too easy you can add a back lunge to the start and of course increasing the weight will also increase the intensity.



Lunge and row - One of the most important movements in the gym is a lunge. Feet should not be too far apart, back foot on the toes. The front knee can push a bit forward but not going over the toe, keeping the knee in line with toe two and three. While the knee is down you can do a normal cable row making sure that you use the upper back and keep the shoulder down. You can either stay in the lunge position and do the row or come up after each row. In order to increase the difficult of the exercise you can make the weight heavier, put your back foot on an unstable surface like a bosu.

Burpees and pushups - Pushups are one of the most basic exercises and works the whole body. In order to fully do a push up right you have to activate your core, make sure you keep your hips as high as your shoulders, go down with your entire body at the same time and up the same way. Make sure your head is in line with your spine throughout the movement. Start with the push up and when that becomes easy you can add the burpees. With the burpees it is important to keep your back straight while pushing the legs out and in. To make this more difficult you can add instability. such as a bosu or you can increase the repetitions.


Muscle & Fitness

Deadbugs - One of the best exercises to get your six pack for the honeymoon is the deadbug. It is really important to end each session with a core exercise. Deadbugs is an exercise that can be done anywhere and without any equipment. While lying on your back make sure that you keep your natural lumbar arch and that you pull your naval in. Then extend your opposite arm and leg slowly until you almost touch the ground. You can add a stability ball or medicine ball to make it more difficult.


Johnson Fitness

To look great in your wedding outfit and for maintaining this look for the rest of your life, it is important to remember that it is a process like planning your wedding, you can plan your workout too. Make sure you eat, so that your body has adequate energy to train. In order to keep your enthusiasm high train with your fiancé, because couples who train together stay together.

About the Author: Ms. Leandi Van Zyl, Sports Scientist – Prosport Fitness & Sports Clinic

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