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How to Know Your Skin Tone?

By Palak Bhalla

Red, pink, orange or blue? What’s your colour hue? Let’s see what will suit you as per your skin tone!

Your perfect dress is the one that appeals to your body in terms of fit and look but the ultimate test of its semblance is whether it brightens you up or destroys your look. For seamless attire, it is eminent that you know about your skin tone and understand its hue. It is all about how your eyes perceive your own skin colour but there are set skin tones in general. The skin tones range from warm to cool. More than the upper skin tone, it is the skin undertone which has an overall impact on the tonal quality of your skin, although many might mistake skin undertone as the lightness or darkness of the skin.

The broad categories of tones are:

Warm – When the overall skin colour appears yellow, peachy or golden.
Cool – When the overall skin colour appears pink, red or bluish.
Neutral – When the overall skin colour is neither warm nor cool. It is more of a natural colour.

If you are still unable to identify your skin tone then there are methods in place which can help you know what colour defines your skin. You can simply follow either of these simple methods:

The Vein Test
On the inside of your wrist appear your veins which are either be blue or green unless you see a different colour that should freak you out; jokes apart, so look carefully and you will be able to differentiate. If your veins look more bluish, then you have a cool tone but it’s a warm tone if your warm or yellow undertone makes the veins appear green.

The Metal Test
For this test, all you need is a piece of silver and golden jewellery. You need to wear them both one by one to see which one makes your skin glow or look radiant. It should be kept in mind that it doesn’t matter which one you like better as a piece of jewellery but what effect it has on your skin. Silver will always make the cool skin tone radiate and gold will compliment the warm skin tone.

The Paper Test
You just need a plain white paper and a mirror for this. This method requires a careful judgment of what your skin looks like in contrast to the white paper. If your skin looks yellowish or golden against the white paper then you have a warm skin tone but if your skin appears pinkish or bluish then you have a cool skin tone. The ones with olive skin will not be able to identify any of these due to a neutral skin tone.

The Yellow Fabric Test
You will need a yellow fabric, anything like a t-shirt, dupatta, kurti or a stole can be used for this test. You again need to look in the mirror to see the contrast between the yellow fabric and your skin. If your skin looks bright then you have a warm skin tone but if you look dull then you have a cool skin tone.

The Sun Test
Although you will not want to test your skin tone deliberately using this method but it is a frequent occurrence that can tell you your skin tone. If on going out in the sun, your skin burns instead of tanning, then you have a cool skin tone but if it tans and turn you yellow or golden then you have a warm skin tone.
There are other methods which can be used for this purpose but these are quite sufficient and efficient for determining your skin undertone.

So check out your skin tone today to dress beautiful tomorrow!

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