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Planning Tips for a memorable Honeymoon

By Sanhati Banerjee

In keeping with the traditions, the groom is expected to make the arrangements and pay for the honeymoon. But luckily for the just married man, most couples in the modern times are splitting the bills. However, this is one thing that can act as the best post-wedding gift or surprise for your wife. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to pull of the honeymoon act with perfection.

honeymoon planning

Honeymoon Planning
It’s worth getting the honeymoon planning sorted out early on. You may be thinking of the last minute bargains, but in the run up to the wedding you and your fiancee are going to have a lot of other things on your plate, and having to sort out the honeymoon at a short notice will just add to the stress. You can get good discounts on package holidays and flights by booking early, so there’s no excuses!
Decide how long you can take off work
A lot of your honeymoon planning will depend on how long you can both take off work. Even if you think you can manage three weeks off, the chances are your fiancee will want to take at least a few days off immediately before.
Passports & Visas
You should have at least six month’s validity on your passport when you travel - check the dates on your passport and your fiancee’s too. You can check visa requirements for any country in the world on the Foreign Office’s website.
How soon after the wedding?
When fixing the exact dates, try to give yourself at least one clear day between the wedding and the start of your honeymoon. Couples who depart on honeymoon “the morning after” can end up completely exhausted by the time they arrive at their destination. They also miss out on the post-wedding buzz back home.
After hectic schedules of marriage ceremonies, you both need to give rest to yourselves to reinstate energy for the romantic tour in the offing.
Look for an ideal honeymoon tour operator
This is a very important honeymoon tip. You must contact a travel agent who understands your needs and hence, offers the best honeymoon package options to choose from. Do express ideas about a honeymoon trip of your dreams to the agent for better results.
Choose a romantic honeymoon hotel
Make sure the accommodation you are planning for few days in any destination is nestled in one of its most picturesque locales. Beach, hillside or desert views from the room can add that extra zing to the romantic mood.
Choose the destination
Then you just need to decide where to go. If you and your fiancee have not decided this already, then work out a few options you might enjoy and talk them through with her. Remember too that this is one holiday where dates can’t really be flexible.
Be realistic about how much you can fit in. One of the most important rules of honeymoon planning is to try not to pack too much in! If you are planning an action-packed itinerary, or a multi-stop honeymoon, try to build in time to relax. It’s best to work this in to the first few days of the honeymoon, not the end. Many couples underestimate just how tiring the run up to a wedding can be. Aim for at least a few days chilling when you arrive, and keep the adventure sports for later.
Package deals can be good value if you’re prepared to haggle. If you are booking flights and accommodation separately, remember that most airlines release flights for sale eleven months in advance. This means you can book almost a year
before you travel. Do your homework and make sure the place where you are staying is well reviewed by the people who have stayed there. Don’t risk spending your honeymoon in a poor quality hotel or resort.
Incidentally, don’t be tempted to book the honeymoon in your wife’s married name. You may be keen for her to start using it, but getting all the arrangements in place in advance for your wife to travel in her new name straight after the wedding is a planning nightmare. In some cases - such as applying for visas - it’s actually impossible.
Special Gestures
Also, try to arrange a couple of nice surprises for your wife while you are away. Rides in hot air balloons or helicopters are popular honeymoon choices. Or if you know she likes particular types of flowers, you could ask the hotel to put them in the room for when you arrive. It doesn’t have to be expensive - you could even take a little gift with you in your luggage. Just show her you’ve made the effort.
Arrange for special honeymoon couple service: Be caring and be little naughty as well. You can ask for exclusive spa services of the hotel for you and your partner. Later, you both can take Jacuzzi together for more fun. Arrange a candlelight dinner in the evening with light romantic scores playing in the background.
Plan surprises every now and then: An early morning rose, card or love note on the bedside will make a romantic tip for honeymoon. You can add that thrill and blush into each other’s temperaments through these little surprises.
Plan a romantic dance night for her: Arrange something very romantic and interesting at the same time, like a romantic slow dancing session for your partner.
At the end, remember to give a fair share of space and privacy to the partner so that he/ she can love and respect you even more. This is indeed another important honeymoon tip to be kept in mind. Just because you are on your honeymoon, it does not mean you should cling to each other every time. That can have a negative impact on your building relationship.

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