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Mehendi for Men

By Richa

Henna is for men too! That is a fact. But would you be ok with your groom sporting the full-fledged ‘bridal-like’ mehendi? We’re on the fence on this one, what about you?

The henna tattoo has been around in India since time began. It is usually used by women to decorate their hands and feet during weddings and celebrations. However; nowadays henna designs are becoming more popular not only on women but also on men. While traditionally mehendi was intended for usage by both men and women, over the time it saw its place reserved only on the palms of women. But now the times are changing and so are grooms. As men grow increasingly conscious about the way they look, it becomes a basic need for them to take all measures to look splashy and intriguing. 

I am pretty sure nobody must have missed Ranbir Kapoor’s mehendi laden hands in the latest song from ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ called Channa Mereya. Did he just spark off a new trend for grooms? And it’s not just-a-circle kind of design, it has all your kalis and bootis and everything which usually a bridal mehendi has! Typically there is a custom in Hindu marriages of the groom to have some mehendi put on their palms which is nothing more than a tiny circle in the centre or the bride’s name. But yes, in some Indian cultures men are known to get proper mehendi done on their hands and feet like the bride, but if we’ll look at it on a broader spectrum it’s still not a very common practice.

Nevertheless; we still came across few mehendi designs for men which are trending and the men might fancy one. Take a look!

Centre Circle Pattern: Yes, of course you can go with the classic circle and few tiny dots around it but there are some other designs also that won’t become the center of jokes among your colleagues; in fact, they’ll admire your swag. A circular pattern is drawn in the middle of the palm, and is filled in with delicate lines, dots, geometric shapes and spirals. To make the circular pattern look more embroidered and intricate – small circular patterns can be drawn outside the circle; filling them in the same style as the centre circle, making for some excellent mehendi designs for groom hands.


Keep it Simple: Like the name, the design will be clutter-free, simple, and very classy. They could be an arrangement of petals or a mesh-like decoration. Pattern is often shown to curve on the edge of the hand but rarely moves below to the palm.

Classic Arabic: Arabic mehendi designs for men are usually made on the single side of the hand which could be the palm or the back of the hand. This design has a trait of being made in a single striation rather than having complex inter-locked patterns.

Arabic + Asymmetric: Put a modern twist in the Classic Arabic mehendi with asymmetric patterns and you are ready to roll. Patterns can be designed on a single side of the hand with visible loose ends or it could be two different designs on either hand.

Bracelet Design: The heavy (or if you want it to be light) bracelet design effectively highlights the muscular contours of a male wrist. Mehendi is applied wrist above and can cover a fourth of the forearm. Design can be of interwoven ornate style or have symbols which can resemble an actual bracelet.

Folk Art Inspired: This design is heavily inspired by Indian folk art and rural art forms. Several of these elements form a part of this design. The best part of this design is that it need not be limited to be adorned on hands or forearms and can be easily sported on upper arm as well.

Basic Floral Pattern: This excludes the intricate pattern of branches and sticks to have a basic flower design. A simple flower can be drawn on each hand with some additional elements like symmetrically arranged dots.

The Tattoo Style: Unlike usual mehendi designs that may have conventional ambitions, the tattoo style mehendi design predominantly serves the purpose of resembling a tattoo (permanent or otherwise). Designs could range from a Prison Break map like Michael Scofield *just kidding* to retrograde steam punk decoration, whatever the tattoo bearer could visualise.

And because they are temporary, you can easily change the design depending upon your mood after a while. Who says mehendi is just a girly thing, if done right it can be an art to display masculinity. Head (yes ‘shaved’ head I mean), arms, forearms, wrists, legs etc. etc. – there is no limit to your imagination and henna patterns.

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