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One For The Blooming Weddings

By Richa

As much as we love pom poms and bunting, flowers are still the number one way to decorate your wedding venue – they can instantly change the feel of a room and you can use them to dress everything from your pews to your cake! Take a look at these creative new ideas.

We like to think of it as a floral explosion. Chandeliers, trellises, fountains - you name it, and chances are its being covered by flowers. Adding an undeniable wow factor, the wedding couple everywhere are incorporating new and interesting ways to use blooms into their Big Day. From mandap to the cars, the bed rooms to the halls and the pooja rooms to the veranda, flowers are a mandatory requirement for the wedding ambience. Flower Decoration depends up on your budget. The type and quantity of flowers basically affect your budget, so keep your choices in synchronization with the available budget.

Flowers figure largely in the decorating motif of most Indian weddings. Indian brides use flowers as take-home gifts. A bride may tuck flowers in her hair in lieu of a veil, or wrap a nosegay around her wrist. In a Punjabi wedding, the bride’s brothers hold a sheet of flowers, which the bride walks under to approach her groom. Sindhi brides wear jewelry and adornments made of flowers. The shamianas, or tents for the guests, are also decorated with flowers. Varmalla are traditional Indian flower garlands.

Understand that there is no right or wrong choices when selecting flowers for your wedding. It is your own personal choice, as your own preferences are the most important part, as well as having a basic understanding of what works well for the theme you’ve chosen and your budget. You can also expect a good florist to provide you with helpful advice, so be prepared to ask plenty of questions and to run ideas past your florist once you reach that stage. Some basics to grasp before getting into the details include:
Remember that less is more. Flowers are the splash of colour, the ornamentation on top of many other already beautiful parts of a wedding.

Good positioning and use of inexpensive foliage can create the sense that you have more floral arrangements than you actually do.

Your florist must share your vision, or it’s time to find one who does.


  • Choose the quantity of your wedding flowers according to your venue and season. If your wedding is in backyard or a garden then minimum quantity of flowers can be enough for the décor.
  • Take advice from other couples and ask them about their florist. They will surely give you the best advice and will also provide you the information about the cost. Read the magazines and the reviews to have an idea about your wedding flowers.
  • Find the perfect florist for your venue. Some florists only provide you the flowers and some provides the designers as well. If you want much of flower work then have a florist designer who will help you with the flower decors idea.
  • Be specific about your choice. If you’re thinking about the white roses then don’t say ‘’roses’’. Brief your florist about exactly what you want.
  • Do your research before going to a florist. Images are way more expressive then words. Browse the net and look for the flower décor ideas and take your gallery with you before going to the florist.

Inputs by Mr. Ashu Garg,Founder,Good Times Concept events, a wedding architect firm

What’s Trending?

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable and her choice of flowers or arrangements should reflect her specific taste and personality. Her flowers should create a theme to make her wedding day special and provide the finishing touch to this very special day.

“Major part goes in Installations like Floor Installation like Peacock, Elephant etc., Ceiling hangings like floral cloud with light bulbs, Table Centerpieces that enhance the table décor shall be above or below eye-level, Grand Entrance with floral pillars or façade and Ceremonial Stage Backdrops with heavy flowers in thematic design,” says Mr. Abhishek Kaushik, Floral and Set designer.

At the same time, Mr. Garg provided few more creative ways to incorporate flowers on your D-day. Take a look!

As a wedding theme: Usage of flowers as your wedding theme is a unique way to make your guests feel special and to make your wedding more memorable. Numbers of florist are available in the market these days; these florists can help you in providing various kinds of flowers and at a lower cost.

Framed floral: Framed floral was one of the hottest wedding trends in the year 2015 and it is till creating hype. They look beautiful as the background of the stage. This is an inexpensive and a unique way of using flowers in the wedding.

Flower wall: Adding a flower wall to your wedding is a unique and a creative idea. Flower wall looks beautiful and attractive but its charm actually depends on the choice of the flower that guests make. Right selection of flowers can actually make your flower wall the talk of the wedding décor.

