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Jewels dont lie

By Sanhati Banerjee

A piece of beautiful jewellery will always speak to you in an expressive language of love. Here’s what the autumn-winter Jewellery box is holding up to you.

Trend book reports and designer bites on the season’s fab jewels are not new. A consistent reader of a bridal glossy will be able to tell her pearls apart from her emeralds. Yet, as the season completes a full cycle and new designs splash the dreamily lit showrooms, the heart skips a bit. The dazzle, the shine, the femininity – though not being witnessed for the first time come in new avatars to impress upon your senses as you stand transfixed gazing upon those immaculately designed pieces of sensuousness. So, when your girlfriends asks you out for a casual lunch and some jewellery shopping, you know you are up for some real deal. The real deal of retail excitement served hot and fresh!

When it comes to the bride-to-be, let the world be on one side and jewellery on the other. You know you would want to let go of your stronger side for once; your otherwise reasoned or independent bent of mind for the sake of that larger rock on your finger or that bolder line of gold on your neckline. And nothing can stop you from wanting to know, research, understand, see, feel, weigh and match the jewellery pieces that you want to buy for your wedding. Here are a few hands-down ideas that will help you make better and smarter choices and also update you on the jewel talk of the town. town!

Value for Life
As the wedding season catches on, there’s some serious shopping to be done. Before you make any hasty decision it’s better to assess your priorities. Most would be- brides of today are doing away with one-time wear pieces that are good only for the wedding function or a pre-wedding ceremony even if budget is not a constraint with them. The thing is about making a choice. Since work has become more multi-tasking oriented, it has also changed our approach to life and lifestyle.

Hence, you will find modern brides-to-be opting for multi-purpose jewellery that they can customise and use and yes re-use, instead of use and store. As adornologist Varuna D Jani says “Today’s new-age bride is modern so she should go for versatile jewellery pieces that have the flair for adaptability. Modular jewellery with the option of interchangeable stones or a neckpiece with multiple enhancers is the way to go for the modern day bride. Our Vow collection does exactly that. Each Vow ornament comes with a base and multiple enhancers. Each multi-functional enhancer brings out a new facet of today’s woman; varying combinations construct a new piece and add that perfect touch of glamour to every outfit. One can choose from a series of elements which fit perfectly together and can be combined to create the desired piece of jewellery.” A bride-tobe should always keep her personality in mind, if she is classic by style she should use less colour in her jewellery and if she is a trendsetter who does not shy away from trying new trends, she should definitely try for an opulent but one statement piece. This brings us to the question of classics, which so to say are actually the answers to all your jewellery dilemma. They can be worn down the ages, on endless number of occasions, can be re-designed, refurbished or restored and adapted to look like a contemporary piece. Gold, jadau and kundan-meenakari jewellery are the safest indulgences for a bride, and if you have them already passed on to you as heirloom, it’s even better. As Suvankar Sen, executive director, Senco Gold says “When it comes to trends in jewellery, the changes are less fickle than haute couture or street style, where what’s ‘in’ today could very well be ‘out’ tomorrow. There has been a gradual change in jewellery trends and the focus seems to be shifting towards stronger jewellery pieces that can hold their own, without any ‘supporting’ accessories. Nothing matches the ethnicity and serenity of traditional jewellery like kundan, jadau and meenakari. Jewellery in gold or diamond is also something that complements the attires of all shades and types.” As the bridal season lookforwards he presents his list: Go heavy on your neckline with resplendent, long gold necklace studded with glittering rubies and emeralds. Hooped waistbands with ostentatious gems, red bangles coupled with heavy gold ones and heavy earrings along with chains are “in” this wedding season.

In many Indian marriages there is a custom of wearing the traditional maharani haar which has been worn by generations; “one option is to get the jewellery redesigned” says Mira Gulati, owner and head designer, Mirari. Another classic item that can never go wrong is a choker. “For Indian brides, with a penchant for the royal ornate look, chokers are an absolute necessity. With a variety of options available today, chokers have continued to remain in fashion. Even better is that they can be paired with a traditional as well as a contemporary attire.” says Alpana Gujral.

Dazzling Weddings
For striking gold with the contemporary look one needs to be cautious to not let the jewellery kill the look. Stacking is a big no-no. Instead, go for a statement motif, statement size or smart combinations. From letting themes of ceremonies decide the jewellery looks to letting it fall in sync with your costumes, you can do a lot. It is always advisable to first choose the jewellery and themes and then the outfits and never let the colours of your outfit and jewellery clash. Vintage rings can lend a wow factor to engagement ceremonies. For a sangeet ceremony, floral can bring out the fairytale girly theme and coloured stones can bring out the vibrancy. Chandelier earrings can also look fetching for the sangeet while traditional meenakari jewellwery can brighten up your mehendi look. Traditional jadau jewellery can best suit a wedding and for a classic reception look, nothing can beat sleek diamond sets. Varda Goenka, owner and designer, Diagold says “Whether you are a Punjabi or a Bengali bride, a nath (nose ring) is a must have for all the brides this season. Spotted in the last fashion weeks and made famous on the red carpet by Vidya Balan and Sonam Kapoor, designers all over have incorporated naths in their collections. From a large gold circle to the heavy kundan naths, there is a large variety to choose from.

” Diamond in intense colours like yellow and pink are ‘in’ this season “but make it a point not to include all the colours of the rainbow in one”, warns Mira Gulati while saying that “rubies and emeralds are the forever stylish pieces.
” In the times when affordability meets adaptability and choice meets versatility what-to-wear and what-not-to-wear are ideas that are continually changing. With the white wedding becoming fashionable “brides-to-be opt for both Western and Indian designer jewellery and sometimes a combination of both.” says Renu Oberoi, jewellery designer for Mahesh Notandasss Fine Jewellery. On a final note she adds that “one can choose a theme for each ceremony like diamonds for engagement, pearls for sangeet, and a blend of diamonds, and other precious stones with gold for the D-day.”
So, even though jewellery shopping for your wedding can be a serious affair, the delights are sure to bring in all the lightness to your mind and the blushing smile to your face.

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