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Must Knows of Hair Straightening

By Asra Shaheen

Curls and waves may come and go but straight hair will always be the in-thing to flaunt. Straightening those curls and waves is a good option to try out. But many of us are apprehensive about straightening hair for the fear of damaging its original texture and health. Plan Your Wedding brings you a mini guide on the must-knows of hair straightening and some handy advice from experts in the industry.

Hair straightening is a process of changing the design and texture of your hair to make it look straight. Hair irons are the oldest devices designed to relax curls. By heating a straightener like tongs or an iron and passing hair through or under it, one can create very straight, smooth hair. As the hair is heated, the hydrogen bonds in the hair relax, allowing you to set the hair into a desired style.
Since straightening involves changing the bond structure of your hair, one of the most common problems faced is dryness, causing brittleness more often than not. “Treat your hair with intensive repair conditioner and a sun protection serum to get lovely silky straight tresses,” informs DR Ram Kishore-Pittala, Celebrity Grooming Advisor and Image Consultant. Always wash your hair with lukewarm to cold water and avoid heat to minimize dryness. These days, several companies are making flat irons to minimize heat damage. These irons use ceramic elements and other materials. If the dryness problem is becoming unmanageable, it is better to stop using the straightening method for some time to let your hair recover.
Many chemical straighteners are also available in the market. The chemicals cause the curl to relax without an external heat source. They are applied and left for a specific time before being removed. The hair then relaxes to a straightened look depending on the chemicals used – it could be for a few hours or an extended period. The chemical straighteners come with specialized conditioners that help in keeping the hair healthy.

Semi-permanent hair straightening blow-dry kits can be used to achieve a sleek look. Use lukewarm water after 20 minutes to rinse out the straightening serum. The serum also makes the hair supple. The serum treatment ensures your hair stays sleek and straight.
It is not advisable to attempt hair straightening at home. Many salons offer professional hair straightening services. Hair care experts can take required steps and offer tips for maintaining and styling the new look.

Hair straightening – Things to know & tips
By Dr Ram Kishore-Pittala

Step 1: Strand test - The major step is to check whether the hair is strong enough to get straightened. Then we decide if we should go with mild or strong version of the treatment. If the hair is very porous we recommend a shampoo, intensive repair mask and a serum to maintain and repair the hair and we ask the clients to come back after 20 washes.

Step 2: Use a clarifying shampoo to purify the scalp and hair.

Step 3: We do Ion Retexturising with a professional iron at 220 degrees to get the natural shine and for the best possible straight hair

Step 4: Apply treatment creame leaving one inch from the scalp to the ends. Apply to the complete hair, wait for 20 minutes and do a strand test. If the bonds are broken, wash and dry the hair. No shampoo to be used at this stage.

Step 5: Giving Shape – Take small sections of hair and iron well.

Step 6: Use neutraliser and apply to the ironed hair to fix the shape... leave for about 30 minutes and do a strand test and wash.

Step 7: No shampoo till the next 48 hours, no swimming and gymming. Take care not to tuck hair behind the ears at least for the first 48 hours post treatment

Step 8: Use a professional grade shampoo and conditioner and an SPF serum for regular use.

To maintain straightened hair, you need to do touchups once in six months.

DR Ram Kishore-Pittala is a Celebrity Grooming Advisor and Image Consultant.


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