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Lac Bangles Adorn the Brides Wrist With Blessings of God

By Visweswar Reddy

Inlaid with numerous dazzling stones and pearls, lac bangles signify the marital status of a woman. The ravishing designs of ornate lac exude immense elegance and finery. Lac is a divine substance and has lots of mythological significance. It is formed by melting the granules of the sticky secretion, which oozes out from the nodes of the pipal tree.

Lac bangles

The legend goes, during the wedding of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati, Shiva collected some granules of lac and moulded them in beautiful  bangles and gifted them to Parvati as signs of his remembrance which she would cherish as a reminiscence of their divine matrimony. Since then it has become a ritual to adorn a bride’s hand with bangles of lac as a sign of good wishes for her happy married life. In this contemporary era, lac bangles are not just confined to Hindu brides rather loved across the world appealing to a diverse audience. Since lac is a natural
product, it lends soothing effect to the user’s body and soul.

The fame that R.K. Bangles has attained in this field remains unmatched. With their sophisticated designs and spruce finishing, R. K. Bangles offers the most sought after range of lac bangles, beaded bangles, lac jewellery, suhag chuda, bracelets, bindis and many fancy items. Established and flourising since the last two decades, they manufacture quality products which are durable, unbreakable, water resistant and stain resistant. Their designs are infused with different colours, crushed diamonds, polished pearls and other precious and semi-precious stones.

R. K. Bangles are the leaders and specialists of bridal bangle patterns like bangdi, gokhroo and pachhely which are created with the blend of gold and lac. “Our ultimate quality, incredible carvings and reasonable pricing drag down the customers from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Indore etc. to our outlet at Saraogi Mansion in Jaipur. ” says Mr. Vijay Kumar, the owner. The appealing bangles of R.K. Bangles have various ethnic patterns which are gracefully adapting the modern trends. This ornament is today a versatile fashion accesory.

22, Saraogi Mansion,
M.I. Road, Jaipur, Ph: 0141-2569683

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