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Jump-Start Your Pre Bridal Hair Care Routine

By Richa

We talk at length about your hairstyle routine on the morning of your wedding. However, what about your hair care regime in the months leading up to your wedding?

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Crafting a bridal calendar is one of the most important steps any bride-to-be must do: not only can it help to calm nerves, but it ensures that the finer details are never overlooked. All too often, in between attending dress fittings and endless wedding vendor meetings, hair care might understandably slip down the priority list. However, incorporating just a few small changes, with consulting your bridal makeup artist and hairstylist, to your usual beauty routine could make all the difference. No matter whether you are planning to have your hair styled up, down or framed with a dupatta, do not let anything stop you having glossy, picture-perfect locks on your special day.

By following a few simple rules, you can tailor your own personalised hair care routine so that come the wedding day, there are no nasty surprises.

Mr. Rupesh Palikar, National Hair Trainer at Elle Salon At Home says, “Wedding Day is one of the most important days in a woman’s life. Every bride dreams of her wedding look to be flawless and at the same time comfortable. When it comes to hair, there is a wide variety of options in styles and products that one tends to get overwhelmed and confused. There are questions that arise when brides worry about deciding their wedding look. However, the key to perfect looking hair is giving them enough nutrition. Your hair is hungry—for the right foods!”


“Kick start your routine by eating nutrient-rich foods that are scientifically proven to help the hair and avoid those that only do harm. You can influence your hair’s thickness, its growth or shedding. Further, if one wishes to get a haircut for the wedding, it is best to get a haircut at least a few weeks before your wedding, especially if one has split ends. Avoiding extensive use of blow dryers, straightening irons and strong styling products prevents the hair from drying out,” he further added.

The Three Ss – Shine, Strength, Sultry

When it comes to wedding hair goals, all we desire is - shine for days, controlled volume, and a well defined shape that are all a part of showing off healthy, beautifully styled hair. Achieving this for many women is far from simple, but fear not, whether you have a short bob, long flyaway curls or poker-straight tresses, there is a plan of action just for you.

Curly Hair: The solution to managing curly hair can be summed up in one word: moisture. Women with curls are far more likely to suffer on account of dried-out ends than anything else. The answer is simple: from about six months prior to your planned wedding date, try to ensure you use an enriching formula on your hair at least once a week. If you are keeping your curls for your D-day, we recommend a dry cut the day before to make sure there are no unruly strands.


Straight Hair: Women with straight hair often nag about their hair being limp and lacking volume. Amp up the volume by opting for a suitable cut and using the right products. Layers help to provide a natural bounce to straight hair, adding movement to otherwise flat sides. Straight hair is also more prone to becoming greasy quickly, beat this by using a mild shampoo more frequently, or a dry shampoo on the roots in the mornings. If on the big day you are planning to have an up-do, try not to over-condition the hair, as it will be more manageable if it has a little texture.

Wavy Hair: They offer you the texture and body you want, but it, unfortunately, brings every woman’s worst nightmare along with it: frizz. Manage the flyaways with a little bit of Argan oil or a leave-in conditioner, applied to the middle of the strands through to the ends. When choosing your wedding day style, try to work with your hair’s natural texture as over-processing may leave it prone to drying out by the end of the day. Working with loose, controlled curls also leaves you free to remodel if you want to change the style for the reception.

 “Deep conditioning Hair Spa treatment is designed to strengthen the hair follicles, nourish the roots and revitalise the scalp. Pamper yourself with one and relax! For dry and damaged hair, you can opt for a repairing cream bath. A Nourishing Cream Bath will help if your hair is dry, frizzy or curly. Next, it is essentially important to stay hydrated at all times. Drink enough water to keep your body toxin-free and remember to not take stress,” suggests Mr. Palikar.

Professional Hair Treatments to Consider Before Wedding

Mr. Palikar opines, “Most of the times, brides like to take hair treatments before their wedding. The idea is to make them look beautiful and healthy for their D-Day! While, some may go for bold colouring, some prefer taking up several treatments, hair spas and more to make their hair shine, voluminous and nourished. Decide on some premium hair treatments like keratin, shine bond therapy, protein treatment, scalp treatments, hair botox, relaxing spas, Moroccan oil hair spa rituals, cysteine hair treatment and many more.”


Elle Salon at home

“A hair spa is not just about pampering but also about providing nutrients to the hair and maintaining healthy growth. The four essentials involved in the process are - Shampoo, conditioning, hair mask and massage. Moroccan Oil products are antioxidant infused nutrient rich that provide unmatched and dramatic results. L’Oreal hair spa makes your hair look luscious, smooth and manageable. A hair spa is recommended if you are looking at cutting down the frizz,” he concluded.

Now that you know simple steps to a perfect hair for wedding bride, let us know if you will give it a try.  Look dazzling on your wedding day and have a great married life ahead! Best of luck!

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