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Looking Pretty with Pearls

By Sanhati Banerjee

Those dewy balls of delight can never be away from your wishlist. They beat age, occasion and class – pearls are unique in their versatility and grace. Loved and desired by all, it’s time to get your pearl facts right if you want to strike a romantic yet sophisticated look on your monsoon wedding.


Summer Fresh & Rain Perfect
Pearls actually go very well with the wedding mood that is so sacred and precious. Jewellery set in pearls is apt for a summer wedding for their cool and soothing appeal that will set an undertone to the extravagant bridal look. For a monsoon wedding, nothing like pearls paired with diamonds and emeralds that can actually look more dazzling and romantic than the rain drops in the season.
Pearling In
Pearls are capable of pulling off the elegant look easily and they can set themselves with any skin tone and outfit. For brides-to-be, the classic Akoya pearl as well as the fashion forward freshwater pearl that incorporates light pink or golden hues would be perfect as pearls in pastel colours appear fresh and wonderful. Pearls in silver and gold shades will make the skin look more radiant. In general, pearls with dark or grey hues look enchanting on all skin-types. For that volume of glamour and classiness, one can take into consideration pairing the lustrous white pearls with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. You can keep wearing pearl jewellery long after your wedding and that’s the best part about pearls.
The Cultivated Quality
Natural pearls, formed without human intervention are a result of the mollusk’s natural defence as they secrete protective smooth shell material (nacre) around irritants in order to isolate them within the mollusk’s own shell. However, cultivated pearls are formed much the same way, although the irritant is implanted in the mollusk by man. Under cultivation, the optimal conditions for pearl formation are highly maintained. Since, the conditions for pearl formation are so closely controlled, cultured pearls can be much more beautiful and of superior quality than most natural pearls.
The Fairytale Fix
Given the opulence of Indian weddings, pearl jewellery in combination with gold and diamonds add that extra pretty charm to a bride. The yellow metal seems to be a great match with the lustrous pearls. Diamonds and white pearls are again a matchless combination. They complement each other’s quality in a spectacular way. Again, adding a hint of pearls to the kundan and polki jewellery can simply elevate a traditional piece and add that freshness that the brides yearn for today.
It’s Officially Chic
Pearls of all shapes and colours are a highly, versatile accessory. Their simple, yet elegant appearance make pearls great accessories at the office, at night and even when running daily errands. The classic, round pearl necklace is perfect for evening wear or suit dressing. One can opt for understated, simple pieces to wear to the office. Wearing one strand at a time adds polish and sophistication to the attire. Also pearls create an elegant and womanly look when paired with an evening dress. In that case one can opt for colourful, large and long pieces when wearing a solid-colour dress, or go for small pearls when wearing elaborately embellished attire. Long strands may be doubled with the assistance of jewelled or gold clasps. They may also be twisted alone or with beads of other precious, gems for a striking accent.
Inputs taken from jewellery designer, Preeti Agarwal

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