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By Sarabpreet Kaur

Move over run-of-the-mill wedding preparations and jazz up your wedding with something fun, unique and personal! Let’s take a look at some ideas to make sure you completely own your d-day!

Haldi a day before, mehendi a night before, booze spilling during baraat and saaliyon ka shagun at the entrance—these elements of an Indian wedding, almost quintessential to it, are fun but well, so ordinary. We belong to a generation that craves something interesting and new in all facets of life, wedding included. Also, most of us have a keeda to be a little different from the others.

While grand entries, most often carefully executed by event management companies, do set some weddings apart, but they’ve also become very common. Plus, things that we take personal pain in planning and executing has some irreplaceable charisma, setting the night apart. All that you have to do is to think of some idea, gesture or activity that will put smiles on the faces of everybody around you. And by you, we are referring to not only the bride or the groom, but also their family members and best friends. You can plan something as a group or surprise everyone with your individual plan.

Check out some interesting ways to add a little of your personal spark to the once-in-a-life celebrations…

Emotional AVs: Creating an audio-visual clip with some nostalgic music is a great way to infuse your personal touch in any celebration. And hey, we are not talking about the pre-wedding shoot! This clip can be about your spouse or about somebody, you as a couple, want to pay tribute to—maybe your parents, best friends or siblings. You can pick some personal photographs and videos, arrange them in a storyline and take help of your photographer to easily project it at one of your wedding functions, much to the delight of onlookers. Mr. Anubhav Aggarwal, Director of Planet Jashn, a first rising to the top theme party supplies and Event management company is absolutely spot on when he suggests personalized Saatvachans, a family tree presentation with the bride/groom as the new entrants to the family or a ‘Promises to keep’ slide show in which both the bride & the groom envisage their future together, it will give them a personal touch. He also suggests incorporating “wishes from friends all around the world, live streaming of wedding celebrations and use of placards” to further enhance the effect of any audio-visual. This will make your wedding, an affair to remember.

Fun Dance Skits: Choreographed dance performances are indeed fun but you can go a step further and plan a dance skit! You can take a professional’s help or create a small act on your own. The best part about it is that you can ace the performance even if you are not a very good dancer. Instead of romantic or dance numbers, you can choose songs to weave a storyline based on the idea you wish to display. For instance, it can be a playful act, teasing members of your family for traits others find funny. But make sure it is a light-hearted and fun act, without getting mean. It is always smart to perform the act in front of a few dependable near & dear ones before actually performing it to be on the safe side. To creatively pull off the act, you might need some fun props and equipment for effects. And thankfully, professional event management and party-supply companies are more than happy to help. Mr. Aggarwal informs their company conveniently arranges LED bands, shutter glasses, hats, moustaches, colourful wigs, feather boa, masks, customized badges, sashes and placards for that magical touch as per their customer’s need.

Singing to Your Love:
If this activity interests you, I sincerely hope you have a good voice. Just kidding! Honestly, you need not be Sonu Nigam to pull this one. If you sincerely love music and think that there are some emotions that only songs can express, then you must consider practicing with a professional trainer, who’ll help you brush up your skills enough to perform in front of your beloveds.
Microphone and love singing balloons, by companies like Planet Jashn, can help you perform with even more confidence. You can sing to your spouse or you two can prepare a duet for each other and your families—either way, it’ll be a delight and a memory to cherish forever. If you are a friend or family of the couple, even then please also don’t hesitate to go ahead, as the act has the potential to be the best wedding gift.

Incorporating fancy rituals of other cultures:  While we find small rites and customs of our culture adorable, sometimes rituals of other cultures also find our fancy. You can have the best of both worlds in case you are tying the knot in an inter-cultural marriage, but even if you aren’t, you can add some newness to your celebrations by introducing some foreign activities. Aggarwal suggests using “bride and groom accessories, Christian bride and groom center-pieces and bride and groom champagne bottle covers” to add some freshness to the décor. You can even take some other culture as a theme for one of your pre-wedding functions, which is sure to create lots of fun as it will be something new for all your guests.

Family Award Function: This can be a really fun activity. Make a team of four-five family members and create fun labels for your clan. And conduct an award function as the central attraction for one of your pre-wedding functions, preferably the cocktail’s night. Give badges and tags to each and every member of the family giving them a particular name, may be of a Bollywood actor or actress. Also, you can easily get bollywood theme props, VIP entry bands, red carpet entry, mementos, podiums, etc. to create the right ambience,” informs Aggarwal. "You can also enhance the party by giving it a Red Carpet Entry theme, wherein the guests will be supposed to give the brief about the style of clothes and brand they are wearing. “You can even create a family jingle,” he adds. With all your loved ones dressed in their glamorous best and the party high on music and booze, an activity like this will prove to be icing on the cake.

Plan Your Wedding got in a chit-chat with Anubhav Aggarwal, director, Planet Jashn, a wedding planning company, to learn more about interesting ideas for infusing creativity in wedding celebrations. Here are the excerpts from the conversation…

Can you suggest a few out-of-the-box ideas to add more fun to celebrations?

If the bride and the groom and their respective families are game for it, then the options to have fun, are endless. A naughts and crosses game played on a giant screen , an upside down photo studio, an interactive lounge serving as a museum for outdated marriage notions, can double up the fun quotient of any pre-wedding celebrations. One can also arrange a wish tree for the couple, karaoke and flash mob dance.
How can couples personalize their D-day?

The D-day can be easily personalized with many different activities. For Instance, a bike enthusiast can make an impressive royal entry with his bride, the clichéd horse carriage is too mainstream or a die-hard environmentalist can have eco-friendly wedding with farm fresh organic food served to the guests. Also, couples can screen a slide show of their love story, raise a toast to their new spouse, share memories of their first date and let the cake be all about them.

Please share an instance wherein you created something innovative for a wedding function.

It happened for the first time in Delhi that for jaimala, the bride and the groom stood in the balcony of a Statue of Liberty replica and came down the tower amidst fireworks and coloured fountains, along with apsara performers. Immense appreciation and response of the Family members and guests made our day cheerful.

What’s your take on being experimental in terms of entertainment and décor at weddings?

We keep on experimenting with entertainment and decor ideas at every wedding. Innovation is the need of the hour, and our concepts often become trends. We have a natural flair for understanding what the occasion demands and creating the right event around it.

Now that there are ample ideas for you to let your creative juices flowing, take the charge and see your wedding become the talk of the town. All the best!


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