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Jaipur An Ode to Jewelled Perfections

By Visweswar Reddy

Step into the breathtaking joyride of jewellery exploration through the cultured design houses boasting of a fascinating tradition, craftsmanship and art in the Pink City.

Kalajee Jewellery

A piece of jewellery witnesses memorable moments of happiness, euphoria and nostalgia. It is timeless and transcendental. A greater part of the soul of the Big Fat Indian wedding lies in its share of bridal jewellery. The new-age bridal jewellery pays tribute to contemporary womanhood and seamlessly integrates traditional charm.
The Gem of All Trades
Jaipur, also known as ‘The Gem City’ houses a great legacy of jewellery making. With antique jewels from the coffers of Maharajas to the contemporary designs studded with precious gemstones, the city has it all. It is a hub of rare establishments involved in every field of jewellery manufacturing. That is the reason why Hollywood and Bollywood stars, international designers and celebrities and royalties from all over the world form the prestigious line up of patrons of this eternal city.
Schools of Art
The jewellers of Jaipur offer much more than diverse and distinct varieties of jewellery. They are also skilled enough to coordinate and customise the theme, design and colour of the jewellery chosen to that of the bridal attire. Whether it is the grand old lady of bridal jewellery — gold or a ‘woman’s best friend’— sparkling diamonds in subtle solitaires or jadau jewellery — this is the bridal jewellery hub. Moreover, Jaipur is globally acclaimed for the unique art of kundan jewellery which is created in the purest form of gold and meenakari jewellery in which precious stones are set and then enameled with gold. In meenakari, the enamel dust poured on delicate designs are heated to melt the colour in etches and then polished to determine the play of colours on the single metal piece. The city has also inherited a form of Victorian jewellery seeped in a deep Russian heritage. One more unique art of jewellery making, thewa was discovered in Rajasthan that depicts the tales of romance and valour of this princely state. Thewa jewellery is a traditional art of fusing 23K gold with multi-coloured glass. The glass is treated by a special process to have glittering effects, which in turn highlights the intricate gold work. The whole thewa piece is hand crafted in motifs over a period of one month by skilled artisans. Likewise, there are so many forms of modern bridal jewellery being developed in this era with the fusion of trendy as well as traditional styles.
The Queenmakers
Kalajee Jewellers: Widely renowned for its enchanting designs, immaculate finish and stylish sense of adventure; this jewellery house focuses on coloured gemstones and diamond-studded jewellery. They are also dedicated to redefine the trend of kundan-meena and beaded jewellery. Located in the grand K Towers, it upholds the combination of multistoried office, showroom, manufacturing unit and a museum that flaunts an impressive collection of rare and enthralling jewellery. On being asked about that very speciality of Jaipur jewellery that magnetise buyers from various regions; Mr. Sanjay Kala, one of the strongest pillars of Kalajee Empire politely replies, “Since Jaipur is the source of precious stones and craftsmanship, there are many players in this trade. The quest of jewellers urges to innovate and be cost-effective. That is the reason we always maintain global standards and quality — right from inventing designs to manufacturing and final processing.” Kalajee procures stones from some of the best mines in the world and ensures to attain optimum customer satisfaction.
Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers: The massive showroom of this jewellery house is a must-visit for the connoisseurs of fine jewellery. Established way back in 1870, their export domain is quite large and covers countries like the USA, the UK, the UAE, Malaysia, Hong Kong, as well as countries in the Middle East region. The dignified owner of BG Jewellers, Dr Naval Agarwal holds a PhD. in Gemology. The elegance of his persona reflects in his designs. He proudly states, “The diamond might have those famous 3 Cs’ but the base of BG Jewellers lies in 4 Ps’. And those are: Purity of the material we process and deliver; Punctuality in bringing up the latest trends and designs with the help of robust research team; Passion of giving the sweat and blood of artistic talent in each piece crafted with so much zeal and emotions involved; and Perfection in careful selection and intricate details of the jewellery. Our forefathers have created
such a brand value on international platforms that even foreign customers don’t bother to check the hallmark, saying our brand name is more than enough.”
Jusra Jewels: The brand Jusra, as the name suggests ‘takes the glory higher’ aptly. Exotic yet trendy, Jusra International Jewels offers classy thewa jewellery along with the grand range of kudan, meena, precious gemstones,
antique gold, chitraikaam and designer pieces. Jusra is an integral part of many national and international jewellery
exhibitions held in many cities across the country like Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara and Jaipur. Mr. Rahul Gupta prides on Jusra being the leading player of thewa art and rediscovering it for the contemporary women. With great creativity and spirit, Jusra has developed the inimitable blend of thewa with different forms and artistic variations of jewellery.
Jashan: Jashan focuses to have a comprehensive global presence as a leading manufacturer and exporter of precious and semi-precious stones jewellery, stone studded and fashion jewellery of the ultimate quality. Mrs Anita Dhingra, the lady of substance had established Jashan in 1995. Within a very short span of time, the dedication, knowledge, imagination and commitment involved from manufacturing to retailing, enabled the organization to become one of the renowned name in the jewellery industry of India. One of the unique features of this showroom is that, it is very inward and exclusive. On being asked the reason, the lady humbly says,“My collection is for well-exposed people
who have the right attitude to wear jewellery. So it has been exhibited only to those, who have class and care to value them.” Many celebrities, jewellery connoisseurs and elites are the prestigious clients who happily explore Jashan and takes appointment in order to get the best. In another way, Jashan Jewels is the name that spells flair and sophistication. With the same spirit they offer all kinds of fashion jewellery including earrings, neck pieces, rings, bracelets etc. in the incredible replicas of diamond, gold, silver etc. The scintillating treasured range of bridal
jewellery and theme based jewellery becomes irresistible for the onlookers without owning it.
KGK Entice: If we talk exclusively about the paradise of diamonds, the name that comes instantly to the mind is Entice.With strong foundation qualities like authenticity and creativity, the brand provides classic range of diamonds and coloured jewellery. The proud DTC site holders, KGK jewellers undertakes in-house process of whole mining, rough trading, polishing and retailing of Entice. The marketing manager of Entice, Mr. Bhuvnesh Dhariwal signifies that the best feature of their designs is the least visibility of metals so the aura of diamonds can be highlighted. “We subscribe the minimum use of metal in order to enhance the studded diamonds so our jewellery is light-weighed and convenient to be worn for a longer time. We tend to serve fashion forwarded jewellery from our timeless collection.” Along with India, Entice is flourishing in China and the Middle East as well.
JK Mosun & Sons Jewellers: This jewellery brand is competently positioned since the last 30 years with their assorted designs. From the range of enticing voluminous gold pieces to the delicate diamonds and gemstones encrusted on metal with the forms of kundan, meena and polki; each piece represents a handpicked vibe. That’s not all; they also have a wide range of Bollywood-fame jewellery collection. Situated in M.I.Road, Ganapati Plaza, the showroom has a collection of ethnic yet modern designs targetting the youth. Traditional-styled jewellery from Gujarat, Bengal, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are redesigned here in trendy styles to serve women of various class and age groups. The Director-duo, Mr Rajiv Soni and Mr Sandeep Soni emphasise on the quality of gold to 22kt. with 91.66 % purity. They state, “We never intend to participate in any exhibitions and promotions because the cost incurred in such activities are ultimately beared by the customers. But we serve our customers with the most reasonable pricing and a content customer is the best mode of publicity.” If you ever wish to feel the magic, then come to Jaipur and step into this majectic world of precious and semi-precious stones and get a world of treasures back.

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