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Pre Pleated Sarees

By Swati Khatri

The new age woman doesn’t like to compromise on her comfort. Yes even while carrying a beautiful saree. Let’s talk about the comfortable pre pleated sarees for the woman of today.

Picture Courtesy: Pam Mehta

We have often heard new brides complaining about the inconvenience of draping those 6 yards. Getting the drapes right and setting the pleats are complicated if you belong to the generation where the only time you adorned a saree was at your farewell or at a cultural event. Even though draping a saree is a knotty task many women would die for that glamour quotient a saree provides. This is where pre pleated sarees come in for your rescue to make your saree wearing experience completely hassle free.
The Concept
A pre pleated saree is an easy to wear apparel where the pleats are already set. These come with or without an attached petticoat. It’s as simple as slipping into a skirt and blouse and then adjusting your palla to your convenience. All it takes is a mere15 seconds to wear it as compared to a “15 to 20” minutes wearing a normal saree. And the icing on the cake is that it looks the same as a normal saree. Pre pleated sarees are further bedecked with bead laces, sleek stone laces, gotas, floral borders & patches. It’s a comfortable saree which can even make you look slim. Another thing to be noted here is that these should not be confused with lehenga sarees as the pre pleated sarees have distinctive pleats to it.
Different Styles Available
Available in different kalis the styles are versatile. You can go for a one kali saree if simple is the way you want to go. Also you can choose from a six kali or an eight kali saree to make your saree look more flamboyant. All you need is a pre pleated saree to blend Indian tradition with the contemporary care free style.

A favorite among the woman of today who is able to manage her career and family together, many foreigners and Indians settled abroad also prefer such a saree.

With inputs from fashion designer Pam Mehta, Mini Bindra, owner, PFDC & Rubaaiyat and Heena Chhabra, designer, Chhabra 555.

Picture Courtesy: Fashion Designer Pam Mehta

  • Picture Courtesy: Chhabra 555
  • Picture Courtesy: PFDC

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