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Makeup Myths We All Fall For

By Richa Sahni

There are a ton of makeup ‘tips’ out there that ought to be exposed as what they really are: myths! We promise you, it will be a life-changer.

You obviously need to take care of your skin, hair, and nails. Well, you also need to take care of your products and be informed on how to use them properly. You might not think that using an old tube of mascara will do anything, but you’ll probably wake up with an eye infection. It’s time to bust some cosmetic myths:

Makeup harms the skin— Chemicals and ingredients in beauty products are often believed for being potentially harmful to the skin and body. Makeup protects the skin from pollution by forming a thick base on your face for safety and ensuring that you look beautiful every day. Also, few makeup lines such as Oxygenate provide legitimate skincare benefits.

Weddings mean bright makeup, especially in pinks and reds—
Another common myth is to only have pinks or reds with your lehenga or saree. If your outfit is pink or red, you don’t need more of it, rather, you need contrasting tones that give your face its own identity and don’t look like an extension of the lehenga you’re wearing. And if you’re in summer tones of peaches, baby pink or yellow, then allow your face to look summery as well with gentle brush strokes on the cheek, a light foundation to even out the skin and soft eyes with a deep mascara - it looks more youthful and makes you a radiant bride.

You don’t need sunscreen if you foundation with spf protection— Makeup products have come a long way in safeguarding your skin from the sun—many foundations and even moisturizers now offer a good level of SPF protection. But you would need a real Sunscreen if you tend to step out of your home for longer hours to actually stay protected. It is also untrue that you can’t apply desired makeup along with Sunscreen and will always have to make a choice between looking beautiful and staying protected. Not many people know that sunscreen provides a great base for makeup application.

All the expensive brands work better—
No it’s completely false for you to believe that by buying expensive products will be getting those ideal benefits. There are good and bad products in all prices. Many of the active ingredients in anti-aging skincare products are the same no matter where and at what value you have found those in. Quite obviously expensive products are going to work for you as they offer better composition of certain beauty elements but so will some of the much cheaper options. Therefore, one should try on their own for a better view.

You should never apply cream if you have an oily skin — Even oily skin needs hydration, adding oil can actually help the skin to produce less oil in the long run. When a person with oily skin uses a cleanser that removes all of the natural oil, the skin will overcompensate by producing more oil. So adding a little oil with essential antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals will make the reverse happen.

Makeup Products do not have an expiry date— Even if we are aware of the fact, we tend to ignore the expiry date of makeup products and keep on using them. Cosmetics have a shorter shelf life as compared to the herbal products that have a little longer shelf life. All cosmetics once they have exceeded their expiration date should be strictly avoided to avoid exposure to any contamination and infection. We should pay heed to the packing and detailing of the product when buying and should keep in mind that the countdown starts as soon as you open the product.

Red Lipsticks are not for all— It’s a typical myth that only people with certain complexion can carry red lipsticks perfectly. It’s totally wrong as complexion should not act as a deterrent as long as you choose the right shade of red. If you have a darker skin, majority of shades like classic reds, bright oranges, or dark intense plums can look fabulous on you. To maintain the classy look with red lipstick, one important thing is to balance the overall look. Avoid pairing red lips with lots of bronzer or heavy eye makeup. This can make you look laughable and lousy. Choose one that’s the same shade as your natural lip color. If you want more intensity, go over the natural lip liner.

Its okay to not remove makeup before going to bed— Our skin continuously regenerates, moisturizes, and becomes fresher on its own while sleeping and for this it is essential that your skin pores are left unclogged. To avoid your skin to become dehydrated and dull the next day, you must not leave your makeup overnight.

You can avoid washing makeup brushes if you’re the only person who uses them— Your makeup brushes come into contact with a lot of dust present in the air everyday. The delay in washing them thoroughly, the more bacteria will keep on cumulating on them. This can be really dangerous for your skin and will also spoilage your brush before expected.

When it comes to doing the right thing about the makeup, there are tons of so called tips. But, we often get into dilemma whether it’s true or not. The beauty world is much like a laden myth, yet these myths are widespread. In spite of witnessing some unfortunate makeup applications, the truth is, there are a very few universal don’ts when it comes to your beauty routine. To help you feel confident of makeup, we bring to you some facts from fiction. Hope they help!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Ms. Kalpana Sharma, Makeup Artist, The Body Shop



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