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Jewellery that’s meant to inspire 2017

By Richa

Adorning jewellery is a great way to update any wardrobe. And a number of both fresh - and timeless - jewellery trends are emerging on the market to help you do just that. So, take your pick and accessorise!

Since the beginning of the journey, the charm of jewellery and the beauty of Indian women by adorning it never separated. It is rare to find any woman in India who may not have ever loved to decorate herself with jewellery. While it is easier to choose an outfit, teaming it with the right accessories can be a task at times. To help you accentuate your look, we give you scoop on what’s new this year. Read on to know more!
Weddings are all about prettified ladies…

The Bajuband or Armlet Plays On!— Bajuband jewellery has stood the test of time and travelled across the many centuries of India’s much celebrated past to become an important part of the Indian brides wedding jewellery. This delicate adornment for the upper arm is considered to be an auspicious addition to bride’s trousseau. Chic and exquisite these armlet designs for women are available in gold, silver, kundan, white gold and oxidized silver. They accentuate the upper arm and are an ideal accessory to brighten up one’s look and leave a lasting impression on the minds of envious onlookers. The use of bajubands is not restricted to weddings and brides these days. Bajubands have now become a very important part of the fashion conscious woman’s accessories. They are available in highly stylized forms and shapes making this otherwise traditional ornament that can instantly turn a mundane looking outfit into a symbol of style and chic.

Super-Chic Palm Cuffs— Call it what you want — hand bracelet, handlet, palm cuff, hand band — this accessory is the missing statement piece your outfit needs. Palm Cuff Bracelet is an awesome accessory after midi rings that go many a mile to make your hands and fingers look a statement in itself. If you have a knack of putting on a trendsetting style, the edgy and elegant palm cuffs could well be a bold breakthrough for you. Whenever you have to go for the night dos, you can stack up palm bracelets or wear it in an entwined stone-encrusted piece. For everyday use, you can choose to wear a simple slim band. You can also pair your hand palm cuff bracelet with midi rings. This twin effect will make your hands sparkling than ever before and make the heads turn.

Borla Mathapatti— Not all matha pattis are made alike – some come with the traditional borla and they simply attain cult status in a jiffy! Adorn your forehead with a trendy borla mathapatti. Borla is the traditional jewellery of Rajasthani women it is a small spherical shape adornment usually crafted with pearls, stones, rubies, crystals, etc. The modern borla mathatpatti is a combination of this spherical accessory and the North Indian layered mathapatti. This combination gives it an edgy look.

Stack up the rings— The new younger generation of jewellery designers believes that just one or two rings are not enough to get captivating hands. The more number of rings they wear, more affable your hands will be. So if you too are one of those who consider such proposal, then you should wear numerous rings as it is going to be 2017’s biggest jewelry style. Rings may be large or small but not approximately of same size, you can craft the likable combinations of shiny colored stone ring or even other sort of rings you are fond of to increase the loveliness of hands.

There’s really no wrong way to stack your rings. Sticking to a particular metal or motif is one way to do it, but mixing stones, metals, and jewelry styles with reckless abandon can look just as cool. Your look will feel more balanced and be more comfortable if you wear your smaller rings on top and your heavier statement rings on the bottom, but beyond that it’s really just a matter of personal taste.

Shoe Jewellery: It’s called ‘shoellery’ and it’s ingenious!— A little bling never hurt anyone – that’s the motto we live by at WMG. Well, change that to a lot of bling. And when that bling extends to footwear, especially bridal footwear we are jumping with joy. Either your shoe comes with bling on its own or you recreate the bling you want. Either ways figure out the extent of which you want the stone work. Do you want it in the front or the back? Don’t just limit your designs to swarovski crystals or just stones – shoes do already come with those additions. But make them Indian by adding polkis, kundans, and glass jewellery to make it customised, and more ethnic. There’s an array of accessories from fluffy pompoms to feathers and pearls that can be attached to shoes to the back, to the front or even add them like a bracelet around your ankles instead of straps, so that you can transform them, Cinderella style, into head-turning heels.

Body Chains— Necklace body chain, Belly chain, Shoulder chain, Arm chain, Thigh chain, Foot chain, or Back chain – which one ever you choose, when done right, will add just the right touch of drama to any evening look. From delicate chains to statement pieces, this is the accessory to try this season to spruce up a little cocktail dress. The key is to pay attention to the fit of your clothing and make sure that the silhouette complements the style of your body chain. In other words, while we often let our clothes dictate our accessories, when it comes to body chains the opposite should be true. Choose something simple underneath, like the slip dresses worn with delicate body chains, and let your jewelry take center stage. Whether you choose a show-stopping multi-strand version or a fine, intricate design, body chains instantly up the enticement factor of any look; an ingeniously cool approach to party dressing this season.

What’s More…

The fashion changes every other day and the wedding industry is no exception. So if you are a millennial bride who loves to keep up–to–date with the changing trends of the fashion world then we hope this article helped you to expand your trinket treasure, because this is about the latest changes in the wedding jewellery choices.

The brides are going back to their roots, i.e., more brides now love the traditional jewellery. Most of them also like to add a modern twist to their traditional jewellery choices. As a result, the traditional motifs have made their entry into modern designs. You could now bring the temple jewellery motifs into polki jewellery. Cocktail rings are also a big hit among today’s bride. Select a couple of cocktail rings along with simple bangles to look like a modern and classy bride. To create high fashion moment at your wedding, wear jewellery in contrasting colours to your reception outfit, it will add a pop to your ensemble.

The conundrum of what to wear isn’t confined to the dress. Consider these top trending items of jewellery also for head-to-toe fabulousness— statement necklaces, leather chokers, Victorian jewellery, and feminine images with inserts of lace, frills, ruffles, ribbons, and sophisticated necklace collars. As well as the fringe and fur are the height of fashion for 2017.

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