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New Bride New Bijoux!

By Richa

Now that the wedding is over and you have comfortably settled in your new home, the next step is of course getting back to work. How do you build an appropriate jewellery collection- one that’s interesting, and professional; especially for a newly married bride? Read on to know!

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In today’s contemporary world women are no less, they walk head to head giving a hard-bitten competition. Being a working woman is not a cake walk, you need to be skilled full and all around your wok. A work place not only demand 9 to 5 working hours but, also a woman who dress up for the prestige of an organization. 

Here are some casual yet elegant office wear jewellery for newly married women who reflect bridal sights through their office drapes. Newlyweds demand accessories which are glittery with decent detailing.

Earrings- They are classy and dainty to match any wardrobe. With obvious reasons office wear jewellery need not to be very heavy but they can be stylish for sure! There are many things that are to be kept in mind while shopping for earrings; they should not be very bright and funky. Avoid too much tinkling earrings with lots of detailing like tassels etc, because you’re earring are style creators, never over do or go wrong with them. But definitely to create an aura of fashion and style, gold are perfect to match to any chic quotient. Pure gold studded with gemstones like diamonds, emerald, ruby, sapphire does not only give a posh look but also make a women feel beautiful.

Apart from gold metals like platinum, rose gold, white gold, silver, nickel silver, stainless steel, palladium, copper etc. can also be on your list depending upon the durability and personal requirement. You can experiment with them by choosing ideal shapes or designs that suit your personality or according to the face cut. These days designers have come up with the trend of geometrical shape ideal for every face type such as large earring may look good on round face, ones with oval face can go for any shape and any size, heart shape ones can go for tear drop earring to balance face shape, square shape ones can drop the idea for square shape earring and instead opt for round or oval studs, triangular shape ones can also go for round shot drop earring. These tips can definitely help in achieving feminine look.

Bangles or Bracelets- An Indian bride cherishes wearing a single round ornament the most, and feels incomplete without it. From history till now, bangles or bracelets are considered to be a very close to fashion.  A bracelet is an elegant, versatile and timeless piece of jewellery which symbolises the class and elegance in the most superior manners. Here, are the advices that must be notice while shopping for any bracelet or bangles. As bracelets have their own charm you can experiment with the type of metals like gold, platinum or silver jewelled with decent gemstones, or followed by antique and precise detailing going all over it. Always pick designs that are less flashy and does not have heavy stones or detailing over it. Instead, select the ones that can be worn in office as well as in parties like dinner with friends and relatives. Clinking bracelets or bangles, if anything you’re wearing makes noise when you type or when you’re walking down the hallway, then think twice before buying it for or wearing it at the office.

Rings- One can never complete a look without rings. They are a must have for any women and therefore is a very precious possession for them. Undoubtedly, rings are clearly an ornament to die for, they are an absolute must have. So here we have come up with ideas to guide you for an optimum choice. There are billions of designs our craftsmen have blessed us with, always choose rings that do not make noise and are not clingy. Instead go for sleek and simple designs in metals like silver, gold, white gold rose gold, platinum etc.

Rings jewelled with one tiny stone or a simple band is a smart choice as this can be worn both in office and parties. For girls who like creating a statement to their outfit using rings, they can add colours like blue, green, and maroon in their rings or can go for stones like ruby, diamond, emerald, sapphire or pearl jewelled in their rings. There are many other options like knuckle ring (have less diameter and are worn on the finger tip), mood ring, mourning ring, birthstone ring, posie ring, five metals ring etc. You can select from a wide variety to find your perfect match.

Manglsutra- A woman wearing manglsutra (small gold or diamond pendant with black or golden beads/ thread) defines her marital status. This jewellery symbolises of elegance and grace for women. This popular trend is followed by women since ages but today the style has changed a bit, they prefer compact jewellery. These small pendants are must for new married girls, so never go wrong with them.


Here we have little tips for you to pick one from million designs:

Jewellers have constructed a wide range of pendants and manglsutra, we suggest you to pick small, intricate and compact designs for daily wear instead of loud and heavy designs. Choose erotic metals like gold, silver and platinum which enhance the overall look of your attire. You can also blend the metals to create outstanding designs. Choose precise and unique craftwork over loud and heavy ones. Try not to include large gemstones. Pendants have always been the classiest jewellery so design it that way and make it look elegant on you. Select pieces that not only strengthen your office attire but also beautify your suits and sarees

I believe every woman today is full of strength and optimism. She is modern and full of life and a showstopper herself who believes in making a style statement.  The dazzling diamond jewellery is a truly priceless possession for every lady.

About The Author: Mr. Praveen Goel, CMD, Sunar

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