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Jazz up Your Eyes on the Dday

By Asra Shaheen

As they say, eyes are the window to your soul. And talking of an Indian bride, well, she does most of the talking through her eyes! From batting her eyelids in delight and widening her gaze to express camaraderie when sharing a smile with good old friends; from looking seductively into the camera to those stealing glances reserved for the groom, well her eyes do talk and how! So here’s how a bride-to-be can add a distinct glitter to her eyes on her D-day.

Base for eye shadow
Most brides prefer wearing eye shadow. And for the eye shadow to work, you need to have a good base. You would want the makeup to stay throughout the event and not smudge all over the place. Ensure that the colour of the base is close to your own skin tone. If you are doing the makeup on your own, apply the base gently with your ring finger, middle finger, or eye shadow brush all over your eyelid, in the crease and all the way up to your brow bone.

What’s your Colour?
The colour you choose for eye makeup will depend on the colour of your eyes, skin tone, colour of your dress, jewellery, time of the day and ambience of the wedding. While the colour range can vary from bright blue to yellow, some brides prefer to keep it natural/neutral regardless of the need to colour coordinate.

Shimmer is in, matte is out
Sheen and shimmer is very much in. So jazz up your eyes with a dash of glimmer-n-shimmer! You could choose light or low-level sheen/shimmer. However, using a matte colour in the crease helps add dimension to your look and depth to your eye area. For the best effect, apply a darker color of eye shadow at the crease. On the brow, go light and brush it on.

Tearproof Eyeliner and Mascara
If you desire a natural look, go for a brown liner instead of black. That would give a subtler and less bold look. Black works wonders for an outstanding effect. No matter what colour you choose, ensure you use a tearproof eyeliner. The same holds true for mascara. A smudgeproof mascara is a must for bridal eye makeup. Another tip to minimise smudging is to avoid applying mascara to bottom eye lashes because tears flow downwards and the bride may end up messing her makeup!

Shape up the Brows
Get the brows in shape, preferably at the salon you’ve been visiting regularly so your beautician knows how to shape them up. If your brows are sparse, fill the spaces with a powder eye shadow. Use an angled brush. If you prefer eye pencil, you gotta make sure your brows don’t look harsh!

Don’t blindly ape the smoky eyed bride you caught a glimpse of while flipping through the pages of a magazine. It’s all about what works best on you. 

Photo Courtesy: Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog 

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