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PocketFriendly Overseas Honeymoon Destinations

By Utkarsh Chaturvedi

Plan Your Wedding presents to you a list of ten countries, where you can go to enjoy the first-ever post marriage vacation with your partner, and that too without burning a hole in your pocket!

Most Indians think that every journey abroad is going to cost big. From a holiday with friends to your honeymoon, the preconceived notion resists us from exploring foreign destinations on most occasions. Especially, when it comes to planning the honeymoon, the first thing that comes in your mind is that the budget that might not allow an overseas trip.
Don’t shed your dream of an abroad-honeymoon just yet… because, dear, you can always travel to countries where the value of Indian rupee is higher than their own currency. Yes, there are countries where the Indian rupee will make you feel super rich. And the best part is that you don’t have to compromise even a bit on your desire of having a fabulous environment and the necessary comforts to make your honeymoon a beautiful and a memorable event to start the journey of your married life.

Check out the countries that you must consider for your honeymoon:

Vietnam: One Indian Rupee=341.50 Vietnamese Dong

Go to Vietnam to get mesmerized by their vibrant culture, visual arts and clothing. The country is also known for its unique and tasty food, friendly people, delightful greenery and spectacular locations. Nothing would go out of your budget here. So, you can peacefully enjoy the vacation meant for enhancing intimacy between you and your partner. When there, do try their signature food Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup and BanhCuon, a rice noodle roll.


Indonesia: One Indian Rupee=210.98 Indonesian Rupiah

The beautiful country is a popular attraction of tourists. It has more than thousand islands to look around; and if you like beaches, then you’ll be bowled over the kind of seaside fun the country has to offer. The country is also famous for local shopping stores, and is counted among the best places for massage and spa. Do explore their capital city Jakarta. With all modern facilities and fantastic places to roam around, the country is worth a visit.


Paraguay: One Indian Rupee=86.16 Paraguayan Guarani

If you and your partner are avid travellers, like adventure sports, and are into adrenaline rushing exercises, then Paraguay is the perfect honeymoon destination for you two. Water sports like waterfall rappelling and white water rafting will be fun trying. You’ll be amazed to know that it is one of the cheapest countries in the world—read cheap food, cheap rooms, and beer at a rate that costs almost nothing. If you are considering it as your honeymoon destination, then do not forget to take your partner to the lively waterfront area of Encarnación. It has earned a reputation as one of Paraguay’s major tourist destinations.


Belarus: One Indian Rupee=266.72 Belarusian Ruble

If you always dreamt to travel to Europe, then you have a reason to smile as you’re not far away from it. The country is very cheap, compared to its other European neighbours. Clean and beautiful surroundings will give you the ultimate urban experience. Soak into the culture of museums and cafes with your partner. Mir Castle Complex and Struve Geodetic Arc, the World Heritage Sites that UNESCO is trying to protect in Belarus are a must-visit for every Indian who is in this city of wonders. All in all, you can experience Russia at a lower price.


Nepal: One Indian Rupee=1.60 Nepalese Rupee

Who doesn’t know that Nepal’s currency is weak compared to ours? Well, it is so! Moving on, our neighbouring country offers you good food and drinks. It gives you an opportunity to experience the breathtaking and astonishing beauty of Himalayas with a closer view. The best thing is you don’t even require a visa to travel to Nepal. So, celebrate your journey of love while exploring Mount Everest, popular heritage sites like Kathmandu valley, and more.

Costa Rica: One Indian Rupee=8.16 Costa Rican Colón

If you are looking for peaceful surroundings and no disturbance to your romantic outings, then the South American country is just right for you. The country has rich biodiversity, and you can enjoy the mood of Caribbean at Costa Rica as well. So, go to Costa Rica for the most romantic honeymoon, filled with seclusion, intimacy and love.


South Korea: One Indian Rupee=17.45 South Korean Won

Often termed as a dream destination for travellers, it can turn out to be a perfect place for your honeymoon. It’s an engaging and welcoming place. The country is industrialized and high-tech, on one hand, and on the other hand, it follows the rich tradition and the ways of old Asia. Cultural sites such as Hahoe folk village and Korean folk village will tell you the stories of ancient era while pork galbiand hangover stew would tell you the uniqueness of South Korean cuisine. So, explore the country with your partner and turn it into your most romantic getaways.


Hungary: One Indian Rupee=4.31 Hungarian Forint

You can go to Hungary if you have a desire to travel to Europe for honeymoon. The country is famous for its architectural buildings and castles, reserves and parks. Budapest is the city you don’t want to miss when exploring the country, while holding hands with your spouse. The hotels at Budapest are luxurious, classy and worth the money. You will also get to experience a beautiful sightseeing in the snowy and misty weather of the country. So, always be close to your partner to enjoy the warmth of intimacy in the chilly season of Hungary.


Zimbabwe: One Indian Rupee=1.53 Zimbabwean Dollar

Explore the country by getting onboard with exotic safaris and adventures. The country is known for its unique culture and tradition. The place is worth the visit, for both—its diversity in animals and uniqueness of the African landscape. Additionally, it is a great place to drink, eat and stay at pocket friendly prices.

Chile: One Indian Rupee=10.53 Chilean Peso

If you are a fan of old dunes and heritage sites, then Chile is a must-visit location for your honeymoon. What is more beautiful than to have a peaceful time with your love? Hold hands with your partner and explore the ancient forest, gorgeous landscapes and even volcanoes (of course dead ones) with your partner.


So, if you are getting married and planning on your honeymoon trip, then take advantage of the higher value of INR in these countries. Besides having a happy time and good experience, you’ll also get to boast about travelling abroad for your honeymoon.

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