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New Age Mangalsutra for Trendy Brides

By Richa

We are happy that these days the quintessential mangalsutras are getting more versatile. Our expert ‘Mira by Radhika Jain, Kolkata based Jewellery designer’ spills the beans on how to revamp this mundane little jewellery piece, ladies! Read on!

Mangalsutra, mangal means promising and sutra means thread; the name mangalsutra can be interpreted as ‘promise thread’ or ‘sacred thread.’ Mangalsutra holds a prodigious significance in Hindu weddings. A wedding in Hindu religion carries high value of customs and rituals that are said to be blessing for both bride and groom.  In a wedding, along with other rituals like pheras, tying of mangalsutra is considered as an auspicious moment in a bride’s life, where the groom ties the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck as a promise of staying together always. Mangalsutra designs in gold and diamond are not only the garland of black and golden beads but also, it is a symbol of love and commitment. A married woman wears a mangalsutra until the death of her husband.


During weddings, family members along with the bride and the groom gets selective with their choice of wedding outfits and the ornaments, nowadays they also get meticulous with choice of mangalsutra design. Unlike earlier, where a black and gold beads thread along with a pendant was tied, in current scenario jewelry trends are changing hence women would love to experiment even with the mangalsutra designs as well. Mangalsutra has now become a fashion statement. Women now prefer exclusive designs and are ready to experiment, thanks to the changing trends brought by jewelry designers, soap operas and movies that play an important role in changing the mindset.


Ditching the old yellow, black and gold beads thread, women are now focusing on diamond pendants with customised designs. Incorporation of gold has also reduced as compared to past years. They prefer going for a minimal design but which is of classic one. Mangalsutra has evolved from a traditional and mandatory ornament meant for Hindu married women into a proud fashion statement. Design of the pendant has seen most changes. From simple gold round cup-like designs, it has seen amalgamation of various modern design elements and experimentations with different types of metals as well as precious stones. The new trend is focusing on platinum and rose gold designs, which are considered as elegant style statement. With designs, the length of mangalsutra have witness changes, from those long big necklace, women prefer a shorter length or a choker style length which can be worn for a daily formal as well as informal outings without looking too jazzy.


This wedding season, women who are going to be brides soon, get your hands on the latest mangalsutra trends and designs but before that let us see how to pick the perfect mangalsutra for the wedding.

 How to Choose Perfect Mangalsutra?

Every culture has their different requirements for a mangalsutra. So, before finalising anything, check with the cultural norms. Whichever design you select, it is necessary to inculcate the basic culture thing in it.

Budget: Mangalsutra is not the only thing in wedding; there are things that are going to cost you a lifetime. It is very important to set a budget for things you are going to buy specially in ornaments. Budget will help you and the designer as well to make you a mangalsutra of that range considering all the things you want in it like the design, metal.

Length: Choosing a perfect length is a task. Nowadays brides prefer going for a shorter length, which is of 14’, or 16’ length. They like keeping it short and simple and let the design speak.


Design: The design you want is up to you. You can have a customized design or the ones which jewelry designers can help you out with. Nevertheless, be careful while selecting a design, a design that can be suited for both the worlds – corporate as well daily routine.

Pendant Style: A diamond mangalsutra is a versatile choice and my personal favorite. You can also get creative by combining diamonds with gemstones such as rubies or sapphires. Pick a pendant style that suits your personality and what will make you feel great and confident.

Metal: Gone are the days where gold used to be used, new age brides prefer a combination of platinum o rose gold or both together. Rose gold is another popular metal to consider. I think it is a perfect metal for a mangalsutra as it symbolizes bliss and romance.


What is Trending?

Diamond Mangalsutra:
Since past few years, many brides are engaging themselves in diamond made mangalsutra. It is unique and gives an elegant look. The solid and clean shape becomes the perfect choice for many brides.

Modern Designs Pendant: There’s a whole new range of modern designs from one can pick, right from trendy to classy, elegant to minimal design, geometrical designs to necklace designs, contemporary yet exclusive.

Floral Mangalsutra: The Oriental mangalsutra in rose gold brings out the feminine nature of a woman while still keeping it simple with a nice gold branch and a couple of diamond leaves. This is a very simple mangalsutra design can be worn on special occasions or daily.


Gemstone Mangalsutra: Gemstones add color and personality to the otherwise plain mangalsutras. You can get creative when it comes to gemstone mangalsutras. Pick a gemstone of your choice or your birthstone. Some of my favorite precious stones are ruby (red), sapphire (blue, yellow, and pink), amethyst (purple), and citrine (orange).

Rose Gold Designs: The use of rose gold in mangalsutra will be increasingly more popular as rose stands for deep love and luxury. The fashion industry has a long history with rose gold. It is a timeless metal since it is not as gaudy as shiny yellow gold. This rose gold mangalsutra is extremely stunning with a simple shape that is a reminiscent of the Indian culture. At the same time, it has a modern and elegant look. If you are someone that loves simplicity, this mangalsutra is for you.

Mangalsutra Bracelet:  This is new raging trend among the top-notch people. You can take a hint from Bollywood divas who are spotted wearing one of these kinds.

Don’t know what the black-beaded neckpiece mangalsutra is all about. CLICK HERE to know!

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