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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot!

By Palak Bhalla

Wedding photography is something that no bride and groom worry about. It is the parents who make the effort for that. But are you happy with just the wedding pictures? Don’t you wish to capture your courtship days? Let’s find out why and how you can make that short span of pre-wedding romance memorable!

The trend of Indian Weddings is changing from strangers getting married to befriended strangers getting married and now mostly loves birds getting married. Although the ratios have changed over the years but ultimately, the bride and the groom have grown relationship conscious. That is, they now have pre wedding relationship goals set for them. Since the roka or engagement ceremony to the wedding, the couple tries to know each other better and along with that, the romance blossoms. Then comes a point when they strive to paint a picture of their budding love and get it framed for life! There are a plethora of wedding photographers in delhi to choose from.

Why do it?
For such tenderness, today the wedding market has numerous photographers who are motivated by the passion for capturing these loving moments for you. In fact, in this era of candid photography, the pictures taken are more like stories narrated than just wedding coverage. So, it is better for wedding photographers too as they get more involved in the wedding to give you a personalized service. “It gives a brilliant starting point for the wedding photographers to get to know of their story, get them to be comfortable and talkative, understand their equation. It helps us mould our approach to that particular wedding. So I try to treat the shoot session as a picnic, where friends are hanging out,” says Saptadeep Chatterjee, Owner of 7th Click. Indeed, it is vital that the story teller of your wedding should know your story in depth for it to be deeply told.

What do photographers need to do?
As easy it may seem, a pre wedding shoot is not that plain sailing. It has to be pondered over, discussed with the bride and the groom and then executed with planning. Every photographer has a unique style of doing things and that requires a compatibility of mindset of the photographer and the clients. Although the photographers are professionals but some forethought by them is vital for their expertise to thrive. When asked about the preparation, Mr. Romy Setia, Owner of Lovely Photography, said, "Lots of preparation is required. The list is long; script writing, song selection, styling, choreography, location searching, suitable props to extra equipments are what required.” Well, if such a vast preparation is needed for the pre wedding photography, then one must book the photography services on time.

It totally depends on photographer to photographer what kind of arrangement suits them. According to Morvi, Owner of Morvi Images, "Research and brain storming with the couple to understand their requirement, location selection and garment changes are discussed. After which I like to be spontaneous with my shoots. Too much preparation restricts me.” So it is not only about the comfort of the clients but the right frame of the photographer’s mind which is also important for the shoot to be flawless. There is one more approach that a photographer follows, as per Saptadeep Chatterjee, “As a rule I spend a little bit of time with the bride and groom a day or two before the shoot. It lets me share a few ideas; understand their preferences and their tastes. I am always game to try something new at every wedding. I love to be adventurous. So, this is the time when I share some of those ideas with the client.”

What do you need to do?
It is the bride and the groom that are going to get married, so their involvement is a must. The preparation shouldn’t only be done by the photographer, in fact, the more the bride and the groom prepare their mind for a proper shoot, the better models they become for the photographer to work upon. Since the photo shoot requires a theme, even if it is not a very complex one, the dresses, location, make up and song selection are still important to be decided. While the couple plans something for this day, the photographer too expects a little bit of effort from them.

“The foremost suggestion that I make to my clients is to select the songs that they feel suit their equation. Then I ask them to listen to those songs repeatedly to feel the mood of the song,” says Romy Setia. It is a brilliant technique as the bride and the groom can absorb the melody and lyrics of the song and be in the right mode. Only the people involved know their story the best and thus, the narration of their story with their vision is really important. Morvi leaves all such decisions solely on the bride and the groom where they need to plan their outfits, have back up outfits of different colors, prefix the location and get their hair done. Have their props ready if they need any. Lastly she wishes them to be happy and have lots of fun on the shoot day. Leaving the choices at the behest of the couple is the most comfortable arrangement for both the parties. The photographer gets the realistic set up to work in and the would-be husband and wife gets to be in their own skin. Saptadeep thinks on the similar lines, “I give them the freedom to choose their outfits. Of course we discuss a theme or the kind of colors that would be preferred. But, I like to keep the fuss as low as possible. It’s not a test that they have to prepare for. They should just have a good time at the shoot.”

Perfect Locations for You
After putting a check to the need, preparations and themes, the most important decision pertaining to the shoot is the location. The things to be considered before selecting a place are:

  • Your budget
  • Compatibility with the theme
  • Distance
  • Climate
  • Dressing room facility

Not all the places are chargeable, for instance, if you choose a public place like a park then the location is free of cost. But places like monuments, hotels and studios come at a price. These places charge rent for the number of days for which the shooting is to be done. That totally depends on the photographer and the concord between other factors necessary for the photography. Usually, 12-14 hours are required for the shoot as the pictures can be taken at different times of the day like the sunrise, afternoon light, evening light and then sunset. Some themes require a studio setup and thus the natural light is not of much relevance owing to the studio lights available at the venue.

There are many beautiful and interactive places in and around Delhi where you can get the shoot done at a minimal budget. These locations are there to solve the purpose of every theme and pocket. Let’s take a look at the places and what they have got to offer –

Tikli Bottom— It is a four bedroom haveli running as a private guest house. It has a very romantic setting with a courtyard, garden and a pool. Situated in the outskirts of Delhi, the place offers a peaceful aura which makes the hectic day a little relaxing.
Love City— Situated on G.T. Karnal Road, behind Splash Water Park, this studio is spread over a vast expanse offering 25 different backdrops, natural surroundings and numerous props to assist your pre wedding shoot.
The Perfect Location— A studio in Faridabad apt for your location needs with 30 settings that are natural to manmade, industrial to romantic and close-set to long shot. With more than 60 props to use, the place is a haven for your perusal.
Photo Paradise— This is situated in the Qutabgarh area and is designed to cater to all your requirements for a photo shoot. The place houses around 50 backdrops with different themes, over 200 props and natural landscape spread across 11 acres of land.
Monuments/Parks— Monuments and parks like Deer Park in Hauz Khas Village, Garden of five senses, Neemrana Fort, Alwar Fort, Lodhi Garden, Damdama Lake, Mehrauli Archaeological park are some destinations for which you might require permissions and some of these can charge some rent.
Resorts/Hotels— Many resorts in Delhi and NCR offer such services on rental basis. Although you need a hefty budget for such locations, but these provide elegant and natural backdrops for the shoot.

"Rishikesh has come up as a wonderfull option for such shoots. The couple can enjoy the good weather and the romantic setup before the wedding. There is no hassle of permissions or bookings," adds his expertise, Mukesh Kumar, Owner of Poonam Digital Studio.With all these information, you are going to get splendid results portraying your chemistry with the love of your life. After all, these pictures and videos will become the entities of the remembrance of your once in a lifetime pre-wedding time. So, book your photographers in time and plan with these tips up your sleeves.

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