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On the Dance Floor!

By Sanhati Banerjee

Shaking a leg with your partner on your pre-wedding ceremony might be a dream you have cherished for long. But if you want to put up a stunner or if you are simply looking for a power-puff wedding dance entertainment look no further than a choreographer.

Dance at a wedding

Grooving to the tunes of Salsa or hip-hop jazz or rocking to the beats of Bollywood style desi dance. Or jiving to the tunes of Indo-Western music or putting up a dance-act on your favourite romantic tunes along with your just- married spouse to raise a dancing toast to your love story. Whatever be your dream wedding dance, a professional wedding choreographer can perfectly choose the tunes, dance form and create a medley of dance acts for the two of you as well choreography a family group dance with ease. He can sharpen your gestures, ease out your movements and pump in the right body language and attitude to make it look hotter and better. He can give you the necessary confidence boost and help you shake off your inhibitions so that you can freely express your body. Here a few pointers that you need to keep in mind before choosing your wedding choreographer.

Choosing the Right Dance Form
Wedding dances are meant to be fun affairs. You can choose from a contemporary freestyle dance form where you need to perform with the body without heavy movements or Salsa as it’s beautifully romantic. If you are a newbie to Salsa, make sure you have a fit or toned body as you need to pick up athletic turns and master lifts. If you are the one for full-on masti then look no further than Bollywood or Bhangra-style hip hop. If you are not sure about the dance form, then ask your choreographer to choose one for you. A good choreographer will take in account your body type, level of fitness, proximity with dance, personality and taste of both you and your significant other before choosing a dance from. Also make sure, you choose a choreographer with more than one or two specialisations as he needs to choreograph different acts keeping acts for different occasions and different family members.

Training Well
If you have chosen a dance from that will require much practice and perfection and you need to lose a few kilos or need to work on your fitness for that, a good choreographer will make it a point to discuss that with you and develop that will include some staminabuilding exercises or jogging along with your dance schedule.

Good Communication
A good choreographer needs to be a good communicator and make it a point out your strengths and weaknesses both at an individual and couple level. When it comes to a group dance, he needs to keep in mind that it involves middle-aged and elderly members who are not disco-hoppers or practised dancers. For them, he has to choreograph and act and create steps that will be simple to follow, fun to watch and not strenuous for the body or mind.

Choosing the Right Couple Act
A wedding couple dance has to have elements of intimacy, romance and some drama. Ask your choreographer to share a few ideas on how he would like to visualise the couple dance and check how far he is able to get your couple vibes right. See how creative he is getting with ideas of personalisation and whether he is able to balance the act of play-acting, narration through with songs or a script and choreography well.

Tastes and Themes for Dances
Contemporary choreographers are adept with various themes ranging from the genres of modern fusion, romantic dance styles, semikathak, contemporary freestyle, Bollywoood fusion, lyrical hip hop etc. to suit an eclectic audience. While wedding dances with elaborate costumes and jewellery have always been favoured in Indian weddings, some are also opting for classic, vintage or subtle themes nowadays. A good wedding choreographer needs to be well-versed with all these styles and should be able to coordinate the look well.

Dancing for Pleasure
Last but not the least, choose a choreographer who understands the subtlety of sangeeet and wedding dance well enough to not make you rehearse too hard as if you are co-participants in a dance competition. After all, the only aim here is to enjoy. So, do not wait any more and get down to spot the best choreographer for your wedding dance as you need to start rehearsing months before. Joint practice sessions will be even better.

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