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Open Hairstyles For Dear Bride!

By Richa

For every bride who dreams of a dramatic updo for her big day, there’s another who decides to let loose and wear her hair down. They can find a unique and stylish way to make the most of their locks - whether topped with a dupatta or flower crown, worn half up half down, or simply sweeping over their shoulders au naturel.

It’s like the classic bun is almost synonymous with the Indian bridal look. While we’ve grown to opt for different techniques of makeup, the bun has almost always stayed as the only bridal hairstyle option for the wedding day. The most we’ve pushed the envelope was adding a poof or going for the ‘messy bun.’
But we are in love with the new fad of brides who’ve been opting to keep their hair open on their wedding day. YES OPEN. Guess what – the dupatta DOESN’T fall, the maangtikka sits perfectly fine. Moreover, it’s refreshing, chic, and a tad bit dramatic. And the brides look achingly beautiful and goddess-like.

“For any bride-to-be choosing an outfit for the wedding is a tough decision but trust me choosing the right hair do is tougher. Hairdo transforms a look in a very big way. But with the weddings going grand, the choices are grander as there are many occasions. I suggest all my brides to choose different looks for every occasion,” says celebrity makeup artist Naunidh Singh.

“Traditional buns look gorgeous and stunning and definitely help a lot in keeping the bridal dupattas intact on the brides head. However, the contemporary open hairstyles are definitely a big rage this year. They are best loved by the modern brides. In India, girls take real good care of their long tresses, so why not show them off. Open hair can look traditional or contemporary depending on the way they are styled and the accessories used. Long voluminous open hair with some texture imparts a very strong feeling of beauty making you look exquisite. If you don’t have long hair, no worries hair extensions will do the job,” she further added.

Leaving the hair loose can also look amazing with an Indian touch of maangtika. You can opt for a free wavy look or even slick straight hair with volume can look mesmerising. Soft waves add the desired volume to loose hair and look much updated. A subtle puff also gives slight dressing up to the let down hair.

Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain opines “There is no such hard and fast rule. I think the bride should go for what she feels suits her best. For traditional bridal attires for the wedding itself, the hair can be put up into a classic bridal hairstyle, while for the cocktails, mehendi or reception, the contemporary open hair look may be a good option. Long hair with cascading curls in the lower half of the hair.”

“Long hair can have curls and left open. This would suit hair that is not too long. The front of the hair can be lightly backcombed, or crimped. It helps to add body to the hair. A section of the hair can be left lose with ringlets and curls on one side. While, very long hair can be made into ringlets, bunched together and pinned lower down the head, to give the impression of partially open hair. A decorative braid can be put up like a hair band, while the rest of the hair is left open. Decorative pins can be used along the braid. And long straight hair can be cut in layers and left open with a western style outfit. The layers should begin from chin level,” she further added.


  • When an Indian bride doesn’t want to style a tight braid or a compact updo, a messy curls look can steal the heart of any guy. You can accompany it with gorgeous jewelled pins and you are wedding ready.
  • Stylish Curly down-do with a middle part adorning a beautiful maangtikka will give a very ethnic look.
  • Half up and half down do, create a voluminous puff and softly pin both the sides. It can be worn under a traditional veil a bride is supposed to cover her head with as the volume in the puff will serve as a support. This will give a very traditional feel with an ethnic matha patti. Same style with curls will give a more contemporary messy look along with some orchids.
  • A perfect blend of custom and class, the side braided hairstyle has no comparison anywhere. It gives you a completely fresh and positive look! Just brush your hair to either of the side and loosely braid them. You can use any style of braiding, depending on the type of dress you wear and the style which suits you the most. Some hair strands must be intentionally left out, so that the romantic look gets enhanced on your wedding and the one whom you want to impress on that special day, must get surprised by your looks. 
  • Refined curls all pinned to one side, a flick can also be styled in the front. Look like a million bucks by adding a delicate hair comb accessory to the other side keeping it all neat and classy.
  • There are endless options like water fall braid, twisted pony tails etc. to choose from.
  • A professional hair stylist knows how to cope with every type of hair - fine, thick, frizzy, wavy, curly, or straight. And they know what it’s going to take to hold your style in place given your hair type. So all you have to do is discuss your look beforehand with them and relax!

                                                                   — Inputs by celebrity makeup artist Naunidh Singh

On the contrary…

Tying hair up in a great hairstyle is a great way to stay hassle free. Updos look very chic for a formal event like wedding. Such Indian wedding hairstyles can be made interesting by using a combination of buns, curls, and braids. Adding side flicks in the front gives the tied up hairstyle a stylish look. The pulled up look can be made more interesting and special with the use of hair ornaments and accents.

“I will undoubtedly suggest the NEW CONTEMPORARY UPDO’s for the bride. Updos have undergone a tremendous transformation and lot of inspiration comes from the kind of look bride desires to highlight on her D-DAY. When I think of the look, I mean she looks like the classic, Neat updo with a sides wept bang of a ‘traditional bridal’ look, or she is looking for a mermaid wave front setting characteristic of a ‘fun bride.’ But updos are a definite YES as they bring out the ‘Regal Beauty of Indian Bride’. We can always add on a braid to the updo, to give it another traditional feel of Indian bridal looks,” says celebrity star salon hair stylist Niell Talwar.

Choose a hairstyle that complements your face shape and goes with your attire.

The contemporary open hairstyle: A simple straight hair up do or all curls look elegant with smokey eye, or a half up and half down hair with curls or a half up side updo will give it a twist of both contemporary and modern touch. It is a safe and simple style for those who do not wish to experiment.

Classic Updo: Updo’s are more classy and they can be anything from a variety of classic bun to: smooth slick look, braided, side bun or loose or messy, low back loose up style, vintage wavy retro style, and loose back buns with curls on the side.

There is a lot of scope for experimenting with the up do as compared to the contemporary open hair style and it can be tailored according to the face shape and attire of the bride. *Highly recommended.*
— Inputs by Gunjan Agnihotri, Founder, Amila Finishing Lounge

Indian wedding hairstyles that are simple and chic will always win hearts. You can always jazz up the hairstyles with the choicest collection of Indian jewellery or flowers. Less is more when it comes to high impact looks. Great hair does not need cobweb treatment; instead focus on eating well and sleeping well. Also hire a great hairstylist for the wedding who will take the weight off your head, literally.

To know how to give that oomph factor with naturally looking frizz-free straight hair follow the link



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