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Makeup Tips for Brides & Bridesmaids

By Richa

Dear brides and her maidens, read on some essential makeup tips to feel absolutely gorgeous and confident for your oh-so-stunning wedding photographs.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

We all know that being a bride comes with lot of responsibility but even the bridesmaids share the same force of duty - between planning the shower, ordering the dress on time, and partying it up at the bachelorette, doing your makeup can also fall onto the growing list of wedding duties. Of course, you'll want to look sensational for the countless photos taken during the ceremonies, but going with the theme without taking focus off the bride are key elements to keep in mind. And if we talk about bridal makeup essentials, you need makeup beyond just being waterproof; our favorite long-wear makeup formulas are smudge-proof, tear-proof and smooch-proof. In other words, they won’t budge—guaranteeing you stay photo-ready.

Let's talk about ways to make your maidens feel striking too. First, as same with the brides, we do not want anything too bold or vivid, since it will never photograph well. Leaning on the more natural side is the safest and fine way to assure perfect images. Moreover, you always want your entourage feel like themselves.

Let’s look at some amazing beauty tips for any bride, bridesmaid, or guest:

Consider climate at the time of the wedding. Especially for the brides getting married – hot weather calls for oil free products, while cold weather demands lots of mosturisation to ward off dry skin. And do add oil-free blotting sheets, lip balms etc. to your bridal makeup essentials list accordingly.

Image Courtesy:

Play up your makeup for cameras. Yes! We did say go for your natural side but for the cameras you have to put a little bit of extra than your daily routine makeup, otherwise they’ll blow you out. But that also doesn’t mean go all TV serial vamp on us. It is all about the balance.

Use fake eyelashes (but only if you are comfortable with them). They make your eyes look big, dramatic and captivating. If you are going for a full-on sensuous look, use a full lash strip. But for a more subtle look, use individual lashes.

Do some prep work on your skin as well as lips. Do not forget to exfoliate and mosturise your skin and lips before putting on the makeup. But do consult your bridal makeup artist beforehand, because every skin has different parameters.

If you are thinking about making any drastic change in your appearance, say – changing hair colour, going for skin treatments or permanent makeup treatments, think twice. Do make sure it does not turns into a nightmare, significantly before such a big event. Instead, aim to look like yourself – just perfectly enhanced.

Keep your bridal makeup essentials kit handy. Bridesmaids can take this responsibility and make a combine kit for their bestie bride-to-be and themselves. Throw in your lip colour, face mist, mints, band-aids etc. in the bag and guard it with your life. You’ll thank us later!

Shine on pretty ladies, wedding season is coming! 

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