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'Officially' Newly Wed

By Sarabpreet Kaur

A little nervous before getting back to office after marriage? Can’t stop thinking about the right outfit for the first day? Feeling a little awkward to go in with the bridal bangles? Dear new Mrs., do not worry as Plan Your Wedding is right by your side to help you create the perfect professional wardrobe.

Image Courtesy: Rebel with a Closet

So, after the week-long celebrations and the romantic honeymoon, it is finally time to resume your professional duties! It is perfectly natural to feel a little strange at this point. As much as you are eager to get back to a normal routine for yourself, the thought of an office atmosphere, the chance of friendly teasing by the colleagues, etc. might be building up a little panic in you. And if you are fashion-savvy, then you must be contemplating a new look for yourself. Read on to know the must-haves, the do-nots, the perfect accessories, the right makeup, and much more!

Sartorially Smart

Just because you are heading back to your office does not mean you will have to leave behind your gorgeous new-bride charm. Instead, you should create a wardrobe that is multi-functional. The wedding leaves might be over, but it is not necessary that you let any mundaneness take over. As a new bride, it is almost your right to take ample time and effort to dress up. And just in case you don’t know it already, your husband and new family love looking at you all decked up. So, what’s the first thing you should do?,,

“Invest in clothing pieces that offer more wear-ability like a basic solid colored kurta that can be paired with various bottoms like leggings and palazzos in different colours, patterns and designs,” suggests Megha Bhargava, Wedding Stylist, Image Consultant and Founder of Styl.Inc.

This, definitely, is a smart thing to do. The gaudy daj-wari dresses are definitely out of question. So, lucky for you, getting back to office might just mean a completely valid reason to go shopping.

Spot-on Looks

Without much ado, we put forward for you a few simple yet flawless outfit choices, so that you can build up your office wardrobe without any hassle.

First thing first, let’s discuss some western styles for the new Mrs.— “Tunics and shirts are must-haves. You should own amaximum of these preferably in basic, classic styles. You should opt for excellent quality fabric and bright colors,” opines Bhargava. What’s the right bottom wear with them? “They can be easily paired with formal trousers,” answers the stylist. The icing on the cake is, “for family functions, you can wear tunics and shirts with shimmery or embroidered palazzos, salwars, leggings, shararas, and lehengas. Another option is to keep the shirt and the bottom simple and add a statement accessory”.



If you’d rather wear ethnic outfits, then Bhargava suggests “classic suits” as the top pick. She insists that the suits “should neither be too bright nor too dull and should have toned-down craftsmanship”. Fabrics like cotton and rayon make the perfect choice for formal ethnic ensembles. A lot of widely-available Indian brands like Biba and W can be your go-to stores for ethnic formal-wear shopping.

Completely Complementing

With the worry of making the right sartorial choices over, we can now up our fashion ante by picking out the right accessories. Let’s know the expert’s opinion—“Accessories should be minimum and anything you are comfortable with. Make sure you wear no such ornament that can be distracting for the environment,” shares Bhargava.

With ethnics, the galore of pretty jewellery is vast and we tend to go overboard with them sometimes. Bhargava warns strictly against it; she says, “No such accessory which is too noisy and can disrupt peace at the workplace must be chosen”.,,

Accessory Insight

Little trinkets, colourful drapes, structured bags, etc. can make or break a look. Check out how to make all the accessories work in your favour:

  • Accessories like jewellery, stoles, scarves, dupattas, handbags, and footwear play a very important role in changing the look of an outfit from work wear to occasion wear. Hence, invest judiciously in a variety of them for more versatility.
  • How to wear the chooda at work without inviting unnecessary attention? Wearing long sleeved blouses and shirts is one option. Also, you can reduce the number of bangles.
  • Mangalsutra has also found a new avatar in modern times. Jewellery stores are now offering mangalsutras that can be worn as a bangles and bracelets. This could be an option for girls who want to flaunt a new style statement.

Inputs by Megha Bhargava, Wedding Stylist, Image Consultant and Founder of Styl.Inc.

Makeup & Hair

Finishing your look has a lot to do with the kind of work environment you have. For instance, if you have a strictly formal atmosphere, then your appearance must be such that it easily blends with the office culture. On the contrary, if you work in a creative space that provides the employees the liberty to express themselves freely, then you can definitely play around and infuse colourful hues and latest trends in your looks. However, an office is an office, at the end of the day! You must avoid loud makeup and hairstyling.

As per Bhargava, “Makeup does get a thumbs up but it must be light with no bold colors or too much shimmery effect. Hairstyles are completely upto the person’s choice and haircut.”

Fabindia, Rebel with a Closet,

We suggest that you beforehand try out some DIY formal hairstyles and choose a few favourites for yourself. And instead of being lazy and just letting your locks loose or tying them up in hurried bun or ponytail, go for some fun hairdo to see your style sense getting brownie points.

It is important that you ascertain that nowhere in the process of resuming your office, your new-wife glow fades away. We encourage you to create pretty office looks, and see your dear hubby bowing-down in appreciation of your professional avatar.

All the best and many congratulations for the new phase. Here’s a toast to you, the charming modern-age bride!

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