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Lehenga Hai Mehenga Mera

By Richa

Embarking on the search for the perfect bridal lehenga? First, check our handy tips for wedding dress budget shopping that will tell you how much is just too much for the wedding lehenga.

So, you are finally getting married, is it? That’s great to hear! The preparations must be on full swing. For most future brides, it’s all about the dress. But, what a bride-to-be wants and what they can afford are two very different things. Budgets come into play, especially as the planning for a wedding unfolds. For some, the dress can hold a higher place on the list of spending priorities, and setting a realistic budget for the wedding dress depends on several budgeting factors, like who’s paying for what, for instance.
Frugal brides have lots of resources for finding the wedding dress of their dreams at down-to-earth prices. Aside from seeking out discount bridal shops, you can put the Internet, your family and friends, and your creativity to work. Designer Ritu Seksaria says “The budget varies from person to person, some might go over the board and some might not spend too much. If you connect to the piece and are sure that this is the one for you but is little out your budget you can always ask them to customise a bit and get it done in your budget.”

The Big Wedding Dress Search - equal parts exciting and daunting. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite a long process and isn’t always easy. “Adoration for the wedding lehenga and brides go hand in hand. Every bride wishes to have the most exclusive outfit and jewellery for her wedding day. There are varieties of options in designs and styles available in bridal lehenga these days. But at the same time it is very important to make the correct choice while choosing the outfit. Multi layered skirt with different fabrics in heavy embroideries and broad borders may be too much,” says Mr. Vaibhav Gupta, Sales and Marketing Head, Shakumbhari. And while designer Ambrish Damani suggests that “anything above Rs. 1.5 lakhs is too much for a wedding lehenga, which you might not even wanna look at after the wedding.”

There are many questions that come to a would-be bride’s mind before going on a shopping spree. Like, what should be the colour of the lehenga? What should be its length? What should be the embellishments? What should be the fabric? And most importantly, is it budget-friendly? Gawd, they all seem to be valid questions. But first let us get a grab on the one main question – do you wanna go with a renowned fashion designer or the brand names are just pretentious for you?

Big Names, Exorbitant Prices: Top notch designers in India will obviously command their price. Bridal lehengas from them will never come cheap. An average bridal outfit from renowned labels would come around 2-4 lakhs, depending on the quality of workmanship. Mr. Damani suggests that “The bride should not comprise on the pricing while choosing her lehenga but she shouldn’t also go overboard considering that the wedding lehengas are heavy that most of the time it is just worn once or twice.”

But at the same time The bridal lehenga can transform your day from everyday to wedding day and that’s why it’s so important to get it right. Whatever we may do on other days, our wedding day has to be the day when we look our best. And so, who knows it better than a pro what’s hot in the market.

Lesser known brands: Their names may not be very popular but each city, for instance Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai are known for their own breed of popular designers and shops. Some of them designers work in their home based boutiques and some in proper shops in the fashion commercial hubs of the city.

Though they might not be that well known but they are feasible enough when it comes to customising your bridal lehenga. The average bridal outfit from them falls in the range of Rs 70,000 – 80,000 and can even go up to 2 lakhs. Or if you are in a place like Chandni Chowk then you know what you have to do – BARGAIN – you might get a lehenga that was earlier priced at Rs. 24,000 for Rs. 13,000 (and trust me I can show you my wedding pictures, I was looking stunning *no kidding* and people kept wondering which designer I was wearing).

Are you still confused about which highway to take?

Choosing a designer

Often brides-to-be chose a wedding lehenga that they have read of in bridal magazines. Chances are these might make a dent in their pocket. Remember, a brand name will always be overpriced, because of the name factor attached to it. So, keep discovering little known designers and showrooms. This way you can shop for great lehengas at half the price. And start looking sooner rather than later. It’s never too early to start trying on dresses as it will give you an idea of what you like and what suits you. But at the end if you can’t get your dress in the mainstream shops then, why not, go ahead and be the demanding lady with logic because it’s your special day after all.

“One should buy in smarter ways rather than compromising in price or fabrics while buying a lehenga. There are lots of factors involved such as the place from where you are shopping, customization of outfit, exclusive designer piece and so on which can bring variation in prices. Wedding day is considered to be one of the most important occasions in ones’ life, everything related to it should be special and fascinating and price should not be the parameters. However, it is always necessary to shop smartly and economically keeping in mind the quality and grace of the products,” Opines Mr. Gupta.


Lehengas are always more expensive than bridal anarkali’s so if you are looking for a bridal anarkali, you can probably go slightly cheaper.

Always stick to your budget, because the minute you even start to see the lehengas that cross your budget you are going to find it VERY hard to stay within range.

Be Patient. Shopping for wedding is not the easiest thing, but you WILL find your dream lehenga/outfit and I guarantee you that!!!

Designer Ritu Seksaria spilled the beans on things to keep in mind before you start looking for your lehenga. Read on!

Have a fixed budget: You need to have a particular budget set in your mind, before you start the search. Also you need to be clear with what is your maximum limit. Do not visit to the stores which you already know have stuff above your budget. It will make you have a lehenga which is clearly out of your range.

Cost Cutting: If you have found an outfit which you think is perfect for you, but is a lot more than your budget? Think smartly and tweak it a little to fit it in your range. If the dupatta has butties all over and also have heavy borders on four sides, you can simply get removed one or two borders from it. And by removing one line of border you can save up to 5K. If you are planning for a front drape dupatta you can also cut down from the work on the top part of your lehenga, as anyway it is going to get covered with your dupatta.

Get freebies thrown in: Get freebies thrown into your lehenga . Pay attention to small details that can end up making your lehenga look like a bridal lehenga without costing a bomb. The latkans or hanging pom poms from your skirt for example - get the most beautiful, biggest, embroidered pom poms ever- most shops won’t charge you for it.

Do your homework: You should have a little knowledge about which embroideries will cost cheaper. A gota patti lehenga will be cheaper than a lehenga with marodi or zardosi embroidery and can look equally gorgeous.

Detail therapy: You need to pay attention to minute details and you can make your lehenga look like a bridal lehenga. Get the biggest, beautiful tassels for your lehenga and blouse.

Fabrics: Most of the lehengas cost bomb because of the amount of the heavy embroidery. You should choose richer fabrics like Banarasi silk, or brocades with self-gold weaving. Banarasi is a beautiful option, since it has a lovely sheen to it and is woven with beautiful colors. Also these fabrics have a timeless beauty so it can never go out of style.

While Mr. Damani shared few pointers to keep in mind before starting the grueling task of finding that perfect lehenga:

The wedding lehengas are the most important thing that the would-be brides shop for before the wedding. Every bride wants her lehenga to be extra special and also a reason for others to be envious about. It is very important to buy that ideal lehenga which has the perfect blend of design, embellishment and colour combination. It is best to know your body type before buying the lehenga so that you can choose the perfect one for looking stunning on your wedding day. Lehenga should be only that much heavy which can be used later on.

Embroidery work done on the lehenga should be evergreen kinds and not too much into the latest trends.
Colours used should again be very neutral than being off-beat combinations. Budgeting of the lehenga is very important point before starting to look for lehengas.

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