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Mehndi Trends for New Age Women

By Richa

Presenting some of the gorgeous mehndi designs you can use for your special day, which will not only catch everyone’s attention but will also give you the best mehndi clicks of lifetime.

The myriad of important festivals of India boast of the nation’s rich and varied culture and the sacred sentiments of the people. One such sentiment is women applying mehndi on their hands and feet on many special occasions like wedding, karva chaut or teej. However, with the changing times and as now you can find plethora of skilled Mehndi Artists in Delhi NCR, the art of mehndi has also personified.



From love stories immersed in your mehndi design to half and half designs, we present to you everything that’s gonna be big hit scene this year.

Portraits & Caricatures

Having your fiance’s portrait or your caricature as a couple made on your mehndi-laden hands could be one of the cutest ways to show how much you adore your Bae!


Get Your Swag On!

Do you love your rock music as you love your fiancé? Then  what’s a better way to portray it through your customised mehndi design. Get your dorky swag on and add movies, cartoons or video games in your design.


 ArtCapture Productions

Half and Half Hand Design

Join your hands and complete the story.  You can get a portrait formed on your hands like groom putting sindoor in the bride’s hair or even how your love proposed to you on one knee, this latest trend that is pretty and we love it.


Baby Let Your Colours Burst

Add the shades of different colours, sparkle, alta or stones in your regular designs and let them tell your mehndi tale a little differently.


Your Profound Nature

Whether you love the geometrical shapes or you have a gypsy soul, let your mehndi depict true personality on your special day because don’t forget sweetheart, you are worth it all!


Your Spirit Animal

Who is your spirit animal or bird – dog, cat, dragon, owl, butterfly, unicorn or like me the panda bear? Channel their energy and spread happiness on your hands.


Likh ke mehndi se sajna ka naam…Hatho mein in hatho mein…Jeese padhti hun main subaho shyam

Yeah, you know what I am talking about. Our women have done that since the beginning of time, hide the name and then the groom finds it but apart from that we can give it a little modern twist like using the couple’s initials to make it more lovey-dovey personal.


Wedding Vows in Your Mehndi

You can keep it as simple as just adding your wedding vows or a love quote you like (in Sanskirt or plain old English/Hindi or any language) to your Mehndi design.


Jewellery or Victorian Lace Glove

The jaali pattern is definitely popular again, but it’s the twist to the traditional jaali that’s a latest bridal mehndi design trend you might want to jump on! Go for Victorian Lace Glove or Arabic jaali designs, both look elegant! Or maybe Mehndi designs that are almost replicating the actual pieces of hand jewellery! In designs like these, haathphool jewellery designs are the main source of inspiration.

The World At (On?) Your Feet!

If you are a wanderer and love to travel, then why not add it to your mehndi. Map of a place you love, compass, or the Taj Mahal where he proposed to you…the only limit is your travelling inspiration.


The Wedding Salad

Symbolising the unconventionality and newness in traditional designs, these Henna tattoos have already become a rage, not just in India but also abroad. So many famous mehndi artists in Delhi have mastered the skill of contemporary henna art. All you have to do is just let them know your vision and leave the rest to the pro mehndi artists.

Wondering on how to remove henna from hands quickly and safely? CLICK HERE to know!

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