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How to Rock Nude Lips

By Richa

We decided to dispel the mystical cloud surrounding millions of women – How to look fierce with nude lip shades? Read On!

Image Courtesy: Lauren McBride

Every once in a while we tire of lipstick with a bold pop of colour like red, hot pink or orange. Sometimes, keeping things monochrome, simple and nude is our best option. The trouble is, nude lipstick can be just as tricky (if not trickier) to wear as a bright hue. Picking the right lipstick shade for bride, the ideal texture and finding one that will last – we face all the tough questions. The perfect shade of nude lipstick shouldn’t be next-to-impossible to find, and it definitely shouldn’t require you buying a dozen different shades, going home, trying them on, finding that you now look dead, sick, and pale, thinking about the money you just wasted, and promptly punching a wall.

“When we are talking about trends nude lips is making big waves in the beauty industry. Once a trend, nude lips are now the new classic. It all began with the idea of playing down the face, especially when the eyes are glammed up with a smoky look and fake lashes or when the colour on your cheeks were hogging the limelight. However now, nude lips have clearly taken the centre stage. From Hollywood stars to run way models, all are doing the nude lips with éclat. For nude lips, we recommend you go in for creamy and glossy textured lip colours. Matte finish can sometime end up being colourless and chalky. This would make your lips look lifeless,” says ace Makeup Artist Vidya Tikari.

“Choosing the right one is definitely based on your complexion. Sometimes wearing a very light shade of nude may give you a washed out look. It’s also important to emphasize the rest of your features. Apply a cheerful blush; do up your eyes, stroke it with mascara and liner and the nude lip colour will complement this look. If you are very fair, go for peachy nude lip colour, this adds some balminess to your skin. If your skin tone is wheatish go for hues like nude pink and rose, these shades will uplift your skin colour. Bronze and caramel nudes will go well with dark skin tones lending some aspect to your dark lips,” she further suggested.

Nude lips have always seemed to have an effect in fashion because it has a lot to offer. Not only does it look clean and ravishing, but it can also literally match with anything that you are wearing. While there are certain DO’s and DON'Ts when wearing nude lips, the possibilities of this look are endless.

Since this lip shade is so neutral it is very versatile and can usually match with any outfit, from casual to formal. For a cool and casual look, wear a nude glossy lip with a pair of skinny jeans and flats and for a more formal occasion, wear a matte nude lipstick with a sexy red cocktail dress. Nude lips are also perfect for the work environment. It is simple, classy and not overpowering so it can be worn with any outfit for work. Also, the perfect nude lip colour will look subtle, romantic, and exquisite on your D-Day – but if you want to keep it traditional on the wedding day then maybe at other wedding ceremonies.

The hardest thing for many people is to determine how to find the right shade of lip colour that suits them the best. In order to get the right shade of nude lipstick for you, make sure that you are staying within two shades of your natural skin tone. This means do not get a dark lip shade when you have a lighter skin tone and do not wear a light lip when you have darker skin. Instead you should wear a lipstick with hints of pink and shine when you have fair skin and wear more caramel colours for darker skin. It is always best to wipe a bronzer or blush along your cheeks when wearing this lip colour, no matter what your skin colour is.

Pair the nude lip colour with these four looks:-

  • A plain dewy face- This one is fairly a simple look. Get a dewy flawless finish, double it up with a black eyeliner and mascara.
  • Coloured eye shadow-Bright coloured eyeshadow must accompany nude coloured lips lest the it may look gaudy
  • Smoky eye look- The smudged black liner on the lower and upper lids coupled with the nude lip can look classy
  • With fake long lashes- Nude lips with fake long lashes can make a statement
    Inputs by Makeup Artist Vidya Tikari

Nude lips are a classy way to keep your makeup looking put together without looking boring. Beige is perfect for any outfit and great for when you want to make your eye makeup really pop. Always find the right shade for you by sticking within a couple shades of your skin colour. So don’t shy away from beige, but instead embrace it! You might be surprised at how much it has to offer you in your makeup routine.

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