Chandelier: Add a chandelier to your wedding. Be it above the stage or above the mandap but decorate it with different flowers. Red roses, Orchids and White Lilies are most common flowers used in Indian weddings.

Swing with flower: A beautiful swing decorated with flowers nearby your stage will add a charm to your wedding. Red or marigold flowers will surely increase the beauty of the swing and will make it an attractive spot where guests can click their pictures.

Cake decorations: We’re seeing a lot of real brides using fresh flowers to decorate their cakes and with good reason – it looks more up to date than traditional sugarpaste decorations and just as beautiful. A few blooms on top can be enough to bring a simple cake to life, or you can decorate each tier for the full effect. Just make sure you discuss your options with your florist! You can also use flowers to decorate your cake table.

Suspended Flowers: Mandap decor too has taken a minimalist route with suspended florals taking over the decor. It’s about the flowers you choose and keep them as simple as possible. You can also use paper lanterns or even tin bulbs along with new-age Thai ferns and flowers to create an out-of-the world experience.

Gajra Curtains: Mogra curtains are slowly coming back and South-Indian weddings are teeming with them – they are all about tradition and yet with the addition of modern flowers are becoming more contemporary.

Dramatic décor: When it comes to decorating your reception space, the sky is the limit! We love to see dramatic floral pieces in plainer venues – a marquee, for example, is the perfect blank canvas to decorate with flowers and natural touches. But just make sure to use a lot of greenery to add bulk without your flower budget going through the roof!

Try These Tried-And-True Wedding Flowers

Picture yourself walking through a glorious garden with every flower at its peak. Which flowers would you pick for your wedding? The commonplace? The colourful? The rarest? Most fragrant? Unscented? Having trouble deciding from the thousands of varieties available? Our experts rounded up few of the favorite wedding blossoms to help you decide.

“Flowers can be classified in imported exotic flowers like Hydrangeas, Heliconias, Oncidium Orchids, Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis Orchids etc. and Indian origin Flowers like Petunia, Zinnia, Roses, Carnations, Oriental Lilies, Stock and Daisies,” suggested Mr. Kaushik.

The flowers selected by you set the mood for your wedding day. Like for different seasons there are different colours of flowers. For fall wedding go for rich, bright and earthy colours like red, burgundy, amber, yellow and rust. For summer go for light and pastel shades like pink, sky blue, citrus tone and for winter go for an evergreen effect, white and sparkling silver. It is good to use seasonal flowers as it sets the mood for the celebration. You can also choose from Lily, Lotus, Indigo, Jasmine, Monsoon Cassia, Dew flower, Gulmohar, Hibiscus among others.

Non-Floral Decorations

Flowers and weddings go together like wine and cheese — you can’t really have one without the other. Or so we always thought. Today we’re seeing a lot more brides forgo the flowers in favour of less expensive candles, reusable banners, and versatile paper lanterns. Here are our favorite floral alternatives that won’t make you miss those stems one bit.

One can use artificial flowers or paper flowers that give bold impressions if used creatively and look stunning. It is an inexpensive solution and will provide the same charm like the real flowers.

You can also opt for ribbons and fabric cuttings for fillers. Even big and beautiful curtains will add the royalty to your wedding. Multi-coloured curtains always look beautiful as the part of your décor especially when the light work is good and bright.

Artistic ornaments, paintings, or some vintage collection can be a unique idea for the wedding décor.
Sola Flower made of bark of the tree, which is reasonable and available in any colour, can also be a good and unique idea for the decoration.

Inputs by Mr. Abhishek Kaushik, Floral and set designer

Among all the other details you have to plan, choosing your wedding flowers is one of the most important and exciting decisions you are going to make. They carry your own personal theme through, from fragrance and colour, to mood and style, and finally to precious memories in your photographs. Your professional florist is a real asset to you on your big day, and you should feel confident when booking with them, that they understand you, your needs, and can help turn your dreams into reality, to create that magic you are looking for. So choose wisely!

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