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Plan an Amazing Wedding on a Budget

By Editorial Desk

Want to throw the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing anything?

Congratulations: You are engaged! You've promised to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate, and now you're likely to spend thousands of lakhs of rupees celebrating that fact. Yes, weddings are magical and filled with love and happiness, but they are also a major money suck. Nevertheless, before you go into panic mode, know that there are ways you can shrink your wedding bill without dashing your big-day dreams — or annoying your judgmental relatives (And if they even do get bothered, who cares? You’re the one who’s having your dream wedding.) Your first wedding planning to-do? Set your wedding budget, from the dress to the reception.

Book a Venue Early

Finding the perfect venue is arguably one of the biggest expenses of a wedding. A good idea would be to plan ahead and book the venue well in advance to avail the cheaper prices. By researching and comparing venues, couples can get good deals and reduce their expected expenditure considerably. Booking ahead of time can fetch you a handsome discount, which can be diverted towards other expenses. Check HERE for best deals and wedding venues.

Buy on Sale

What a lot of bridal parties do not realise is that many glamorous outfits like lehengas, sarees, gowns and even menswear can be taken on rent. Multiple retail outlets and online sites allow the rental of bridal outfits for both men and women alike. By renting, couples can avoid buying expensive outfits altogether and renting in large numbers allows for a substantial group discount. Another option would be to visit retail outlets or boutiques that have on-going sales and buy multiple dresses at a discounted price.


Hire a Wedding Planner

A common misconception is that hiring a wedding planner will only add to your expenses. However, it is a well-kept secret that wedding planners are actually instrumental in saving your overall expenses. These coordinators have planned weddings after weddings, and have tied up with various vendors to avail of discounts and perks. Keep in mind that their connections and knowledge of the industry can help you save a lot of time and expenses. To add to this, hiring a wedding planner will help reduce the stress of planning and organising a wedding, and leave you free to enjoy it completely.

Skimp on Décor

A major way to reduce costs substantially would be to cut down on décor. Instead of spending extravagant amounts on lights and flower decorations alike, keep it minimal with simple décor. Opt for reusable items to furnish your location or for a rustic theme that will require minimal decor. Additionally opting for fake flowers instead of fresh ones will allow you to experiment with multiple arrangements ahead of time. By doing this, you can decide which arrangement matches your theme and change it accordingly.

Stock the Bar

While liquor is an integral part of most weddings, it is also an expensive factor that only adds to your budget expenditure. Instead of opting for a full bar, choose a more frugal option of settling for a minimal selection of liquor provided by yourself. While it is more effortless to allow the venue to provide and charge for the liquor, supplying your own alcohol can turn out to be a huge money-saver.


Other Variables

With adequate time, you can shop during sales and compare prices from various wedding suppliers. Local bridal exhibitions also have great deals that can be considered. Expenses of other factors like hotels, flight tickets, train tickets and other transportation can be reduced significantly if booked or bought in advance.

Remember that it is not about being cheap, but wise in terms of expenses. The smallest of expenditure cutting can result in major savings. Simply put, the key to a glitch-free wedding is smart planning. Spare yourself multiple headaches by making a strategy and sticking with it. Happy Planning!

                                         About the Author - Mazhar Nadiadwala, MD, Dome Entertainment

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