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How to Decide on the Right Bridal Makeup Artist

By Richa

From plethora of options in professional bridal makeup artists in Delhi NCR, do you ever get stuck thinking which one will be right pick for you? Let’s see if we can help you with that!

Of all the days to skimp on makeup, your wedding is not one of them. Indian weddings are BIG FAT WEDDINGS for a reason! A good makeup artist is the key, but the actual process of finding the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi that’s right for you can be a bit daunting. Because the list is endless! A makeup artist and hairstylist can really make or break your look; he or she needs to understand your vision and your skin requirements at the same time.


To achieve the finest, you should undergo some essential tasks. Here are a few things to keep in mind while picking a makeup artist for your wedding day:

How to Search for a Great Makeup Artist:  If you see a bride whose makeup you love, find out who she had do her makeup and take down the person’s name immediately. Even if you’re not engaged (or even in a relationship), save it for when you really need it. Also, first-hand recommendations from people are key (don’t listen to someone who says “I saw the pictures from so-and-so’s wedding and the makeup looked amazing even though I never saw it in person). And, don’t just believe Instagram and Pinterest, very often what you see on them can be the result of some editing and airbrushing.

Alternatively, you can visit our website where we have handpicked makeup artists and have provided all the tip and tricks for all your beauty needs!


Trial is a Must: NEVER be pressurised into booking your wedding day makeup artist before you’ve had your trial. It’s worth spending more time and energy to find a professional makeup artist who has the skills and products to ensure you look perfect on your wedding day.


A Grubby Makeup Artist is a risky Makeup Artist: Take a close look at your makeup artist’s kit. Dirty makeup bags and smeared product residue is not conducive to good hygiene. You don’t want your skin to take a toll of that after your wedding day.

Choose Someone You Get Along With: Make sure that your wedding makeup artist is not just great what he or she does but also has a calming, friendly yet professional attitude. Find someone you think is reliable, responsible, and confident and has a balanced temperament. Even if disaster does strike on the day (read: acne breakout, bad hair day) your makeup artist should be able to help you fix it rather than add on to your woes.


Red Flags to Steer Clear of In the Artists: Avoid makeup artists that have a ‘know it all’ attitude. Yes, a makeup artist should be confident in what they’re doing, but they should also be listening to what you want for your special day.

Book Your Makeup Artist Early: contrary to popular belief, you need to book your bridal makeup artist sooner rather than later. Some artists will tell you to book at least 2-3 months before your wedding day. So draw up a list of two or three of your favourite makeup artists and then check their availability as soon as possible.


You may come across many top bridal makeup artists in Delhi while your research, but always single out the one who have the perfect eye to decide what he or she can do to create an astounding and flawless look which would last for the whole day with the same astonishment.

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