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Massage MustKnows

By Sanhati Banerjee

Take a look into the bouquet of body massages springing from a multitude of wellness springs – ayurvedic and oriental to reenergise your body, mind and spirit amidst the stress and hectic lifestyles of today.

Pevonia Spa

Here are a variety of body massages out there, which you can avail depending on the condition of your body – a particular problem area like the back or neck, sports injury, pregnancy aches; taking a rejuvenating massage amidst regular exercise schedule, to relive muscle stiffness, rejuvenate blood circulation and fight against stress. Massages will come handy if you are toning up for your wedding and provide you with the necessary relaxation. Experts say body massages have become a necessity in today’s world with the menaces of sedentary lifestyle, the onset of joint problems and regular back pain setting early on coupled with a variety of stress-related ailments. Therapeutic massages create the balance between the energy flows in our body and restore sagging skin and rejuvenate lacklustre skin. 
It never hurts to pamper yourself a little and oil massages are the best way to do so. An oil massage pacifies the body elements, i.e. kafa, vita and pitha while maintaining the sheen and lustre of the skin. The muscles and joints get massaged, toned and relaxed. The oil with herbs penetrates the skin and the massage helps in removing the toxins which invigorates the body.
The Ancient Spring of Therapy
Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta who runs a medispa at International Skin and Anti-Ageing Centre (ISSAC) says that ayurveda is an ancient science which, although originated thousands of years ago, is still used as a treatment for many problems and ailments and additionally to the nutrition suggestions, Ayurvedic oil massages are recommended for relaxation of body and mind as well as for the stimulation of nerves and muscles. Constant stress and pressure weigh heavy on our minds while long sitting and working hours as well as a permanently wrong posture give strain to our body. Ayurvedic massages and procedures induce muscle relaxation, stress-lifting and pain-relieving experiences.
Jasmin Arethna, co-founder at Pevonia, which owns Crème Salon and Spa gives us an insight into two of their signature therapeutic massages:-
Balinese: It is developed in the Indonesian province of Bali, a combination of dry manual therapy and aromatherapy to relax and loosen fascial restrictions, stimulate the lymphatic system and the flow of blood, and qi (energy).
Hot stone: The therapist uses smooth, heated stones, as an extension of his/her own hands, to massage body. The heat emanating from the stones makes it deeply relaxing for the muscles and helps the therapist to work more deeply.
She also adds that besides the total relaxation achieved in a massage the oils used play an important part. Pevonia has a range of massage oils – ‘recovery’ oil which contains camphor and eucalyptus to heal aching muscles and ‘vitality’ oil with rosemary and grapefruit that will energise you.
Shanty Marhaeni from Aradya Luxury Spa tells us about two most important Ayurvedic massages:-
Abhyangam: Abhyangam the word itself means ‘to massage’. In ayurveda, the abhyangam massage has became popular because of its effective way of conditioning the body. Abhyangam can increase the production of white blood corpuscle and antibodies which helps the defense mechanism in the body and increases immunity towards environmental changes. In this way, abhyangam massage is a protector, preserver and rejuvenator.
Shirodhara: Shirodhara is a unique form of ancient therapy of pouring oil on the forehead from a specific height and for a specific period continuously and rhythmically allowing the oil to run through the scalp and into the hair. This therapy relieves stress that strain related problems, slows the ageing process, improving memory and is known to have a curative effect for paralysis, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypertension and other neurological malfunctions. Thus, shirodhara ultimately strengthens the physical constitution of the individual.

