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Latest Choker Trends!

By Palak Bhalla

Long necklaces are always in fashion but it is the choker gaining the momentum these days. Lets’ see if choker jewellery is your cup of tea or not? Read on!

Jewellery has been a part of every woman’s life since centuries and no type has been left untouched. From rings to earrings and anklets to necklaces, every piece of jewellery has been adorned by women from all ages and of all ages. Neck pieces find a special place in the whole bijoux and these never go out of fashion. The most luxurious neck pieces, belonging to the royalty, are antique and have admirers across the globe. Choker trend started with a thin choker but interestingly the trend changed to broad Chokers when Queen Alexandra of Denmark wore the first one to hide a scar. That time may have passed but the trend stuck and is enjoyed by the women in the following eras. Wedding season is blooming and jewellery shopping is gaining momentum but is choker right option for you? Are you aware of the latest trends revolving around choker? No? Don’t you worry! Here is a complete guide on what chokers have in store for you. Take a look!

What’s New?
“A big trend of the times gone by, the choker has come to the forefront of fashion in a big way, spotted everywhere. Be it a young college going girl or a bride to-be, chokers are making a lasting impression and show no signs of slowing down. Depending on your outfit, this necklace style can either be a delicate add-on or an edgy statement piece,” says our expert, Mr. Kapil Hetamsaria, CEO and Co-founder of In fact, anybody can adorn a choker if it suits their face and structure, and age for sure, is no bar. You can always tune up and down as per your need as the elegance of a choker is never out of fashion for anyone. Mr. Hetamsaria adds, “For a casual look, wear a contemporary style satin or lace choker with a dangling pearl or a crystal. You can also wear a minimalistic looking chain linked choker to add a subtle bling to your outfit. For an evening party look, one can add to their glamour quotient by wearing chokers embellised with crystals, pearls or coloured stones.”

As a casual wear, chokers are a great choice but when it comes to brides, they change the entire look all together. The long necklaces rarely manage to steal the show but a choker beams seamlessly on a bride’s neck and doesn’t blend with the choli or dupatta to create a clump. “For the modern bride to be, kundan and polki chokers are the hottest trend as it gives a clean, simple and elegant look. And the best part is that you can wear this jewellery even with western outfits to create a fusion look,” chimes in Mr. Kapil Hetamsaria. Apart from pearls and kundans, other stones like ruby and sapphire can also be used as tassels to enhance the look. To this, Mrs. Manju Kothari, Creative Director at Entice suggests, “One can also opt for diamond chokers with hanging diamond drops or tassels for a fuller look,” and with this she also warns, “Thin chokers can be paired with heavy earrings but heavy chokers should not be paired with heavy earrings as too much attention around your neck could make your neck look short.” So, if you are a petite bride with a short neck then the size of the choker is a must to be pondered over.

When it comes to western wear
Both our experts are of the opinion that chokers blend well with western wear too. So, if you are a bride who wants to ease out her appearance by adorning western or indo western attires, then don’t think much before going for that choker set in your jewellery box. “A choker looks great when worn with western dress styles like slip dresses, bandeau tops, off shoulder tops and long gowns. To add a hint of style to your laid back look, one can adorn a casual choker with a simple round neck t-shirt as well. Nothing beats the black choker style. A plain black band or a lacy one, it will look uber cool,” says Mr. Kapil Hetamsaria. But there are brides who like to maintain the jewellery look in the conventional ways in spite of adorning a western trousseau and for them, rocks and stones work pretty well. “For western dresses, one can opt for all diamond chokers or the ones that have pastel gemstones studded in them like morganites, rose quartz, amethysts etc.,” says Mrs. Manju Kothari.

What you must know

Deciding to wear a choker and pulling off one are two entirely different things. It is vital to keep the stats in mind and then getting the perfect piece designed for yourself. A wrong selection can really ruin the look and the day for you and as a bride you should not land up in a worry zone. “As chokers sit high up on the neck, they should be flexible enough to take the shape of the neck as well as not hurt or poke the wearer on the neck,” opines Mrs. Manju Kothari. She also suggests, “Women with heavy necks or double chin should generally avoid chokers. Playing by style tips, statement necklaces like chokers catch a lot of attention and highlight your neck and face. But if you feel that your neck and chin are a bit heavy then rather not highlight them by wearing one.” What can be the right measure to know which choker size is good for you? Mr. Kapil Hetamsaria has answered it for us and given the easiest to follow tip, “It’s important to measure your neck before investing in a choker, since they are meant to give a hugging fit. Add two inches to your neck measurement and that will be a good choker length for you.”

Moving on from the neck to the neck line, selection of chokers is also influenced by what the bride chooses to wear. The neckline of her choli must be in line with the choker set to augment the bride’s appearance instead of spoiling her aura. “The neck of the wedding dress is also very important when wearing a choker. One should wear a small round neck or a boat shaped neckline with a choker. If you have a deep neckline of the wedding dress, then opt for a bigger choker that starts high up on the neck and gently flows down to cover the skin area,” says Mrs. Manju Kothari.

With such elaborate information on chokers and whether they are worthy enough create a bing in your bijoux, you are good to go with your perfect piece and rule your wedding like a princess. Happy Jewellery Shopping!

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