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By Nagashree

Let’s admit it! For every woman of any age, happiness resides in exotic jewellery. It is one thing that women never get bored of and they are never tired of trying out something new. Get ready to don the multi-coloured tantalising hues to stand out from the crowd a bit. This season opt for the colourful twist!

Jewellery in general has had a facelift in the past decade. It is no more a piece of precious gold with conservative designs. Conventions have been challenged by independent jewellers and it has undergone a colourful makeover. Diamond, a girl’s best friend, is not the only choice you have today to make a style statement, though it is evergreen. Coloured gemstone jewellery is an excellent way to add a beautiful splash of bright colour to any wardrobe.

The Bride and Colours
Wedding is an occasion where the bride loves to get dolled up, look enticing and charismatic and jewellery forms an integral part in the making of a beautiful bride. If you are going by the trend, colour is the current rage. A dazzling dash of lustrous colour can add vivacity to a bride’s prized possession. Create some timeless classics to be treasured for a lifetime with emeralds and rubies. Adding colour to your ensemble will not only liven up your outfit, but it will uplift your mood as well. You can still have the traditional bridal look, but with a distinctive and personalised flair! “Multi-coloured jewellery is the favourite among brides during the wedding ceremony and rubies and emeralds are the most favoured stones. If we talk about the current scenario, then cabochon cut rubies with white kundan stones are in trend. Different shades of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphire stones can be easily matched with Indian bridal wear” says Vijay Anand, MD, Mahalaxmi Amba Jewellers.
A wedding trend note from Gemfields PLC says how fashionable multi coloured stones are: “Coloured gemstones are a must-have this season, and there cannot be a more fitting or stunning piece of jewellery for a traditional Indian bride that combines both rubies and emeralds.” Together, the two gemstones create a magical blend of rich red and regal green to create a classic symphony that radiates feminine grace. Multi-coloured jewellery is a fantastic way to dress up your overall look without even trying. If you are a glamorous girl at heart, embrace it. Making heads turn has never been so colourful.

Colour Cues
It is time to get enthralled by gorgeous colours! Instead of the plain whites, go for rich plums, deep blues, sultry reds, pinks, yellows, green, fuchsia and other vivid colours like that. Not only are colourful designs fun to wear and fantastic to accessorise with but are much more affordable than their pricier, harder, relatives. “Diamonds never go out of fashion but yes, the brides these days are going more for rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other precious gemstones”, says Alex Anthony, marketing manager at PC Chandra Jewellers. Jayakumar, co-owner of Aura Jewels, Bangalore, feels the same, “Rubies and emeralds are extremely popular”.

The Red and Green of it

A perfect way to weave magic into this special event is by adding a pop of an enchanting emerald hue or a sparkling deep red. Known in many cultures as the king of gems, ruby has been treasured throughout history and coveted by royalty world over. Counted amongst the most desired precious stones, it can shine brilliantly in a necklace and at the same time glow with subtlety in a ring. The colour red itself can add vivacity to any piece of jewellery. And for brides wanting to paint the town red, rubies are perfect.
Green is in vogue with precious emeralds in various cuts and sizes being used to give a twist to the traditional jewellery. Emeralds can absolutely give a twist to the traditional jewellery. They have always found a place of pride in history. The ‘Gemfields PLC’ note tells that ethereal beauty Cleopatra used it in her royal adornments and was known to have a passion for these dazzling rocks. A luminous and sophisticated emerald from can add grace to any jewellery piece, be it a ring, necklace, earring, bracelet or a traditional hathphool. An unpretentious emerald necklace or chandelier earring is all a bride needs to complete her trousseau. “For the wedding ceremony, girls prefer kundan and jadau jewellery which has stones like diamond, rubies, emeralds and sapphires”, says Vijay Anand. Emeralds and rubies on the whole make a sparkling choice for any bride as the tantalizing hues of these gemstones impeccably match the magnificence of a bridal outfit.

How to Choose

Wearing a stunning piece of gemstone jewellery can not only make you look good but can also make you feel great! Jewellery is a very versatile accessory and there are many different types to choose from. Gemstones come in a range of colours and shades so there really is something to suit everyone. “A sapphire necklace, ruby pendant or understated emerald bracelet is the ideal way to bring a subtle and elegant touch to even the most mundane outfit”, says Shruti, a jewellery designer based in Bangalore.
Jewellery is an extension of one’s personality, when choosing gemstone jewellery, there are several factors someone should take into account. Such factors include the amount of money you want to spend as well as your colour and fashion sense. Good quality emeralds, sapphires and rubies are available for all budgets and in many varied styles.
So which hue suits you? Pick a colour and intensity that matches your fashion palette. Most stones occur in a range of shades, but fall in love with a colour, not a gem. It is absolutely essential to choose jewellery that flatters you, by considering the shape of your face, the colour of your hair and your skin tone.
“Indian skin will look great in yellows, oranges and greens. The metal that you should choose is yellow gold or brass”, points Shruti. For cool skin tones, try to go for bright reds, blues and purples with white gold or platinum metal. Pick the best gem for your budget and lifestyle. Also do not buy something that does not flatter you and you do not like it as chances are it will end up in the bottom of your jewellery box never to be seen again!
Choose your jewel colours with ease and confidence and make the most colour-savvy statement on your wedding thereby creating a series of variedly hued memories.

• Make sure the fastenings of the jewellery should be soldered securely, leaving no potential for breakage.
• Check your skin tone against your hair and eye colours so that you can decide what colours suit you and can choose a gemstone accordingly.
• Ensure that the gemstone is properly polished and with perfect symmetry.
• When you buy a costly gemstone, you should always ask for a gemstone certificate.
Inputs are taken from Bangalore-based jewellery designer, Shruti

• Bridal jewellery is meant to complement your wedding wear, not overpower it, so choose accordingly.
• If you want to wear more than one neckpiece, then buy different sizes and styles.
• If you are already through with your clothes, keep the patterns and colours of your outfits in mind while choosing jewellery.
Inputs are taken from Vijay Anand, Managing Director, Mahalaxmi Amba Jewellers

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