Picture Courtesy: Pevonia Spa

Check Out : Plan Your Wedding presents some of the most sought after spa body massage packages around the town: –
Know the Clinic: ISSAC – International Skin & Anti-Ageing Centre is run by Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta where the medispa – Garden of Eden operates and offer a host of therapeutic, beauty and bridal services
USP: The medispa is run under the supervision of qualified doctors who after studying your body and related medical problems guide on the type of massage and pressure points during therapy.
Description of Pre-Bridal Packages:-
Platinum package: Apart from other
beauty and hair services along with body mass and diet analysis, this package provides Body Rejuvenating Full body Spa (scrub, massage, wrap) 2 sessions; Total package cost Rs.2,22,560, Duration 6-8 weeks
Gold package: Apart from other beauty services, this package provides Ayurvedic Head Massage & Blow Dry; Total Rs.97,360, Duration 6-8 weeks
Silver package: Apart from other beauty services this provides Ayurvedic head massage with blow dry and Full body polish with body wrap and massage; Total Rs.44,480, Duration 6-8 weeks
Where: D-90 B, 100 Feet Road, Chattarpur Enclave, New Delhi; W:; Tel: 9717555053, 9268825390
Vedic Spa Mantra
Know the Spa: The Vedic Spa Mantra is the latest venture by the Baidynath group into the wellness and beauty arena.
USP: You are welcomed by a lavish water body which mellows down the exhausted senses right at the entrance. After an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle and health, the counselor will suggest you the right therapy and treatments suiting your body. The acquaintances accompanying you can laze around and indulge in the wellness books shelved in the spa’s library.
Description of the Packages:-
Shirodhara with Abhyanga Massage: Shirodhara with abhyanga massage is a powerful and unique therapy designed to relieve mental tension and induce a calm state of mind. Combinations of sesame oil and pomegranate extracts have a firming effect on the skin. Kapoor kacheri oil provides a soothing effect with its fragrance. Price Rs.3300, Duration - 60 min
Urut Massage (Balinese Massage): Using indigenous oils with fingers, palms and knuckles manipulate muscles and energy pathways thereby improving blood circulation and eliminating the toxic build up. This intense massage technique is most frequently used for a fatigued body and also to treat specific medical complaints like chronic backaches. Essential oils are a key part of a Balinese massage. These essential oils are usually strongly scented, and serve both to help relax the muscles and soothe the mind. Price- Rs. 800, Duration-60 min
Walnut Scrub with Lavender and Geranium Oils: This scrub is massaged vigorously over the entire body to enhance circulation and exfoliate dull skin, making one feel refreshed and revitalised. It is removed with an aroma oil blend with effleurage strokes followed by a shower which helps to moisturise the body. The oils are used to promote relaxation and to relieve stress. To address a specific complaint, this oil massage may use warm oil with an infusion of lemon grass, cloves, or ginger. Price Rs.3800, Duration- 60 min
Where: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi 24
Levo Spalon
Know the Spa: Levo is a world-class spalon with the finest skin, hair and nail care products under the expert guidance of international hair dressers, stylists and spa therapists.
USP: State-of-the-art hair stations, manicure stations, pedicure thrones, spa treatment rooms including couple massage rooms and the exclusive Vichy shower bed are some of the highlights.
Description of the Package:
Bride/Groom Package – customised as per individual requirement. Everyone is different and special.
Signature Massage: Unblock the channels through which vital energy flows to achieve complete balance. Levo and Natura Bisse has incorporated neuro aroma oils masterfully formulated with the Sensorphine neuropeptide neuropeptide, which releases Beta-endorphins also known as “happy messengers” produce a general sense of well-being since they provide an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regulatory effects on the body, thereby giving a energising feeling. Duration is as per guest comfort.
Where: Levo Spalon, GF Pegasus 1, Behind IBIS Hotel, SLF Golf Course Road
Sector 53 – Gurgaon; Tel: 0124 4222314/6/7
Know the Spa: Aradya in Sanskrit means “prayer, devotion or dedication to achieve a certain goal in life”. This luxury spa strives to provide guests with services and the concomitant ambience to experience “Heaven on Earth”.
USP: Different kinds of spa techniques and healing therapies are brought together under one roof.
The Body Massage Packages:
Sweet Romantic Ritual: Aradya presents a full day journey with a deep sensation of romanticism. This offers: Aradya Foot Ritual, Aromatherapy Steam Bath, Royal Jelly Body Massage, Cocoa Body Scrub, Cocoa Body Mask, Romantic Cocoa Jacuzzi Bath, Aradya Puspa Rukmamaya Facial, Aradya Cuisine, romantic cake & wine during cocoa bath
Price Rs. 27, 000/Couple, Duration: 360 mins
Aradya Queen Ritual: Specially designed to make every woman feel special this offers: Aradya Foot Ritual, Exotica Moringa Steam Bath, Exotica Moringa Body Massage, Exotica Moringa Body Scrub, Exotica Moringa Body Butter, White Glow Facial, French Manicure & Pedicure with Free Hair Spa and Hair Blow
Price: Rs.17,100, Duration: 240 mins
Where: Aradya, The Gallery On MG Mall, MG Road, New Delhi
Crème Spa & Salon
Know the Spa: With a view of the historic Qutub Minar as its backdrop, Crème is a unisex salon and spa well-equipped with modern day beauty essentials. Each of the spa therapists has undergone intensive training by Pevonia and ensures to meet individual needs of each client.
USP: Crème Spa and Salon uses the organic products Pevonia that are very healthy for skin. A perfect place to host ‘sparties’, Crème with its various therapies like and anti-ageing treatments, state-of-the-art facilities and expert therapists puts spring back in your step after a hectic week at work.
The Body Massage Package/s: Apart from Balinese and Hot Stone massages, one may opt for treatments like Aroma Body Message that is a gentle message with organic products for the better circulation of blood and it relieves tension and stress. The messages for 60 minutes are Rs.2700 and for 90 minutes is Rs. 500 only.
Where: First Floor, One style Mile (Above Olive Kitchen & Bar), serai 6-8, Mehrauli; M: 9811144423, Email:

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