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How to have a Memorable Destination Wedding

By Anuradha Turner

Destination Weddings is fast becoming a trend. Exotic locales in a faraway land set the mood for a fairy-tale wedding that you always wished for.

Destination Weddings is fast becoming a trend. Exotic locales in a faraway land set the mood for a fairytale wedding that you always wished for. There is no doubt that planning a destination wedding requires more than the extra effort and many more nitty-gritty to sort out. Most people may opt out from planning one since the process could be exhaustive. However, with a little management, a destination wedding could be a dream come true. Plan your wedding suggests a mix of using head and heart in this process that could lead to a really memorable wedding.

The Right Place with the Right Management
While it is extremely enticing to find an exotic location that personifies your true feelings and makes you feel elated, you might want to keep a check on the hotels available nearby, their management and other facilities available. “It is extremely common to get carried away one you see an exotic location and your heart is set right there. While agencies will try their best to make all arrangement, faraway locations and limited budgets might not make this possible. We normally suggest couples to opt for a reasonable option so everything can be managed efficiently”, says Kevin Francis who has arranged many weddings in Goa .

Games and Leisure Activities for Guests

Destination Weddings normally go on for at least 4 days; hence it is important to arrange for interesting games and activities. “Both my husband and I come from different backgrounds and friend’s circle. We did not want them to be dispersed and wanted them to know each other and enjoy together.”, says Shripa Saklani, VP at a Bank. The couple arranged for interesting get together and games like treasure hunt and divided the teams so they could and know each other. One might think this to be childish; however, the result was by the time the wedding was happening, everyone walked away with great memories as well as new friends!

Here are a few tips you can follow to make your destination wedding memorable

- An interesting theme for your wedding will set the bar even higher
- Personalized letters can be written to guests acknowledging their presence
- Keep yourself as free as possible and spend time with each guest. After all, they are here for you and nothing can be more memorable than you personally walking upto them and acknowledging them.
- Have different themes for music everyday , so no guest feels left out.

Expert tips by Kevin Francis

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