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Not all that glitters is gold!

By Richa

Real or artificial? What’s your pick this wedding season? Read on to know which these contrasting types of jewellery are meant for your d-day!

 Indian weddings are extravagant in every aspect; be it the functions, décor, clothes or jewellery. Brides, especially, are more enthusiastic about clothes and jewellery shopping. This season, however, the trends have taken great leaps in every aspect and that is because, men and women today are more logically aware. So, it is their mind that works over their heart before opting for luxuries and brands.

Fashion changes every season with one thing gaining hype while the other bidding a goodbye to the market. In such unstable market scenarios, artificial jewellery has found a place for itself which is going to stay intact for long. The reason that artificial jewellery has been gaining popularity since its advent is manifold. But the real question is, should we or shouldn’t we opt for it instead of the real piece? And even if we opt for it, what are the things we need to take care of? Our experts have answered it all to guide you with buying artificial jewellery and the benefits in the long run!

The conventional jewellery made of gold, diamonds, silver and platinum are expensive and limited in crafting when it comes to money but artificial jewellery gives you immense freedom to change your thoughts into reality. This is probably the reason why artificial jewellery has coined popular names like funky jewellery, imitation jewellery, bling jewellery, modern jewellery or fashion jewellery. In fact, our history makes it evident that artificial jewellery is not restricted only to modern age; the civilizations have been adorning ornaments since the discovery of crafting. Moreover, the monetary advantages of artificial jewellery over real jewellery have always attracted people to opt for the former. But, is all jewellery created as imitation invaluable? No! The jewellery made using precious stones and gems are valuable and usually cost on the higher end of the artificial jewellery costing.

Why to buy?

Women never get bored buying their favorite piece of jewel; they rather look out for occasions to buy one for them. The trendy jewellery, these days appeal to everyone from middle-aged women to young divas. They find it comfortable to wear due to it’s casual appeal, lightness in wearing, varied designs, artistic cuts, lesser demand for regular polishing, lesser risk of damage and loss and easiness to carry around.

Even the brides nowadays prefer imitation pieces; “Your jewellery is going to definitely cost a lot more than your lehenga and will be an heirloom in the future. With such a heavy investment piece, you shouldn’t have to compromise as artificial jewels are easy on pocket. Just for one day it’s wiser to go for artificial jewels as they are trendier, more designs are available, they are easy to experiment with your looks, and with the rising trend of destination weddings, it’s easier to be tension free with minimizing the risk factor with jewels,” suggests Designers Sanchit Jain and Mohit Malhotra of Brand Kohar. Quite indicative from their statement, the contemporary bride needn’t stick to the conventional jewellery fashion and experiment with the fashionista in her. But this picture is not all that rosy with a few avoidable bumps on the road. The maintenance required is pretty hefty to keep a check on its colour and strength. To this, the designer duo adds, “We don’t see any cons as such apart from maintenance but if products are of good quality, handling gets easier.” It is true that even if you are buying imitation jewellery, you need to make sure that it is of good quality grade because even though it is artificial, the money that you spend should be well spent and reap benefits for longer run. Apart from low quality, what could also go wrong are the making faults. Jewellery Designer Ankit Khullar of Brand Purab Paschim says, “Sometimes there are chances where cuts are not constructed properly. Another thing is lot of pieces can become discolored after wearing many times.” 

Latest Trends

“With globalization of trends, every woman chooses accessories that reflect her personality more than her cultural roots. The statement neckpieces and choker around the collar is very much popular among younger generation as it can be worn on multiple occasions as well,” says Designer Ankit Khullar. Just like the real jewellery, the fashion in artificial jewellery changes too. The metals, the stones and gems go in and out of fashion in these; even the types of jewellery popular in imitation keep on changing. According to Designers Sanchit Jain and Mohit Malhotra, these are the latest jewellery pieces you can grab this season-
Naths – these have always been in trend and get better every changing fashion season.
Passas and Tikkas – the in-trend are big chandelier pieces or the experimental mathapatti.
Braid jewels – these look beautiful and adds regality.
Multi layered strings – these look voguish when bejeweled with big studs.
Rings – huge rings with one or two statement pieces look ravishing.

For the Wedding Day

Gone are the days when bridal jewellery was an affair of ancestral necklace and matching earrings or heavily expensive set. Today, the brides are more fashion conscious and do not shy away from keeping up to it. For them, artificial jewellery is a blessing in disguise as they get to experiment even more. It is quite common to wear junk jewellery post wedding to the office, get togethers and romantic outings. Light jewellery pieces look subtle and elegant on the newly wedded brides but should they opt for imitation jewellery for the wedding? “Yes, definitely one can go for artificial jewelery. Trends are changing so is jewellery for brides for their big day. Artificial jewellery are pocket friendly and can be worn post wedding as well,” says Designer Ankit Khullar.

“There is no point in investing a huge amount in bridal pieces which have to be kept in lockers. Brides should invest in real cocktail pieces having more utility and not block their money in big grand pieces which they can’t wear later. With volatile gold market its better to opt for silver jewels which are not less than any real jewel,” chimes in the designer duo Sanchit Jain and Mohit Malhotra with some practical advice for the brides. It is absolutely true that the brides and her family must think of it from the point of view of finances and the repercussions, in longer period of time, of investing in a hefty amount on jewellery. Jewellery buying decisions must be primarily based on two factors- future cost fluctuations and future use of the jewellery. They have also advised the brides fashion wise, “She can accessorize her bridal look with so many options available like naths, passa, tikka, braid patti, mathapatti, chokers, jhumkas, hathphools, kaleeras, waistbelts, anklets and much more. She has so many options to curate her dream bridal look and can make her special day memorable to cherish even more throughout her life.”

It is that one special day which needs your extra attention and thus, a careful selection of such an important aspect of your glam look on your d-day is a must. All you need to do is, select your lehenga and opt for high quality and trendy imitation necklace to enhance the beauty of your attire. Happy Dressing Up!

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